Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birthbef 11 Oct 1584, Moulton, Lincolnshire, England84569,84570,84592,84574,84593,84575,84594,84595,78101,84581,84589
Memo1583 Wood Ditton? Moulton, Suffolk, England? CT?
Baptism11 Oct 1584, Moulton, Suffolk, England84593,84594,84596,84597
Residence1635, Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT84598,84581
Residence25 Feb 1640, Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT84599
Memo/1641 as widow held 8 parcels of land, her house on 3 ac; 1 pc in Great Meadow est 8 ac; 1 pc Great Meadow est 3 ac; 1 pc Great Meadow est 5 ac; 1 pc Great West Field @ south end of town est 56 ac
Residence25 Feb 1640, Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT84600
Memo/1641 (con’t) 1 pc West Swamp 18 ac; 1 pc Beaver Meadow 2 ac; 1 pc on east side of CT River 180 ac
Will Filed13 Nov 1650, Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT78098,84601,84602,84603,84604
Memo3 Dec 1650? will dated
Death13 Nov 1650, Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT84574,84593,84575,84605
Memo10 Nov 1650?
Burialbef Jun 1651, Village Cemetery, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT84606,84593
Will Filed3 Dec 1650, Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT84602,84603,84607
MemoInventory taken by Samuel Smith, Thomas Coleman, Nathaniel Dickinson
Will Filed5 Dec 1651, Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT84608
MemoWill proven & inventory exhibited, court now being satisfied with the proof, appoint John Kilbourn Adms until further orders.
Will Filed1 Jun 1651, Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT84606,84601,84609,84604
MemoCourt received proof that this was the last will and testament of the widdow Kilburne
FatherGeorge Moody (~1559-1607)
MotherMargaret Chenery (1560-<1602)
Mary Ashley were Robert Ashley & Frances Moody. The parents of Frances Moody were George Moody & Margaret ?78169 (I Frances Moody wife of Robert Ashley or Thomas Kilbourne?)

Vol 1 Pg 133: Pg15-16: Kilbourn, Mrs. Frances, Will dated 13 Nov 1650: Give gran child Elizabeth Spencer, my outle Black gowne and ? My linse wolse peticote, a black Hat84610,78418 (which child is she the daughter of?)
Birthbef 8 May 1578, Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire, England84570,84569,84625,84626,84574,84575,84627,78101,84628,84629,84581,84615,84630,84631,84621,84589,84632
Memoabt 1580?
Baptism8 May 1578, Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire, England84574,84633,84630,84631,84621,84632
Residence5 Mar 1609, Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire, England84634,84581,84635,84636
Residenceabt 1635, Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT84598,84581,84637,84638,84639
Residenceca 1640, Glastonbury, Hartford County, CT84640,84641
Memoon 108 ac which were set off to him, but he dying before the property was recorded, in his widow’s name
Death5 Sep 1640, Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT84642,84574,84575,84615,84643,84644
Memopossibly killed by Indians; bef 1639? Bef 3 Sep 1640?
Burialaft 5 Sep 1640, Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford County, CT84574
Occupationyeoman; husbandman of Wood Ditton, Cambridge84634,84581,84645,84646
ReligionServed as Church Warden at Wood Ditton in 163284647
FatherJohn Kilbourne (1550-<1591)
Misc. Notes
Great Migration64769
Vol IV Pg 151 In 1845 Payne Kenyon Kilbourne published an account of this family (The Family Memorial. A History and Genealogy of the Kilbourn Family, in the United States and Canada from the Year 1635 to the Present Time (Hartford 1845)) and in 1856 he brought out a much-expanded version (The History and Antiquities of the Name and Family of Kibourn (sic) (in Its Varied Orthography.) (New Haven 1856)).
In 1931 Mary Walton Ferris treated the family (Dawes-Gates 2:508-14). In 1952 Donald Lines Jacobus treated the family of this immigrant, including much detail on the family of his wife (Hale, House 652-56). In 1960 Jacobus prepared another brief account of this family (Ackley-Bosworth 16-18).
Marriage5 Sep 1604, Moulton, Suffolk, England84570,84569,84648,84575,84577,84615,84584,84583,84586,84587,84590,84591
Marr Memo1605 Wood Ditton, England? Wethersfield CT? Windsor CT? Hartford?
ChildrenAnne (~1605-)
 Margaret (<1607-)
 Thomas (<1609-)
 George (<1611-)
 Elizabeth (<1614-)
 Lydia (<1616-)
 Mary Marie (1619-1697)
 Frances (<1621-1683)
 John (<1624-1703)
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