Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
MemoGeorgetown, Washington, DC?
Census2 Aug 1850, Prince George’s County, MD7581,7584,7585
MemoMarlborough District
Census3 Sep 1860, Prince George’s County, MD7583,7586,7588
MemoMarlboro District, Upper Marlboro
Census4 Jul 1870, Forestville, Prince George’s County, MD7600,7582,7587,7589
MemoSpauldings District
Death15 Sep 1891, New York City, NY7402,7590,7592,7601
Burial18 Sep 1891, New York City, NY7602,7592,7594
MemoSt Raymonds Cemetery, 206 E. Tremont Ave, Bronx County, NY Section 3, Range 7, Plot 34
OccupationNo employment7600
FatherThomas O’Neal May (1787-1845)
MotherAnn Elizabeth Byng (1800-1878)
Suit, Mary Elizabeth (May) Not listed in the 1880 MD Census Soundex (Microfilm Prince George's County Library, Hyattsville, MD 5 Jul 2000)

1880 NY, NY Manhattan, New York City - Greater NY pg 522C Mary E. Suit, MotherL, Wd, W F 62, b: DC, Father b: DC, Mother b: DC, Enumerated w/ John E. McKay 38 b: NY & Helen McKay 36 b: DC3540 1880NYNY12Wd3/522C (Heritage Quest) (Same Mary Suit? buried in NY? another daughter Helen?)

1880 NY, NY Co, Manhattan, NYC Greater Census Pg 522C (Enum w/ John E. McKay & Helen McKay - her sister!)7603

Fielder Suit listed with Margaret Suit in 1860 MD Census (Microfilm Prince George's County Library, Hyattsville, MD 16 Apr 2002) (If Married in 1849 why not listed with him in 1860, maybe another Fielder Suit?)
Birth30 Aug 1805, Bladensburg, Prince George’s County, MD7463,7464,7465,7466,7467,7468,7469,7470,7471,7472,7473,7474,7475,7476,7428,7477,7478,7479,7437,7480,7481,7482,7483,7484,7485,7486,7487,7488,7489,7490,7461
Baptism17 Nov 1805, St John’s Parish, Prince George’s County, MD7491,7492,7493,7494,7495,7496
MemoKing George’s Parish? By Rev Walter Addison
Census1810, Prince George’s County, MD7497,7498,7499
MemoNew Scotland & Bladensburgh Hundred District
Census1820, Prince George’s County, MD7500,7501,7502
Census1830, Prince George’s County, MD7503
MemoCensus no longer exists
Land Purchase9 Jul 1833, Bladensburg, Prince George’s County, MD7504
Memolot # 9 from Thomas O.N. and Ann May and Mary Bing, Ann’s mother, from John Bing, Mary’s husband and Ann May’s father
Land Sold15 Jun 1836, Bladensburg, Prince George’s County, MD7505
Memolot # 9 sold to William J. Beall for $700
Census1840, Prince George’s County, MD7506,7507
Memo3rd Enumeration District
Census2 Aug 1850, Prince George’s County, MD7508,7509,7510,7511,7512,7513
MemoMarlborough District
Land Sold4 Aug 1854, Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s County, MD7514
Memolot sold to build a new jail for $400
Census3 Sep 1860, Prince George’s County, MD7515,7516,7517
MemoMarlborough District, Upper Marlboro
Land Sold17 Nov 1865, Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s County, MD7518
MemoSold his hotel to J. Flint for $4000
Residenceabt 1867, Prince George’s County, MD7502
MemoUpper Marlborough, conducted a hotel
Census4 Jul 1870, Prince George’s County, MD7519,7520,7521,7522
Death8 Nov 1870, Prince George’s County, MD7523,7524,7525,7526,7527,7528,7529,7530,7531,7461
MemoProbate 13 Feb 1871
Burialaft 8 Nov 1870, St Barnabas Episcopal Church Cemetery, Oxon Hill, Prince George’s County, MD7524,7526,7531
Will Filed13 Feb 1871, Prince George’s County, MD7442,7532,7533
MemoProbate Record, File # 0859
OccupationConstable 1836-1837; Innkeeper who later operated a hotel in Upper Marlboro during the Civil War, Hotel Keeper 1850; Jailor 2 Jan 18627534,7535,7410,7536,7537,7538,7539,7540,7541,7542,7543,7544
FatherOliver Burch Suit (1773-)
MotherEleanor Wilson (>1774->1807)
Misc. Notes
Out of the Past Prince Georgeans and Their Land:7545
Pg 344 Board of County commissioners Records: "On Jul 29, 1854, the Comissioners decided to Purchase a lot from Fielder Suit for $400. The lot was needed as a place to build a jail....
On Nov 18, 1856, the minutes show that the Commissioners received from William H. Jarboe and Clement Hill, Commissioners appointed to sell the old jail lot below Fielder Suit's stable, the sum of $20 being the amount the said lot was sold for after paying the expenses for selling."
Pg 354 ...."Fielder Suit and others were appointed to supply the place of local government and to carry out the resolutions of the meeting."

AllenW Prince George’s County, MD (PG Co) Liber FS2 folio 0163661
Deed 23 Aug 1864 John E. Gardner & Abilla Gardner, his wife of PG Co, MD to William H. Allen of Baltimore for $300 part of a tract in Upper Marlboro in PG Co near the Court House known generally by the name of the Union Hotel or Tavern stand which said tract of land was conveyed by Samuel R. Nance trustee of the said John E. Gardner by Deed dated 13 Aug 1863 and recorded in Liber FS1 folio 587. Beginning near the corner, where the Court House lot near the coal house joins or intersects the main street running through Upper Marlboro near Suit’s Hotel and running in SE direction ... near gate leading into the stable yard, attached to the Suit Hotel ... containing 35 perches of land

Suit Career was Meteoric662
Because of his (Fielder Suit) intense loyalty, he kept the American flag floating over his hostelry at all times, even during the dark days of the war, and no trouble ever arose.

Farmer’s Hotel, Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s Co, MD7546
1840 MD Census Prince George's County7547,7548 Fielder Suit 1M 5-10 (Samuel), 1M 15-20 (?), 1M 20-30 (?), 1M 30-40 (Fielder), 2F <5 (Marion, & ?), 1F 5-10 (?), 1F 20-30 (?), 1F 30-40 (Catherine) (Are the other ? hotel workers & their children? See 1850 MD PG census!)

1850 MD Census PGMarlb91B(10of34)7549 Mary Beall 14 F, Thos Beall 17 M B, Wm Gagaway 55 M, Jno Beall 40 M B, Jas W. Lansbury 31 M Clerk, George Crawford 45 M Barkeeper, Elijah Smith 40 M, Jas Moran 32? M, Jno Winkler 32? M, Thos Williams 24 M Merchant, L.P.Bloode 23 M Teacher b: MA, Wm Scott 18 M, Geo Gardiner 50 M, Joseph Hodge 17 M, Jno Hause 30 M

PG FS3 0425661 Fielder B. Suit & F. Suit & Grafton Suit all of PG MD, family bound for $2000, on 28 Feb 1866 bond Fielder B. Suit as Constable in 6 Election District of PG Co (Grafton Suit - Relationship?)

No Fielder Suit Land transactions in Calvert County, MD found 1840-1894661

SuitF PG AB8 168 Thomas O.N.May & Ann wife of Georgetown DC & Mary Bing to Fielder Suit of PG MD 9 Jul 1833 fm Ann heir of John Bing,dec’d, lot #9 Bladensburg PG MD for $550661 (If Fielder Suit received land from Thomas O.N. May 16 years before he married their daughter Mary E. May, is this the same Fielder Suit that married Catherine Scott?)

Fielder Suit, Estate # 0000RE-00859 Prince George’s Co MD6701 (Need to get)

MD Probate Estate & Guardianship Files 1796-19407550 (Relationship to Grafton Suit? to others?)
John S. Suit Jr.
Probate Place: Prince George’s MD
Date Filed: 1 Jan 1800
Court Folder Name: Estate of Suit, John S. Jr.
Record Type: Probate
Estate/Guardianship No: GD1800-617
Estate Type: Guardian Estate
First Digital Image No: 455
Last Digital Image No: 465
No. of Images: 11
Digital Folder No: 4177519
No. 10 of 11: Upper Marlboro, MD 14 Jun 1854 Received of Fielder Suit Guardian to Fielder B., John S, Grafton T & Judson S. Suit the sum of three hundred and thirty dollars and fifty cents being the amt received by their said Guardian from the Adm or of the late William J. Scott and paid over to me under order of the Orphans Court of Prince George’s County. /s/ Grafton Suit; Acknowledged before me: Edwd J.K. Scott
Marriage20 Nov 1849, Washington, DC7604,7580,7511,7429,7434,7590,7441,7577,7595,7596,7452,7458,7605
Marr MemoGeorgetown by Rev. Peter B. O’Flanigan; National Intelligencer 24 Nov; 1848?
ChildrenFrances Ann (1853-1853)
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