Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth1560, Kennett, Cambridgeshire, England146094,146054
Deathbef 25 Jan 1602, Moulton, Suffolk, England146095,146092,146096,146097
Burial25 Jan 1602, Moulton, Suffolk, England146095,146098,146096,146099,146100
Memo/1603; 19 Sep 1604?
FatherJohn Chenery (1525-1575)
MotherElizabeth Norwich (1529-<1619)
Birthabt Sep 1559146054,146068,146069,146070,146071
Residenceca 1590, Moulton, Suffolk, England146072,146059,146063,146073
Will Filed5 Aug 1607, Moulton, Suffolk, England146074,146075,146076,146077
MemoWill dated
Death23 Aug 1607, Moulton, Suffolk, England146078,146079,146080,146076,146081
Memo24 Aug?
Burial23 Aug 1607, Moulton, Suffolk, England146082,146083,146084,146081,146085
MemoParish Church
Will Filed20 Nov 1607, Moulton, Suffolk, England146086,146076,146085
MemoWill Proved by Thomas Kilborne, executor & son-in-law
FatherRichard Moody (1528-1574)
MotherAnn (1532-1576)
Misc. Notes
English Origins of New England Families69568
Pg 145 In 1885 the late Henry FitzGilbert Waters communicated to the Register (vol 39 pp 68-69) abstracts of the wills of George Moody and Samuel Moody of Moulton, brothers of the New England Immigrant (John Moody), and also what is apparently a more accurate copy of the pedigree contributed by Mr. Somerby in 1850. In the present article records are given that throw additional light on the Moody family in England and its connections, and not only confirm the statements previously made that John Moody the immigrant was a son of George Moody of Moulton but also carry the ancestral line back to Richard Moody, the immigrant’s grandfather. A pedigree setting forth in genealogical form the history of the family follows the records.
Pg 147 The Will of George Moodye of Moulton (co Suffolk), yeoman, dated 5 Aug, 5 James (1607). To be buried in the parish church of Moulton, in such sort as shall be thought best by my executor. To George Moodye, my eldest son, and his heirs my mansion house wherein I dwell in Moulton, called Fryettes, sixscore acres of arable land, and the “sheepstour” pertaining, occupied by itself. To my executor (Thomas Kilborne, son-in-law of the testator) the tenement in Moulton Inne in Moulton sometime held by Thomas Cooke as my farmer, the round meadow and osier pightel held by lease of Mr. Tracey, a messuage and croft in Moulton and twelve acres of arable land in possession of John Seeley, my servant, and a messuage and croft and fourteen acres of land in Moulton occupied by John Mathewe alias Philip, all for eleven years, with remainder to my son George. From the profits of the above premises during the eleven years my executor is to pay the following legacies: to my son Samuel Moodye £200 at the age of twenty four; “Unto John Moodye my youngest son” £200 at the age of twenty-four; to Elizabeth Moody, my eldest daughter, £100 within two years of my death; to my daughter Sara Moodye 100 marks at the age of twenty-two; to my daughters Margaret Moodie, Anne Moodye, and Mary Moodye 100 marks at the age of twenty-one. To my wife Christian Moodye, the bedstead, feather bed, bolster, three pillows, blankets, and coverlet which I lie on, standing in my hall chamber. To my wife all her own apparel, two chests which she use(s) to lay her apparel in, one-half dozen table-napkins “wrought with a stitch,” three pairs of sheets (one of the best, two of the middle sort), a little brass pot which she brought with her, a little green chair, and two green stools. To Elizabeth Moodye and Frauncys Kilborne four of my best silver spoons, equally. To Anne Kilborne, my grandchild, one pot tipped with silver, one silver spoon, and six of my best table-napkins. To Eleazer Moodie, an apprentice to Bury, £5 at the age of twenty-four. To the poor of Gaseley, Kentford, Dalham, and Barrow 13s 4d each. To the poor of Denham 20s. To the poor of Moulton 20s. To my son-in-law, Thomas Kilborne, my residuary legatee and executor, 20 marks, leviable out of the rents of the lands demised to him for eleven years. (Signed) George Moodye senior. Witnesses: John Newman, Christopher Raghett (sic ?Haggett, a Christopher Haggett becoming later the husband ofMargaret Moody), W. Harte, George Moodye. Proved 20 Nov 1607 by Thomas Kilborne, the executor named in the will. (P.C.C. Hudleston, 87)

Pg 151 From Inquisitions Post Mortem (Preserved in the Public Record Office, London)69568
Inquisition taken at Bury St Edmunds (co Suffolk) 4 Nov, 5 James I (1607). The jurors say that George Moody, yeoman, held in demesne as of fee 20 acres of arable land in Millwayefeld, acquired of the eecutors of Thomas Burgent, Gent., and held of the King as of the honor of Clare, and worth 20s yearly and 2 messuages, 5 cottages, 200 acres of land, 2 acres of pasture, and 1 acre of meadow in Moulton, held of John Tracy, Gent., as of the Manor of Frenshall, co Suffolk, in free and common soakage, by rent of 6s. 7d.
He died 24 Aug, 5 James I (1607). George Moody, his son and heir, was aged 20 years, 6 mos, 28 days, at his father’s death (He was born, therefore, 27 Jan 1686/7) (Ib., James I, vol 298, no 25.)
English Origins of New England Families69568
Pg 147 Will of George Moodye -To Eleazer Moodie, an apprentice in Bury, £5 at the age of twenty-four (Related?)
Pg 150 From the Transcripts of Parish Registers in the Archdeaconry of Sudbury (Preserved at Bury St Edmunds, co Suffolk); 1600 George Moody and Margy Bacon, at All Saints’, Sudbury, 19 Jan (1600/1) (Him? another wife?)
Pg 153 George Moody Marr1: Margaret __ bur: 25 Jan 1602/3; Marr2: Moulton 5 Sep 1604 Christian Cramp who was living 5 Aug 1607 (Footnote: A George Moody and Marg(er)y Bacon were married at All Saints’, Sudbury, co Suffolk, 19 Jan 1600/1. If this George Moody is identical with George Moody (No. 2) of the pedigree, then all of the latter’s children except Mary, the ninth and youngest child, were children by an earlier wife, whose name is unknown, who died between the birth of the eighth child, Anne (bapt: 5 Sep 1599) and 19 Jan 1600/1. In that case the Margaret (or Margery), wife of George Moodye, who was buried at Moulton 25 Jan 1602/3, was his second wife and mother of the ninth chid only, and Christian Cramp, whom he Marr: 5 Sep 1604, was his third wife - Editor.) (Another wife-1st? Christian 3rd wife of this George?)

Vital Records from NEHGS Register65332
V80(1926) Pg323 2. George Moody (Richard) of Moulton, Co Suffolk (same words as Pg 153 above)

PROB 11 Will Registers 1599-1623-Piece 110 Huddleston, Quire Numbers 48-99 1607 Image650of850 George Moody of Moulton, Suffolk Will dtd 5 Aug 1607: to Eleazer Moodie52732 (Relationship?)
Marriage1581, Kennett, Cambridgeshire, England146054,146066
ChildrenElizabeth (<1582-)
 Frances (<1584-1650)
 George (1586-1651)
 Sara (<1589-)
 Samuel (<1592->1658)
 John (<1593-1656)
 Margaret (<1595->1651)
 Anne (<1599-)
 Mary (<1602-)
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