Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameSarah Neeld 80042,80003,80005
Birth1599, Dalbury, Lees, Derby, England80043
Deathaft 1638, Milford, New Haven County, CT80044
England, Select Births & Christenings 1538-19751064 (Her father & sister?)
Joanna (Joanna) Nield, Female, bapt: 26 Mar 1591 Saint Oswald, Ashbourne, Derby, England; Father: Thomas Nield; FHL 1041048 Ref 2:DZJ3LK
Birthabt 1600, Dalbury, Lees, Derby, England80006,80007
Residencebef 26 Jun 1637, London, Middlesex, England80008,80009
ResidenceApr 1638, New Haven, CT80010,80011,80012
Residence1639, Milford, New Haven County, CT80013,80014,80015,80016
MemoMr. Fowler is the first named of the trustees of Milford
Land Purchase12 Feb 1639, Milford, New Haven County, CT80017,80018
MemoPurchased in trust for the body of planters
Residence9 Mar 1640, Milford, New Haven County, CT80019
MemoGeneral Court agreed he should build a mill and have her going by the last of September, when the town was to take it off his hands if they saw proper for £100, 30 ac
Death25 Jan 1659, Milford, New Haven County, CT80020,80021,80022,80023,80024,80025,80026,80027,80028,80029,80030,80031
Memo1660? 1661? 21 Jan 1660/1?
Burialaft 25 Jan 1659, Founders Cemetery, Milford, New Haven County, CT80032,80028
Will Filed1661, Milford, New Haven County, CT80021,80033,80034
MemoWill presented to the General Court of the Colony by his son William, but was not recorded and cannot be found
OccupationMagistrate of New Haven80035,80036,80037
Misc. Notes
A Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of Capt William Fowler p.1080038
Mr. Fowler, in company with Mr. Davenport and others, sailed from Boston, 30 Mar 1638, for Quinnipiac, the Indian name for New Haven, and arrived in about a fortnight. Here he resided a year or more, and was at the famous meeting in Mr. Newman's barn, 4 Jun 1639, when the peculiar constitution and policy of Mr. Davenport, which afterwards characterized the New Haven Colon, was agreed upon. Mr. Fowler subscribed to that agreement.
In the spring of 1639, the settlement of Milford had been arranged, and Mr. Fowler, is the first named of the trustees, and the only one bearing the honorable prefix of “Mr.” At the first meeting of the Milford Company, he was chosen one of the “Judges.” The church was organized in 1639, and he was elected one of the “seven pillars.” - Mr. Peter Prudden, Pastor. Mr. Fowler was elected magistrate, and reappointed yearly to 1654.
The deed of Milford was given to William Fowler, Edmund Tapp, Zachariah Whitman and Alexander Bryan, in trust for the body of planters. It was executed on the 12 Feb 1639. The consideration was 6 coats, 10 blankets, 1 kettle, besides a number of hoes, knives, hatchets, and glasses, (mirrors.)
The instrument was signed by Ansantawae, the Sagamore, by Anacoset, Anchuta, Mantaque and others.
On 20 Nov 1639 “William Fowler, Edmund Tapp, Zachariah Whitman, John Astwood and Richard Miles, were chosen Judges in all civil affairs, to try all causes between man and man; and as a Court to punish any offence and misdemeanor, and to admit inhabitants, and divide lands.”
At the second General Court, in Milford, held 9 Mar 1640, “it was agreed between William Fowler and the Brethren, that he should build a mill and have her going by the last of September, when the town was to take it off his hands if they saw proper, for £100; or else the Brethren should elect five Judges, who should appoint what toll he should take.” For his encouragement the town made him a grant of thirty ac of land, which long bore the name of the mill lot.
They afterward granted him the permanent use of the stream. The agreement had reference to a grist-mill, but he afterwards added a saw-mill. It was the first mill erected in the “New Haven Colony.”
“Fowler's Mill” was of so much importance to the community, that upon its being injured by a freshet, in Dec 1645 it was voted at the General Court, “that all the town should help Mr. Fowler upon his mill, and he was to call for them, each man, a day, till he should have gone through the town. And if he should not go through the town in one year, the same liverty was granted till he had been through.”
On the 26 Oct 1643, William Fowler and Edmund Tapp of Milford, were chosen magistrates of the Colony of New Haven; and on the succeeding day the articles of the confederation for the jurisdiction were drawn and passed. The magistrates present, were Theophilus Eaton, Governor; Stephen Goodyear, Deputy Governor; Thomas Gregson, William Fowler, Edmund Tapp, Thurston Raynor; Thomas Fugil, Secretary; Thomas Kimberly, Marshall.
William Fowler, and others who were the members of the church, were enrolled as “Free Planters” in Milford, 29 Nov 1639. Those who were not members, were not thus enrolled, and had not the privilege of voting in civil matters. The method of forming the Church of Milford, was the same as forming that of New Haven. It appears that they were both formed on the same day, namely, 22 Aug 1639. The “seven pillars” of the Milford church, were Peter Prudden, William Fowler, Edmund Tapp, Zachariah Whitman, John Astwood, Thomas Buckingham, Thomas Welch. Of these, Zachariah Whitman, William Fowler and Edmund Tapp, were deputed for the imposition of hands upon the Rev. Peter Prudden, at his installation.
He was enrolled at New Haven as having property to the amount of £800, and a family of “three persons.” His house-lot at Milford, was 7 ac 2 quarters.
It is probable that Mr. Fowler was one among those of the first settlers who had received a classical education in his native country. He is reported to have enjoyed a high reputation for wisdom and piety, and had the confidence of the Colony as a magistrate.
New Haven CT Families of Ancient New Haven80039
V4 Pg979 Fowler, William (d: 1661). Assistant, N. H. Col, Oct 1643, Oct 1646, May 1653; Deputy (Milford) to N. H. Leg, May, 1657. N. H. Col. I. 112, 275. II. 1, 213
Pg 248 William Fowler is mentioned (Neal’s Hist. of the Puritans, chap. 8) as a prisoner in Bridewell with other Puritans in the year 1592. William Fowler was an old man when he settled in Milford, having died sixty-eight years after, & if he was, say, twenty at imprisonment, this would make him 88. There is therefore nothing improbable in the supposition that the prisoner was the William Fowler that came to New Haven. If so, he was probably from Islington, or near London.80040 (Him?)

p.9-10 Whether he was the “William Fowler” mentioned in Neal's “History of the Puritans,” chap.8, as imprisoned with others in Bridewell, London, 1592, is not entirely certain. About that time a Puritan congregation was discovered in Islington, a part of London, and fifty-six persons were imprisoned. As families bearing the name of Fowler reside in that locality, he may have been one of the prisoners, though at that time a very young man. He is spoken of as an old man when he settled in Milford. He may have come fm Yorkshire or thereabouts, as his minister Rev. Peter Prudden, came from Edgerton, in that county. There is nothing improbable in the supposition however, that he was the puritan prisoner mentioned, if so, he was probably from Islington, or near London. In this connection we introduce the following from “Weever's Funeral Monuments” of “Monumental remains at Islington, near London.” “Here- John Fowler – 1538” and “Alis Fowler, wife of Robert Fowler, Esquire, who d: -, 1540” “Divers of this family lie here interred; the ancestors of Sir Thomas Fowler, Knight and Baronet, living 1630.”80038

John Fowler, Male, Christening: 21 Dec 1580 Clungunford, Shropshire, England, Phillimore Ecclesiastical Parish; Father: William Fowler27258. (Him? His father?)

Derbyshire, England, Select Church of England Parish Registers 1538-191080041. (His ancestor?)
Anthony Fowler, Male, bur: 23 Mar 1572 Dalbury, Dalbury, Derbyshire, England; Father: William Fowler; FHL Film 1042042
Will Fowler bur: 2 Jul 1626 Dalbury, Dalbury, Derbyshire, England; FHL Film 1042042
MarriageMilford, New Haven County, CT80005
Marr Memobef 1627? England?
ChildrenWilliam (1620->1682)
 John (ca1624-1676)
 Ambrose (1626-1704)
 Mary (ca1628-)
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