Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Memo1702? 1719? 1720? abt 1733?
Land Sold25 Apr 1766, Prince George’s County, MD8441
MemoAcknowledged Deed to John Dent s/o Hatch, for 12,200 pounds tobacco, land called Churchover & part of land called Bowlings Plains, 122 ac
Census1776, Prince George’s County, MD8514,8519,8517
MemoSt John’s and Prince George’s Parishes, Mary Suit, age 40; 1776 MD State Archives Census Index: Suit, Mary White, Prince George’s County, Prince George’s & St John’s Hundred; Source: Box 2, f. 18, p. 32; S1419-14-19000
Census1790, Prince George’s County, MD8520,8521
Memo1790MDPG316 Sute, Mary 1M 16+, 2M <16, 3F, 1 Slave
Tax List1798, Prince George’s County, MD8522,8523
MemoFederal Direct Tax List: New Scotland, Oxon & Bladensburg Hundred, Pr Geo: Oliver Suit, Overseer; Benjamin Stoddert, Owner: Lot in Bladensburg No. 46 & Windsor Forrest; house occupied by Mary Suit
Census1800, Prince George’s County, MD8524,8525
Census1810, Prince George’s County, MD8526,8527,8528
MemoNew Scotland & Bladensburgh Hundreds
Deathaft 1810, Prince George’s County, MD8529,8530,8531,8532,8533
MemoCharles County, MD? aft 1790?
Anst File#AFN:GRN3-H48534,8535
FatherJustinian Burch Sr. (1681-<1760)
MotherSusanna Ann Davis (1690-<1758)
Misc. Notes
June 1749-Charles Co,Md. Court. The Grand Jury presents Mary Suit for having a baseborn child, by information of Elisha Harvin?, Constable. Source: Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber 42, p. 336.8301

Nov. 1749 - Charles Co., Md. Court. Lord Proprietary vs. Mary Suit. Mary admits that she has had an illegitimate child as charged in the presentment, and is convicted of bastardy. William Middleton, of Charles Co., Gent., stands as pledge and security for the payment of her fine. Source: Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber 42, p. 5378301

1776 Census8536Pg 1238537
Pg 32 Mary Suit 40: other females 18: 14: 10: 6; Nathaniel Suit 19: other males 15: 13: 4; Male Slave 30; Female Jo? 50
John Harris of Prince George's County MD Will 2 Sep 1775 "...will and desire that Edy Harris, relict of my son James Harris, may have, hold possess, occupy, and peaceable enjoy during her widowhood.... Item I give and bequeath to my grandson, John Harris Robey.... Item I give and bequeath unto my grandson, William Harris.... Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Lydia Steal.... Item I give and bequeath unto my son John Harris, daughters, Ann Owen, Elizabeth Wilson, Mary Burch, Eleanor Wedding, and Sarah Robey, five shillings current money each. Lastly, I do hereby nominate, ordain, constitute, and appoint my son, Benjamin Harris whole and sole Executor of this my last Will andTestament" (Genealogy Data/MD/Will John Harris) - Same Mary Burch? If so, her brothers and sisters? Burch would be her married name?

Burch, Mary, listed 1767 Charles Co, MD Rent Rolls in MD Early Census Index Database (Anc Plus Hill/Suit MD Census)

1790 MD Census Prince George's County Pg 97 Sute, Mary 1M 16+, 2M <16, 3F, 1 Slave 8538,8539 (who are the children: 2 Male <16?)

1800 MD Census Prince George's County8540, 1800MDPGNoTwp2238541 (Listed Near Oliver Sute)
Pg 312 Pg 312 Ln 1 Mary Sute 1M 10-16, 1M 16-26, 1F 45+ (Who is Male 10-16? Male 16-26? grandchildren?)
Ln 2 Mary Sute Junr 1M 10-16, 1M 16-26, 1F 45+ (Who is Mary Sute Junr family? Edward Suit’s wife? Male children?)

1810 MD Census Prince George's County8542,8543 Pg 56 New Scotland ___? & Bladensburgh Hundred one District Mary Suit 1M 16-26, 2F 16-26, 1F 45+ (Listed next to Smith Suit. Who are the children, her grandchildren?)

Pg 7 -3rd Gen. Mary Burch b: MD Pg 12 m. Nathaniel Suite (or Suit) Eight children8544 (8 children not 9?)
Birth1720, Charles County, MD8230,8416,8417,8418,8419,8420,8421,8422,8423,8424,8425
Memo1729? 1716? 1730? bef 1723? Prince George’s County, MD?
Land Purchase17 Dec 1748, Charles County, MD8426,8427,8428,8429
MemoAt the Request of Nathaniel Suit Jun, Deed was recorded 17 Dec 1748. Made 10 Dec 1748 between Nathaniel Suit of Charles County MD & Elizabeth his wife & Nathaniel Suit Jun of same county, planter, for 3000 # tobacco, part of tract of land called Churchover in CharlesCounty MD
Tax List1758, Charles County, MD8360,8430,8431
MemoDistrict Trinity Parish Upper Hundred; Record Number 106; Name Order 1
Land Purchase4 Mar 1758, Charles County, MD8432,8433,8434
Memoto Nathaniel Suite, planter for 1,000 pounds tobacco part of Churchover, 10 ac
Land Purchase20 Dec 1758, Charles County, MD8435,8436,8437,8438
MemoRecorded; Part of tract Bowling Plains bounded by Sims’ Branch, a tract Churchover belonging to Nathaniel Suite, abt 10 ac for 500 pounds tobacco from Justinian Burch Sr
Land Sold25 Apr 1766, Charles County, MD8439,8440,8441,8442,8443
Memo26 Apr? part of “Church Over” & part “Bowling’s Plains” containing 122 acres, with 8 acres thereof lying in “Bowling’s Plains” to John Dent son of Hatch
Death6 Dec 1775, Prince George’s County, MD8444,8230,8445,8446,8447,8448,8449,8450,8451
Memobef 3 Oct 1775? Admin Bond 3 Oct 1775; Probate Inventory 2 Jan 1776 Book GS 2 Pg 388, Admin Doc 2 Jun 1779 Book ST 1 Pg 083
Burialaft 6 Dec 1775
Will Filed2 Jan 1776, Prince George’s County, MD8444,8452,8361,8453,8454
MemoProbate Record, Inventory, Book GS 1, pg 388, Executor: Mary Suit; Box 19 Folder 25 County Bonds; Liber 123 Folio 224 Inventories; Box 25 Folder 13 County, Inventories
Will Filed9 Jun 1778, Prince George’s County, MD8455
MemoAccount Inventory £159 7 03
Will Filed2 Jun 1779, Prince George’s County, MD8456,8457,8458,8459,8460
MemoProbate Record, Accounts, Book ST 1, pg 083 (actually pg 38), Executor: Mary Suit
Anst File#AFN:GRN3-MS8463,8342
FatherNathaniel Suit (<1672-1757)
MotherElizabeth Williams (~1694-<1773)
Misc. Notes
Out of the Past Prince Georgeans and Their Land:7685
Pg 135 County Court (Nov 27, 1772) "The court appointed the following men as constables for the various hundreds: ... Nathaniel Suit - New Scotland"

Burch Families of Southern MD8316
Vol 2 p 10 “Bowling Plains” is bound by Nathaniel Sute’s land, John Dent’s land and Thomas Barron Charles County MD Court & Land Records Liber Y 2 p. 181 & 343-44

Nathaniel Suit 123.224 PG £159.7.0 Dec 6 1775 Jan 2 17768301
Appraisers: Basil Waring III, James Wilson.
Creditors: Richard Henderson John Jenkins.
Next of kin: Jesse B. Suit, Nathaniel Suit.
Administratrix: Mary Suit.

MD Register of Wills Books, Prince George’s Co839 Accts 1777-1798 Vol 1-2
Image 34-35 Pg 38-39 Pr Geo Co Court 9 Jun 1778: Acct of Mary Suit, Admr of Nathaniel Suit, late of sd Co Deceased. Inventory of Deceased Amounting to £159 7 03
Also with 1800 lb Tobacco and 20% Inspection ...
Also with Cash Due the Estate & Received by this Accountant: Total: £174 15 0 3/4
And Craves to be allowed for the following payments of Sterling Money Due from the Deceased to Saml Hanson on A Bond proved & paid by this Account & Receipt appears to be 5 is Common Carry. £75 0 0
Of Common Money Due from Do to Jefse Burch Suit on Account proved pad by Do & receipt appears. £21 5 8 1/2
Of Do Due from Do to Joseph Conn on account prov for rent apd by Do & Do Appears. £30 0 0
Of Do. to Saml Tyler, R Wills for Stating Drawing & Recording this Acct. £0 13 4
Of W.? C.? Commifsion on the Above payments. £12 13 10 3/4
Subtotal £139 12 10 3/4
Deduct 1/5 to make M Currency £27 18 6 3/4
Subtotal £111 14 4
Balance Due the Estate 63 1 8 3/4
Estate Accounted For £174 15 0 3/4
Prince George’s County Court 9 Jun 1778: Came Mary Suit, Adminx, of Nathaniel Suit, late of said County Deceased & Made Oath that the Above account is just & true as stated which thereupon after due examination is Pafsed by Order Joshua Beall Esqr, Pres our Orphan Court. Test S. Taylor, R. Wills, PGC
Image 42-43 Pg 54-55 2 Jun 1779 Final Acct Mary Suit Admx of Nathaniel Suit late of sd Co Dec’d
The Accountant Chargeth herself 00000000000 with the Balance of a former Account Pafsed 9 Jun 1778 Account to £63 1 8 3/4
And Craves to be allowed for the following payments of £9 0 8 Stg? due from the deceased to Richard Henderson on a Bond proved & paid by this Accountant as a receipt appears in Cn Curry. £11 12 5
Of Common Money due Do. to Oliver Birch on a Note of hand proved & pd Do. & receipt appears. £6 2 6
Of Common Money to Saml Tylor Register Wills for Stating Drawing & Recording this Account & making out & filing Distribution of Balance. £1 2 6
Of W.? C.? Commifsion on the above payments. £1 18 0
Subtotal £20 18 5
Deduct 1/5 to Make Md Curry £4 3 2
Subtotal £15 12 9
Balance due the Estate £47 6 11 3/4
Estate Accounted for £63 1 8 3/4
Joseph Conn & Josias Shaw, Surities
Distribution is as follows Viz:
To the Widow of the Deceased 1/3 of the Balance £15 15 7 3/4
The Residue to be equally divided among the decd 9 children viz: Jefse Birch, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Edward, Ann, John Smith, Mary, Susanna & Oliver Birch & is to each £3 10 1 3/4: £31 11 2 Total £49 6 11 3/4
Prince George’s County Court 2 Jun 1779: Came Mary Suit, Admx of Nathaniel Suit late of said County Deceased & made oath that the above account is just and true as stated which thereupon after due examination is pafsed by order Joshua Beall Esqr Chief Justice of our Orphans Court. Sworn before S. Tyler, R. Wills, P.G.C.

Prince George’s County Register of Wills (Administration Bonds, Original), MSA C1147-198319
Box 19 Folder 25 Common Admin Bond Mary Suit, Admx; ? entered 28 Dec; Recorded in Liber S T No. B Folio 185
Maryland: Know all men by these presents that we Mary Suit, Josias Shaw & Joseph Conn of Prince Georges County are held and firmly bound unto the right Honorable the Lord Proprietary of this province in the full and just sum of one thousand pounds Sterling Money of Great Britain to be paid to his said lordship, his heirs and successors, to which payment well and truly to be made and done we bind ourselves and every of us, our and every of our heirs, Executors and Administrators, in the whole and for the whole jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our Seals and dated this 3 day of October in this year of his said Lordship’s dominion &cc, Annoque Domini 1775.
The Condition of this obligation is such that if the Within bounden Mary Suit, Administratrix of all and singular the goods, chattels, and credits of Nathaniel Suit late of P Geor County, deceased, do make or cause to be made, a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased which have or shall come to the hands possession or knowledge of her the said Mary Suit or into the hands and possession of any other person or persons for her and the same so made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the registry of our prerogative court at or before the 3rd day of January next ensuing and the same goods, chattels, and credits of the said deceased at the time of his death which at any time after shall come to the hands or possession of the said Mary Suit or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for her do well and truly administer according to Law Viz. Shall pay the debts of the said deceased so far forth as personal estate shall extend, and the law will charge, as also all such reasonable charges and fees as have arisen, on shall arise, or become due to any his Lordship’s Officers from the said Mary Suit. On account of the said deceased or his estate. And further do make or cause to be made a true and just account of their said administration, at or before 3rd October next and all the rest and residue of the said goods, chattels and credits, which shall be found remaining upon the said Administrat account, the same being first examined and adjusted by the judge or judges for the time being of the said court, shall deliver and pay unto the person or persons appointed by Law to receive same: and if it shall hereafter appear that any last will and testament was made by the said deceased, and the Executor or Executors therein named to exhibit the same into the said court, making request to have it allowed, and approved accordingly, if the said Mary Suit within bounden, being thereunto required, do render and deliver the said Letters of Administration, (Approbation of such Testament being first had and made) in the said Court, then this Obligation to be void, and of none Effect or else to remain in full Force and Virtue. Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of Wm T. Wooton, /s/ Mary (her mark) Suit (Seal), Josias Shaw (seal), Joseph Conn (seal)
Handwritten: 1779 Prince Geo County, Mary Suits Bond for securing the balance of Nathaniel Suit, Peter Carnes surity, recorded in Liber S. T. No. 1 folio 31, recorded in Liber TT No. 6 Folio 216
Know all men by there presents that we Mary Suit & Peter Carnes of Prince George’s County are held and firmly bound unto the several representatives of Nathaniel Suit late of said county deceased, in the just and full sum of 94 pounds 14 shillings current money of Maryland to be paid unto the said representatives their heirs executors administration or assigns to be true payment whereof we bind ourselves … 2 Jun 1779.
The Condition of this obligation is such that whereas there remains a balance due on the estate of the said Nathaniel Suit deceased amounting to 47 pounds six shillings of 11 Jun thru farthings; MD lurking if therefore the above bound Mary Suit or any other person on her behalf shall well and truly satisfy pay and deliver unto the said representatives, their heirs, executors, administrators or assigns or lawful Guardians their respective parts or portions of the said deceased estate when they shall arrive to the age of 21 yrs then the above obligation to be void and of none effect or else to remain in full force and virtue in Law. Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of S. Tyler R. Wills, P G Cty /s/ Mary (her mark) Suit (seal), Peter Carnes (seal)
Nathaniel Suit, Inventory 2 Jan 1776 Book GS 1 Pg 388, Admin Doc 2 Jun 1779 Book ST 1 Pg 083 (actually on pg 038), Executor: Mary Suit8464 (Need to Get! also look for Mary Suit 1779 Bk ST 1 pg 054 per Alan Virta E-Mail 14 Nov 2013)

BB 0324:699 At request of Nathaniel Suit the following supercedias was recorded Jan 12, 1773. You Nathaniel Suit, Josias Shaw & William Hamilton do confess judgement to Eleanor Williamson for 4 pounds 16 shillings 9 pence common currency and 197 pounds of tobacco which sum was recovered by the said Eleanor Williamson against the said Nathaniel Suit on 23 Mar 1773 in Prince George’s County Court. The said (money) for use of Eleanor Williamson in case Nathaniel Suit shall not pay or satisfy the said (money), so as aforesaid recovered against him with the additional costs on 10 Feb next. Taken and acknowledged 18 Jun 1773 before Jos Beall and Chris Lowndes (same Nathanial?)

BB3 348:699 At the request of Nathaniel Suit the following Certificate of a Stray was recorded Jan 5, 1774 Prince George’s County Jan 7, 1774 Nathaniel Suit bought before me as a stray a Iron Gray mare about 12 hands high 3 or 4 years old, has no brand and gallops and her mane is Cut close by the Ear. Chris Lowndes (Him?)

CC2 0180 PG699 At request of Nathaniel Suit the following Supd was recorded 23 Aug 1775: Edward Butt, Jeremiah Brashear & Archibald Butt do confess judgement to Nath Suit for the sum of one pound and seven shillings & two pence debt and two shillings six pence costs of Warrant which terms was recovered by the said Nath Suit against thes? (sic) (Him?)

G3 0194699 Indenture 4 Mar 1758 Thomas Suite, Joyner to Nathaniel Suite, planter... Eleanor-Thomas’ wife acknowledged (Who is this Thomas? wife Eleanor; perhaps a brother? Nathaniel’s father, Nathaniel bought and sold land with Thomas Suite, joyner)

Md Indexes Probate Records Colonial 1634-17778465
Name Date County
Image # 010985 Suit, Nathaniel 1775 PG Box 19 folder 25 Bonds
Image # 010986 Suit, Nathaniel 1775 PG Liber 123 folio 224 Inventories
Image # 010987 Suit, Nathaniel 1776 PG Box 25 folder 13 Inventories

MD Wills & Probate Records 1635-17778466
Could not find Nathaniel Suit
Marriage24 Jun 1752, St John’s Parish, Prince George’s County, MD8230,8545,8336,8546,8547,8548,8549,8345,8346,8550,8551,8552,8553,8554,8555,8556,8557,8496,8385,8558,8405,8406,8407,8412,8414
Marr Memoby Rev Isaac Campbell; 1733? Previously named King George Parish; abt 1758 Charles County, MD?
ChildrenJesse Burch (1753->1789)
 Nathaniel (1756-1842)
 Mary Elizabeth (1758-1817)
 Edward (1760-1782)
 Ann (1762-)
 John Smith (1764->1810)
 Mary Eleanor (1767->1850)
 Susanna (1770-~1814)
 Oliver Burch (1773-)
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