Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth10 Mar 1756, St John’s Parish, Prince George’s County, MD9000,9001,8979,8980,8983,8988,8990,8989,8991,9002,8992,9003,9004,8994,8996,9005,9006,9007
MemoCharles County, MD? King George’s Parish, Prince George’s County, MD?
Census1776, Prince George’s County, MD9003,8519,9008
MemoSt John’s & Prince George’s Parishes, Nathaniel Suit, age 19
DeathSep 1842, Mason County, KY9009,8989,8990,9010,8992,9011
Memo10 Dec 1817 Prince George’s County, MD?
BurialMason County, KY8230
FatherNathaniel Suit (1720-1775)
MotherMary Burch (1736->1810)
Suit, Nathaniel, Listed in 1776 Prince George's County, MD, St John & Prince Geo. Par. Township of MD Early Census Index Database (File: Genealogy Data/Anc Plus/ Hill/Suit/MD Census 1772-1890)

2Nathaniel Suit III b:Mar10,1756 Marr:MaryElizabethGrover(MarrDate&Pl Unknown)he likely marr later in life to an Ann Gatton Apr 27, 1818 (Source:Net & Bonnie Treon & (Marr Ann Gatton, Same Nathaniel?)

1776 MD State Archives Census Index: Suit, Nathaniel White, Prince George’s County, Prince George’s & St John’s Hundred; Source: Box 2, f. 18, p. 32; S1419-14-19001 (Same page as Mary Suit - his mother?)

Pg 288 Suit, Nathaniel (Mar 10, 1756-1817). The estate of Nathaniel Suit was probated on Dec 10, 1817 (Ref: ZE-176).8969 (deceased 1817? gave permission for his daughters to marry after this time?)

30 Nathaniel Suit & Elizabeth Grover child: Nathaniel Suit b: abt 1794 Prince George’s County, MD d: aft 1820 Prince George’s County, MD8301 (son, Nathaniel born earlier (1794) than Nathaniel, Jr.’s son Nathaniel (1813) ? I believe this Nathaniel (b:1794) is son of his brother Oliver Burch Suit)
Revolutionary War Service8316

Pg 288 Suit, Nathaniel Private, Militia, 1776 (Ref: M-207, A-325)8969
Birthabt 1760, Prince George’s County, MD9014,9015,9016
Memobef 1778?
1. Suit, Elizabeth “Unknown” b: 1873, Place: MD, Database: ggcat,
2. Otho Suit b: 1802 + Nancy Bratton b: 1808,
3 Martha Suit b: 1830
3 Mary Suit b: 1833
3 Angeline Suit b: 1837
3 Lawson B. Suit b: 1839
3 Anna M. Suit b: 1849
(File: Genealogy Data/AncPlus/Hill/Suit/AncPlusHill/SuitBirthIndiv)
Marriage30 Dec 1792, German Reformed Church, Frederick, Frederick County, MD9017,9018,9019,8993,8997
ChildrenJohn (ca1793-)
 Mary (ca1794-)
 Nancy (1795-1886)
 Deborah (1797-)
 Jane (1799-)
 Otho (1802-)
 Elizabeth (ca1804-)
 Walter F. (1808-1885)
 Thomas A. R. (1808-1887)
 Phoebe (1810-)
 Nathaniel (1813-1885)
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