Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birthca 1624, England79422,79760
Residence29 Nov 1639, Milford, New Haven County, CT79761,79762,79763,79764
MemoHad a home lot of one ac
Residence1649, Guilford, New Haven County, CT79765,79766,79767,79768
Death14 Sep 1676, Guilford, New Haven County, CT79769,79770,79771,79772,79773,79757,79774,79775,79758,79776,79777
Burialaft 14 Sep 1676, Founders Cemetery, Milford, New Haven County, CT79778,79774
Occupationplanter; deputy to the Colonial Court Guilford to NH Legislature; CT Legislature79761,79779,79758,79780,79781
FatherWilliam Fowler (~1600-1659)
MotherSarah Neeld (1599->1638)
Misc. Notes
A Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of Capt William Fowler p.12
John Fowler, the second s/o William Fowler, Sr, had a “home lot” assigned him at Milford, and was in the list of planters there in 1639, but about ten years afterwards removed and settled at Guilford. He was a man of note in the Colony, a deacon and a deputy to the Colonial Court, and died 14 Sep 1676. This branch is now said to be very numerous, and an effort is being made by Prof. John W. Fowler, of Amherst, to collect their genealogy.
For an account of Ambrose Fowler, and his descendants, see memoir ofHon. James Fowler of Westfield, MA.
Birthca 1624
Residence1649, Guilford, New Haven County, CT79767
Death13 Apr 1703, Guilford, New Haven County, CT79784,79785,79786,79757
Memo1683? 1713?
Burialaft 13 Apr 1703, Founders Cemetery, Milford, New Haven County, CT79786,79787
FatherGeorge Hubbard (ca1600-)
Marriage1646, Milford, New Haven County, CT79754,79755,79757
Marr Memo1648 Guilford, CT? Plymouth?
ChildrenAbraham (ca1647-)
 John (ca1649-)
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