Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth25 Dec 1823, Whitley County, KY85973,85974,85975,85976,85977,85978,85990,85991,85992,85993,85994,85995,85985,85987
Memo1826? bet 1825-1830? Wayne County, KY?
Census1830, Whitley County, KY85985
Census1840, Whitley County, KY85995
Census1850, Whitley County, KY85978,85996,85997
MemoDistrict 1
Census1860, Whitley County, KY85977,85998,58780
MemoSpring Rock District
Land Purchase2 Feb 1867, Jellico Creek, Whitley County, KY85999
MemoHeirs of Solomon West, their father, 45 ac
Census1870, Whitley County, KY85976,86000,58781
MemoMarsh Creek
Land Sold23 Mar 1878, Jellico Creek, Whitley County, KY86001
Memo45 ac sold to Calvin Criscillis
Census1880, Whitley County, KY85975,86002,86003
MemoMarsh Creek
Census1900, Whitley County, KY85974,86004
Census1910, Jellico Creek, Whitley County, KY86005
MemoEnumerated with his daughter, Amanda West
Death13 Jun 1910, Whitley County, KY85973,86006,86007,86008,86009
Memo86 years
Burialaft 13 Jun 1910, Jellico Creek, Whitley County, KY85973,86010,86011,86012,86013
Memoin the second section in front of the church
FatherSolomon H. West (1800-1866)
MotherCatharine Katie Criscillis (1800-1901)
Misc. Notes
p.253 Allen Russell West did not leave a will in Whitley Co KY86015
1880 KY Whitley Marsh Creek86016 Next to West, A. R. 56 (Relationship?)
Dwg 4 Fam 4 West, Calvin W M 36, Farmer, b: KY Father b: KY Mother b: KY; West, E. J. W F 34, Wife b: KY; West, M. E., W F 11, Dau b: KY; West, W. E. W M 9, Son b: KY; West, A. P. W M 6, Son b: KY; West, Uriah W M 3, Son b: KY; West, R. E. W F 1, Dau b: KY

4 Mary Campbell + Alford Russell West85949,85837 (His first name Alford or Allen?)

DAR Supporting Documentation:86017 (Is this the same Allen Russell West? his father Isaac West or Solomon West? brother T Q West?)
This is the last will and testament of Allen Russell West. In it he names his father, most of his brothers and sisters, and some of his nieces and nephews by name.
Pertinent proof in my case would be as follows:
Pg 1, line 12 - Will begins, I, Allen R. West
Pg 1, lines 31 & 32 - Refers to lands owned by his father, Isaac West, at the time of his death
Pg 1, lines 24, 25, & 26 names his nephew, John F. West, & niece, Mary Brown, son and daughter of his brother James H. West
Pg 3, lines 1 & 2 names by nephew, John F. West as an executor.
Pg 1, line 2 refers to “my brother, T. Q. West” (Tunstall Quarles West)

p.253 45 acres Jellico Creek...Jack Smiths corner...Solomon Smiths comer in Sol Wests line. This land was sold to Calvin Criscillis on 23 Mar 1878 (Book 10 p.416).86015 (How is Calvin Criscillis related to his mother, Catherine Criscillis?)
US Civil War Draft Registration Records817
KY 8th vol 3of3 Image 178of181 Whitley Co 8th Congr Dist, 1863, West, A.R., age 38, White, Occ: Farmer; b: KY
Birth27 Oct 1826, Whitley County, KY86029,86019,86020,86021,86022,86023,86030,86031,86032,86033,86027,86028,85987
Memo1827? 27 Aug 1826? 25 Oct 1826? Wayne County, KY?
Census1830, Whitley County, KY86034,86028
Census1840, Whitley County, KY86035,86027
Census1850, Whitley County, KY86023,85997
MemoDistrict 1
Census1860, Whitley County, KY86022,58780
MemoSpring Rock District
Census1870, Whitley County, KY86021,58781
MemoMarsh Creek
Census1880, Whitley County, KY86020,86003
MemoMarsh Creek
Census1900, Whitley County, KY86019,86004
Death23 Aug 1900, Whitley County, KY86029,86036,86037,86038,86039
Memo73 years
Burialaft 23 Aug 1900, Jellico Creek Cemetery, Whitley County, KY86029,86013
Memoin the second section in front of the church
FatherJasper Newton Campbell (1809-1881)
MotherDinah Green Creekmore (1808-1887)
Marriage8 Nov 1843, Whitley County, KY85973,85974,85980,86042,86043,85984,85986
Marr Memo1842?
ChildrenCalvin V. (1844-1916)
 Solomon H. (1846-1917)
 Jasper (1849-)
 Amanda Maude Melvina (1851-1943)
 Sarepta (1853-1910)
 James (~1854-)
 Anna (1856-1930)
 James C. (1860->1920)
 William Alexander M. (1863-1931)
 Andrew Jackson (1868-1944)
 John D. (Died as Child) (~1872-1877)
 Luther (1875-1954)
 Debby (1880-)
 Sarah (1883-)
 Linda (1887-)
 Susie (1893-)
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