Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
BirthMay 1840, Mechanicsville, St Mary’s County, MD5341,5342,5343,5344,5345,5346,5347,5348,5349,5350,5351,5352,5353,5354,5355,5356,5357,5358,5359,5360,5361,5362,5363,5333,5364,5335,5365,5337,5340
Memo1842? abt 1850? 4 Feb 1839? abt 1828? abt 1838?
BaptismOct 1844, Mattawoman, Charles County, MD5366,5367,5368,5369,5370,5371,5333
MemoRoman Catholic
Census19 Oct 1850, St Mary’s County, MD5372,5373
MemoEnumeration District 5
Census22 Aug 1860, St Mary’s County, MD5374,5375,5376
Memo6th Enumeration District, Oakville, enumerated with John W. Woodburn
Census12 Aug 1870, St Mary’s County, MD5377,5378,5379
MemoEnumeration District 3, St Clements Bay
Census16 Jun 1880, St Mary’s County, MD5380,5381,5382,5383
MemoEnumeration District 140 Mechanicsville
Census2 Jun 1900, St Mary’s County, MD5384,5385,5386
MemoEnumeration District 4 Chaptico
OccupationFarmer, Carpenter5390,5391,5392,5393,5394,5395,5396,5397,5398
FatherThomas H. Hill (ca1820-<1850)
MotherMary Ann Williams (1815-)
Misc. Notes
Pg 4-5 Information on this family (Cornelius Hill) from Ruth Hill262

St Mary’s Beacon, v.18:19 p3 c8; 8 May 1862 A Card, Notice Hill, Cornelius F.4363,5399
Benjamin Tippett. 1 May 1862
On second thought, I will now submit the certificate of Mr. C.F. Hill and let the public know the truth at once. B. Tippett ---
I hereby certify that I was present and in full view of the difficulty which occurred on the 7th of this month between Dr. Robert Neale and his son and Mr. J. W. and Benjamin Tippett; that I was employed to do some jobs for Mr. J. W. Tippett at the time the said difficulty occurred; that Dr. Neale and son came where I was at work and inquired for Mr. J. W. Tippett, and I directed them to the place where he was at work. I saw Dr Neale and son ride where Mr. Tippett was, and further, saw Dr. Neale strike at Mr. Tippett with a club several times. I then saw Mr. Benjamin Tippett go to his nephew’s assistance, and on his approach I heard the report of a pistol.
After the report of the pistol, I saw Dr. Neale and son riding away from the Messrs. Tippetts in considerable haste. I then saw Dr. Neale and son stop and I saw the Dr. ride up to him ___ and receive something from him which I supposed to be a pistol. They then wheeled their horses and rode in the direction of the Messrs Tippetts for a short distance and immediately wheeling their horses again; made briskly away from Mr. J. W. Tippett’s premise. I certify that I did not see Bobby Neale arise or attempt in take hold of or interfere with Dr. Neale at any time, and I further certify that the Messrs Tippett remained in the field and about the place where the difficulty occurred until Dr. Neale and his son Robert had left the premises. Cornelius F. Hill
US Civil War Draft Registrations Records 1863-1865806
St Mary’s County, 4th District
Hill, Francis C.; Age as of 1 Jul 1863: 24; White; Occ: Farmer; Single; b: MD
St Mary’s County, 5th District, Image 297 of 320
Hill, Francis C., Age as of 1 Jul 1863: 24; White; Occ: Farmer; Single; b: MD
Hill Ancestral Archive 12/22/99:
HILL, CORNELIUS (ch000192) - Death/Burial:1888 - Father:HILL,WILLIAM-Mother: KNAPP, ABIGAIL
HILL, CORNELIUS (ch000192) - Married: No Date - Spouse: VAN_HORN, ELIZABETH

St Mary's Beacon (Newspaper) 4363
On Microfilm at MD State Archives, Enoch Pratt Free Library (Baltimore, St Mary's County Historical Society (Leonardtown), St Mary's County Memorial Library (Lexington Park)
v10:48,p3,c1 25 Sep 1873 [Persons Stricken from the List, 1873 - Fifth District], Notice (Voter Registration) Hill, Cornelius F.

Abstracts from the Port Tobacco & Charles County Advertiser Vol 3 - 1870-755400 (Him?)
Pg 30 - 5th District: Names of Persons Stricken from the Lists of Qualified Voters; Corrected list of Registered Voters: Cornelius Hill

Abstracts from the Port Tobacco & Charles County Advertiser Vol 4 - 1876-18845401 (Him?)
Pg 150 Registration Lists - Qualified Voters: District 5: Cornelius N. Hill, Harris Lot
Pg 224 Annual Statement by Commissioners of Charles County for Year End 30 Jun 1884 - Extra Road Work & material - Cornelius Hill

Abstracts from the Port Tobacco & Charles County Advertiser Vol 5 - 1885-18935402 (Him? Alive in 1900 census)
Pg 109- 23 Sep 1887, Vol XLIV, No 15 List of Registration, 5th District - Dead: Cornelius N. Hill

Burial records for Trinity Church Cemetery, St Mary’s City (File: MD/St Mary’s Cem)
Plot U, Hill, Robert Cornels, Death 1910

1870MDStM3DStClmtsBay8/550 & 1870MDStM3DStClmtsBay9/551 Dwg 55 Fam 55 Hill, Zachariah, 47 M next door to Hill, Francis259 (Could this be an Uncle?)

St Mary’s County MD Coroners Inquest 1821-1921365 (Same C. F. Hill?)
Pg 40 Henry O. Williams 20309-35(2): 28 Mar 1868 at Scotts Store. He came to his death by accidental discharge of a gun in his own hand... C. F. Hill on Inquest board

Looked through all Death Records for every Month in 1904, St Mary’s County at the MD State Archives (Digital Collection) 7/24/2015 and could not find him

Looked through all MD Register of Wills Records 1629-1999, FamilySearch
St Mary’s County for 1904 Wills: nothing found for him or Hill’s which could fit him.
Charles County for 1904 Wills, again nothing.
Calvert County for 1904 Wills, again nothing.

MD Hall of Records, Charles County Circuit Court (Land Records)5403 (Him?)
Mortgage 2 Sep 1879 From Joseph C. Russell to Cornelius Hill

General Index to Deeds Charles Co MD 1655-1899: 101_0183 Pg 264 & 101_0188 Pg 150 1879 Hill, Cornelius From Joseph C. Russell, Mortg, Liber BGS, Bk 4, Pg 385404 (Him?)
Birth27 Jan 1839, Abell, St Mary’s County, MD5427,5428,5429,5430,5431,5432,5410,5433,5434,5435,5436,5437,5438,5439,5440,5419,5441,5442,5443,5444,5445,5423,5446,5447,5448,5449,5426
Memo1823? Oct 1841? abt 1850? Chaptico?
Census1840, St Mary’s County, MD5410,5434,5445,5426
MemoEnumeration District 4
Census30 Oct 1850, St Mary’s County, MD5450,5451
MemoEnumeration District 4
Census12 Aug 1870, St Mary’s County, MD5452,5453,5454
MemoEnumeration District 3, St Clements Bay
Census16 Jun 1880, St Mary’s County, MD5455,5456,5457,5458
MemoMechanicsville District
Census2 Jun 1900, St Mary’s County, MD5428,5459,5460
MemoEnumeration District 4 Chaptico
Census1910, St Mary’s County, MD5461
Memo7th District
Death27 Feb 1914, Abell, St Mary’s County, MD5427,5419,5462,5463,5464,5465
Burial1 Mar 1914, St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, Morganza, St Mary’s County, MD5466,5462,5467,5468
FatherGeorge E. Cullins (>1800-<1850)
MotherMatilda Goodwin (1800->1861)
1910 MD Census, St Mary's 87ED7DMlstown28A(55of55) Hill, Margarete E., Lodger, F W 68, Wd, 7th District5469 1910MDStM7D28A/174 (HeritageQuest)5470
1920 MD Census Soundex Not listed as Margaret Cullins or Hill

I looked through every page of the 1860 MD St Mary’s County, 3rd and 4th District on Heritage Quest - there were only two Cullins, her brother William T. who has his mother living with him, and her sister, Jane living near her brother. There were two black Cullins, Mary 65 and Robert 23 in the same household Pg 154 Dwg 1320 Fam 1336.
I searched for all Margaret E’s b: 1837-41 and only three I could find, all as a wife with two or three small children. Could she have been married briefly before marrying Cornelius Franklin Hill? There are 180 Margaret’s in St Mary’s County, MD in 1860
Marriage26 Dec 1865, St Mary’s County, MD5471,5384,5472,5473,5385,5321,5386,5474,5327,5475,5476,5332,5334
Marr Memoby Rev Hoskins, abt 1859? abt 1869? in Beacon 4 Jan 1866
ChildrenJames Thomas (1866-1941)
 John Franklin (1868-1929)
 Mary Eleonor (1870->1910)
 Matilda (1872-ca1881)
 Snowden Rebecca (1877-<1940)
 Joseph Marion (1879-1963)
 Samuel Benedict (1883-1946)
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