Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameAmaryllis C. Crookman 7059,7060,6750,6698,6700,6701
Birthca 1828
Alias/AKAAmaryllis C Crookham7061
Not listed with William Stephenson in Census 1860OHJacksonMiltonTwp23/12 Dwg 169 Fam 1506672

Jackson Co, OH Marriages 1818-18656675 (Her Brothers & Sisters? Related?)
Crookham, Milton & Burns, Mary, 1847 Jan 17, Walterhouse, Aaron JP
Crookhan(sic), Cornwall & Waldron, Mary Jane, 1850 Mar 27, Ward, Abraham (blank)
Crookham, Emily G & Lewis, Justice G., 1845 Oct 21, Ford, Isaiah(sic) N. Rev
Crookham, Euclid & Montgomery, Samuel, 1838 Nov 21, Stephenson, John JP
Crookham, Martha & Hanna, Joseph W., 1834 Sep 30, Southard, Vincent JP
Crookham, Mina L. & McKittrick, John, 1849 May 1, Ford Isiah N. Rev
Birth31 Dec 1828, Milton Twp, Jackson County, OH6703,6704,6705,6706,6707,6708,6709,6710,6711,6712,6713,6714,6715,6716,6717,6718,6719,6720,6721,6722,6723,6724,6725,6726,6727,6728
MemoCarroll County, OH? 1829?
Census1830, Jackson County, OH6729
MemoMilton Township
Census1840, Jackson County, OH6730
MemoMilton Township
Census1850, Milton Twp, Jackson County, OH6712,6690
Census1860, Jackson County, OH6731,6724
MemoMilton Township
Residence1862, Jackson County, OH6649,6732
Residence1863, Milton Twp, Jackson County, OH6728
Census1870, Milton Twp, Jackson County, OH6713,6733
Residence3 Feb 1876, Milton Twp, Jackson County, OH805
Memowhen son, George W. Stephenson born
Residenceabt 1878, Clements, Chase County, KS6734,6649
MemoNorth of, on Silver Creek
Census1880, Milton Twp, Jackson County, OH6714,6735
Residence1881, Silver Creek, KS6736,6649,6732,6737,6654
Memonear Clements, Chase County, KS, Cottonwood Valley, KS
Census1885, Cottonwood, Chase County, KS6738
MemoState Census
Census1895, Cottonwood, Chase County, KS6739
Census1900, Chase County, KS6740,6741
MemoCottonwood Township
Residence1907, Clements, Chase County, KS6692
Death30 May 1908, Clements, Chase County, KS6742,6743,6704,6744,6737,6745,6727
MemoDied of complications following a fall when he fractured his leg
Burialaft 30 May 1908, Clements, Chase County, KS6667,6732,6737
MemoClements Cemetary
OccupationFarmer, Rancher6737,6740,6733,6731,6741,6728
Alias/AKABilly, Doc6746
FatherJames Stephenson (1789->1870)
MotherMargaret McCallister (1789-1858)
Misc. Notes
Handwritten Letter to Mrs. W. H. Duncan of 9-6-98: 746
My (G. W. Stephenson) father (William H. Stephenson) is one of the wealthiest men of this country but this is his. Ten years ago he was quoted in trades report at $36,000.00, since them more has been added until now we would be quoted at $50,000.00.

ChapIII JamesStephensonPg7-list of children of James Stephenson & Margaret McCollister and birthdates, was given in a letter, Jun 1, 1907, from William H. Stephenson, of Clements, KS to his nephew, Hiram Stephenson, of Jackson Co OH6747
US Civil War Draft Registrations663
OH 11th vol 2of4 Image 397of653 Milton Twp, Jackson Co: Stephenson, Wm H, age 34, White, Farmer, Married, b: OH

US Civil War Soldier Records & Profiles 1861-65666 (Him?)
William H. Stevenson, b: abt 1829; Age 33 at Enlistment on 1 Oct 1862; Rank: Private; State: OH; Survived the War: Yes; Service: Promoted to Full Saddler on 15 Jan 1863. Enlisted in Company G, OH 10th Cavalry Regiment on 15 Jan 1863. Mustered out on 24 Jul 1865 at Lexington, NC; Sources: Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of OH

Civil War Pension Index5425 (Him? Died Jan 8, 1897?)
Dead, Stephenson, William H, Service: Co F 62 Reg’t, OH Inf; Date of Filing 1880 Apr 29; Invalid, Application No. 367,571; Certificate No. 248,686; Widow Application No 649,762; Law J; Certificate No 447,007; Died Jan 8, 1897
Stephenson, Nella, 19 F W, b: OH; City/Twp: Cottonwood, Vol 40, pg 10835 (Related? Same pg, b: OH)
Marriage2 Aug 1859, Jackson County, OH7059,7062,6750,6698,6700,6701
Marr Memo1858? Rev A. Abott
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