Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Death24 Jan 1375, Arundel, Sussex, England101626,101627,101628,101629,101630,101631,101632,101625,101633
Memo/1376; in his 70th year
Burialaft 24 Jan 1375, Lewes, Sussex, England101627,101634
Alias/AKARichard Fitz Alan, called “Copped Hat”101635,101636
FatherEdmund Fitz Alan (1285-1326)
MotherAlice Warren (1286-<1338)
Misc. Notes
Pg 688 Pedigree: Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel, restored 1330-1, styled himself Earl of Surrey 136149846

Pg 9 Richard FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel14762

Pg 34 Richard Fitz Alan, 3rd Earl of Arundel (descendant of Charlemagne)14763
Pg 73 Richard Fitz Alan, (Copped Hat), 3rd Earl of Arundel and 4th Earl of Surrey. On 30 Jun 1347 he succeeded to the vast estates of the family of Warenne, by the death of his mother's brother, John, Earl of Surrey & Sussex s.p.legit.
Pg 186 Richard Fitz Alan, Knt, Earl of Arundel and Warenne
Pg 205 Richard Fitz Alan, 9th Earl of Arundel (descendant of King Henry III)

Pg 14 Line 18, Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel; Pg 89 Line 121, & Earl of Warenne14764

Pg 32 Line 28, 33. Richard Fitz Alan (60-32), Earl of Arundel22055
Pg 70 Line 60, 32. Sir Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel and Warenne

Pg 104, 23. Richard Fitz Alan, called “Copped Hat” Earl of Arundel14765

Pg 80 Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel49847

v2 p215 Richard Fitz-Alan, the third of that surname, Earl of Arundel, from whom all the succeeding Earls of Arnold, both of the family of Fitz-Alan and Howard, the Earls of Lindsey, the Lords Willoughby of Parham, and others are derived.38427

Image1051 Pg1051 Richard Fitzalan, fifth earl of Arundel14766

Pg 154 Washington of Sulgrave Manor England: Pedigree: Richard Fitzalan 9th Earl Arundel88447

Pg 4 Royal Descent fm Cerdic, Pedigree A: Richard, Earl of Arundel49848
Pg 54 Fitz-Alan: 6. Richard Fitz-Alan, called “Copped Hat,” third Earl de facto of Arundel in the Fitz-Alan line, being son & heir of Edmund & Alice (de Warenne) Fitz-Alan; and succeeded 30 Jun 1347, to the vast Warenne estate, by the death of his mother’s brother, John, Earl of Surrey & Sussex, on the death of whose widow, Joan, in 1361, he assumed the title of Earl of Surrey. He was made justiciar of North Wales for life, 1334; sheriff of Shropshire for live, 1345

Vol 2 Image118 Richard, Earl of Arundel & Surrey14767
Vol 2 Image 126 Richard, Earl of Arundel

Pg 173 Richard Fitz Alan, 9th Earl of Arundel77865

Pg 486 Richard, 9th Earl of Arundell55474

Pg 197 Richard Fitz-Alan, K.G., ninth Earl of Arundel91861
10 Eleanor Plantagenet b: 1318 d: 11 Jan 1372 (Father Henry b: 1281) + John Beaumont b: 25 Dec 1317 (Father Henry) + Richard FitzAlan b: 1306 d: 24 Jan 1375 (Father Edmund)49850 (same Richard?)
Misc. Notes
Pg 104, 23. Richard Fitz Alan & Isabel Despenser had one son and 2 daus14765
Marriage9 Feb 1320, King’s Chapel, Havering-atte-Bower, England101646,101601,101639,101647,101641
Marr Memo/1321; she was about 8 years of age; he about 7 years of age
Annulment4 Dec 1344101648,101601,101640
Annul Memowas annulled by papal mandate, on the ground of his minority & of his never having willingly consented to the match.
ChildrenEdmund (~1327->1377)
 Mary or Isabel (~1332-1396)
 Philippa (ca1330-)
Birthabt 1311101657
Death11 Jan 1372, Arundel, Sussex, England101658,101659,101660,101661,101662
Burialaft 11 Jan 1372, Lewes, Sussex, England101659
Alias/AKAAlianor of Lancaster101663,101664
FatherHenry Plantagenet (1281-1345)
MotherMatilda Chaworth (1282-~1322)
Misc. Notes
Pg73 (Alianor of Lancaster) was first cousin to his first wife (Isabel Le Despenser) and a papal dispensation was granted on 4 Mar 1344/5 (see Fitz Alan 13 for descendants of this Marriage - to Richard FitzAlan)14763

Pg 80 Eleanor Plantagenet De Lancaster49847
Marriage5 Feb 1345, Ditton, England101665,101666,101667,101653,101605
Marr Memo/1344 in the presence of King Edward III
ChildrenJoan (1345-1419)
 Richard II (1346-1397)
 John (1348-1379)
 Alice (1350-1415)
 Thomas (ca1352-)
 UNNAMED (ca1354-)
 UNNAMED (ca1356-)
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