Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Census1810, Bath County, VA2358
Census1820, Bath County, VA2356,2350
Census1830, Bath County, VA2348,2349
Census1840, Bath County, VA2355
Census1850, Bath County, VA2345,2351
Death16 Oct 1856, Bath County, VA2353,2361,2292,2294,2295,2362,2296,2347,2301,2302,2306,2363,2334,2359,2317,2364
MemoCleek's Mill; 6 Oct?
Burialaft 16 Oct 1856, George W. Cleek Cemetery, Warm Springs, Bath County, VA2353,2365,2366,2359
Alias/AKAJani Given2367
FatherDavid Gwin (1742-<1822)
MotherJane Carlile (1746-1787)
Pg AC22: John Cleek Marr: 1800 Jane Gwin, 1 child2048 (only one child?)

Pg 14 Jane Cleek, d: 16 Oct 1856 Jackson River; age 75; Informant: Sarah Cleek, dau2368 (which daughter is Sarah?)
Birth15 May 1777, Rockbridge County, VA2320,2291,2292,2294,2295,2134,2297,2299,2300,2301,2302,2304,2321,2322,2310,2323,2312,1816,2313,2324,2317
Memobet 1775-1794, bet 1765-1794
Tax List1798, Bath County, VA2325
Memo1 Titheable, 3 Horses
Tax List13 Jun 1799, Bath County, VA2326
Memo1 Titheable, 3 Horses
Tax List1800, Bath County, VA2327
Memo1 Titheable, 3 Horses
Tax List25 May 1801, Bath County, VA2328
Memo1 Titheable, 1 Horse, 1 Stud
Census1810, Bath County, VA2322
Residenceca 1814, Bath County, VA2329
Memosettled on part of his father’s estate on the east side of Jackson River
Census1820, Bath County, VA2300,2313
Residenceca 1825, Bath County, VA2330
Memomoved his home farther up the river on land given them by his father-in-law, David Gwin; part of this property now known as Mill Run Farm
Census1830, Bath County, VA2299,2312
Census1840, Bath County, VA2331
Death16 Apr 1848, Bath County, VA2332,2291,2292,2294,2295,2134,2301,2302,2321,2305,2333,2310,2334,2311,2323,2335,2317,2336,2337
Memo71st yr of Age, Cleek's Mill
Burialaft 16 Apr 1848, George W. Cleek Cemetery, Warm Springs, Bath County, VA2338,2323,2339,2340
Anst File#S7SB-VM2341
FatherJacob Cleek (1725-1813)
MotherChristina Croddy (1740-1840)
Pg 26 John Cleek served in the War of 1812 in Todd’s Company, 2nd PA Militia. He had gone to Lancaster, PA with a drove of cattle that belonged to his father-in-law hoping to sell them on the Philadelphia Market, but he was inducted into service in the War of 1812 while on this trip. A government marker has been placed at his grave.184

Cleek Cem02136.tif Cleek Cemetery, Location 12.5 mi north Warm Springs, VA Route #220, Date abt 1833, date of oldest grave. 6. John Cleek, who died Apr 16, 1848. P. V. T. Tood's Co. 2nd Pa. Mill. War of 1812.2049

Survey Report Cleek Cemetery, 1936 Nov 19, Historical Significance: John Cleek, who died April 16, 1848. P.V.T. Tood’s Co. 2nd Pa. Mill. War of 18122050

A son of Jacob, John, went to Lancaster PA, with a drove of cattle to sell at market, and was inducted into Todd’s Co of the 2nd PA Militia and served in the War of 1812.185

US Headstone Applications for Military Veterans 1925-19631777
Cleek (Click), John; Rank: Private, PA Company, Capt James Todd’s Co, 2 Regt PA Militia; War of 1812; d: 1848
Cleek Cemetery, Warm Springs, VA
Shipped to: Geo W. Cleek, Hot Springs, VA
P.O. Warm Springs, VA
This application is for the Unmarked grave of a soldier.
Applicant: Geo W. Cleek, Warm Springs, VA, 29 Oct 1932
Ordered 11 Nov 1932 Proctor, VT; Shipped 9 Dec 1932; No. 465266
There is a John Cleek who died April 16, 1818 Aged 81 yrs (In front of Mary Virginia Cleek & next to Jane wife of John Cleek) at the George W. Cleek Cemetery, Warm Springs, VA 2342

1840 VA Census, Bath Co,2343 Jno Cleek Senr 1M 60-70, 1F 50-60, 1F 70-80 (Female 70-80 Who is this?)

CleckBible0005.tiff2049 William Cleek Son of Ms? Died on June the 20th 1880 in the 77th year of his age Being 76 years 10 M and 19 D (Who is he?)

Wills Inventory, Bath Co, VA:1425
Book 4 Pg 178 p.343 Bond by Henry Given, John Cleek and John Sloan for $2000 Mar 14, 1837 for Given’s service as constable

Abstracts of the Wills & Inventories of Bath County, VA 1791-18422055
Pg 114 p. 30 Inventory - Elizabeth Wilson, Submitted 30 Sep 1822 by Henry Given, John Cleek & Mathias Cleek, before R. Bratton (Him? his brother Mathias?)
Pg 128 p.178 Settlement of estate of Elizabeth Wilson, John Stephenson, adm. 13 Mar 1826, N. Pendleton, comm
Debits and credits: William Greene, John Cleek, Walter Richards, Robert Gwin, Robert McClintic, Henry Givens, Betty Wilson, ___ McLaughlin. (Him?)
Marriage5 Jun 1802, Bath County, VA2369,2292,2294,2295,2134,2296,2298,2301,2302,2307,2370,2310,2314,2371,2372,2315,2316
Marr Memo1800? Marriage Bond 5 Jun 1802; Witnesses: Daniel McGloughlen & Benjamin Potts
ChildrenUNNAMED (>1802-)
 UNNAMED (>1802-)
 John W. (1803-1887)
 UNNAMED (>1825-)
 UNNAMED (>1825-)
 UNNAMED (>1825-)
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