Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Memoabt 1772 Bath Co? 1817? bet 1800-1810? 22 Nov?
Census1820, Bath County, VA28438,28439
Census1830, Bath County, VA28440,28441
Census1840, Pendleton County, VA28442
Land Sold9 Mar 1849, Bath County, VA
MemoDeed of partition, Michael Trainer & Rachel his wife, & Otho Gum & Margaret, his wife, ack. & adm. to record
Census1850, Highland County, VA28443,28399,28444,28402
MemoDistrict 25
Census1860, Highland County, VA28445
MemoNew Hamden
Census1870, Highland County, VA28446
MemoBlue Grass, Monterey
Census1880, Greenbrier County, WV28447
MemoAnthony's Creek
Death20 Aug 1887, Back Creek, Highland County, VA28378,28448,28394,28397,28399,28400,28402,28433,28449,28410,28450,15775,28415,28417
Memo70 yrs Consumption; Sep?
Burialaft 20 Aug 1887, Gum Cemetery, Back Creek, Highland County, VA28451,28448,28394,28397,28399,28400,28402,28433,28410,28417
Memoon L. H. Blagg farm, County Route 600
Anst File#AFN:10SD-WSR28387
FatherLeonard Lee Gum (1788-1853)
MotherAnna Mary Seybert (1785-1861)
AnCrk(14of17) Dwg 117 Fam 123,12992 Gum, Bricie A., W M 3, Grandson, Single, at home, B: WV, Father B: VA, Mother B: VA (Who's son?)
Not listed as child of Leonard Lee Gum and Anna Seybert4710
Memobet 1810-1820? Highland Co, VA? Bath Co, VA
Census1840, Pendleton County, VA30742
Census1850, Highland County, VA30738
MemoDistrict 25
Death18 May 1848, Highland County, VA28448,28394,30739,30740,28415,28416
Burialaft 18 May 1848, Gum Cemetery, Back Creek, Highland County, VA28448,28394,30740,28416
Memoon L. H. Blagg farm, County Route 600
Marriage8 May 1834, Pocahontas County, VA30743,28378,28394,28397,28399,28403,28405,28406,30744,28414
Marr Memo19 Apr 1834-Surety Bond, Highland Co, VA? Greenbrier Co, VA?
ChildrenKasiah (1828-)
 Amos (1834-1904)
 Virginia C. (1839-1925)
 Thomas G. J. (1839-)
 Mary A. (ca1842-)
 Keziah (1844-)
 Charles Morgan (1847-1893)
 Margaret (ca1847-)
 Mitchell (ca1846-)
Birth1813, Highland County, VA28375,28376,28377
Census1860, Highland County, VA28375
MemoNew Hamden
Census1870, Highland County, VA28376
MemoBlue Grass, Montery
Census1880, Greenbrier County, WV28377
MemoAnthony Creek
Deathbef Sep 188728384,28385
Alias/AKALucilla 1870, Drucilla 188028386
Not enumerated w/77Bot(19of92) Dwg 128 Fam 12819198 Otho Gum, 38 M, B: Bath Co, VA

Ln 25 Gum, Chas of M., W M, d: 14 Feb 1893 Parents: Otho & Drusilla Gum21915 (Mother Drusilla or Mary? Drusilla was married to his father at the time of his death)
Marriage24 Aug 1850, Highland County, VA28388,28374,28378,28379,28380,28381,28382,28383
Marr Memolicense 24 Aug 1850?
ChildrenJosiah (1853-)
 Alcinda (1852-)
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