Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameFannie Estelle Dennison 5025,5026,5027,5028,5029,679,678,680,686,688
Birth22 Sep 18705026,5030,5028,5029,685
Death13 Jun 1889, Oxon Hill, Prince George’s County, MD5025,5026,5031,5032,5029,685,688
Memo6:30 am
Burial16 Jun 1889, St Barnabas Episcopal Church Cemetery, Oxon Hill, Prince George’s County, MD5026,5033,5025,5028,5029,685
Memo4 pm; Picture
FatherDennison (ca1850-)
Suit Ancestry Archive 12/21/99:
Suit, Arthur B. (mc000468) - Married No Date- Spouse: Unknown, Fannie
Suit, Arthur B. (mc000493) - Married No Date - Spouse: Unknown, Fannie

No listings of obituaries in the Washington Post on ProQuest Historical Newspapers, Montgomery County Public Library for 14-15 Jun 1889
Memo1862? 1863? 1864 (47 yrs in 1911?); 1865 (54 yrs in 1919)? MA? NH? MD?
Census4 Jul 1870, Forestville, Prince George’s County, MD748,749,750,751
MemoSpalding District
Land Purchase25 Mar 1876, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD752,753
MemoHis father, Samuel T. Suit, Deed to George T. May, Trustee, Brown dower land for Arthur B. Suit
Residence1876, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD754
MemoGeorgetown College, Third Grammar
Census24 Jun 1880, Prince George’s County, MD755,756,757,758
MemoSpaulding District No. 6
Residence1884, 477 C Street NW, Washington, DC759
Land Purchase24 Jun 1885, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD760,761,762
Memo41 1/6 acres believed part of "Frye Friend Good Will Enlarged" corner where Federal Center is now located; conveyed from William B. & Ann Bowie and George T. May, Trustee for Arthur B. Suit, Spalding District; Morgaged same day $2500
Land Sold24 Jun 1885, Prince George’s County, MD763,764
Memotract of land 52.83 ac conveyed by William B. & Ann Bowie & George T. May Trustee for ABSuit; Arthur B. Suit to Horace Crosier by deed; mortgaged same date by Wm Bowie
Residence1886, 477 C Street NW, Washington, DC765
Memocap police
Residence1887, 477 C Street NW, Washington, DC766,767
Memocap police
Residence1888, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD768
MemoPolice captain
Residence18 Feb 1890, Prince George’s County, MD769,625
Residence23 May 1890, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD770
MemoWon a Cocking Main in Long Island City.
Land Purchase1892, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD771
Memosold 38 1/6 acres to William A. Harrison, leaving Arthur with 3 acres
Residence1892, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD772
Memomoved to house near corner of Suitland Road & Silver Hill Road
Residence27 Aug 1896, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD773
Memowas thrown from his horse while practicing the animal at jumping hurdles two weeks ago and sustained serious injuries about the head
Census28 Jun 1900, Prince George’s County, MD774,775,776,777
MemoDistrict 6 Spalding
Land Purchase20 Jul 1900, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD778
Memo3 ac Silver Hill road and the road from Upper Marlboro to Washington, he occupies which his mother, Aurela Wilmarth Suit Gill is selling through a Mortgage’s sale
Land Purchase18 Aug 1900, Prince George’s County, MD779,780
MemoLegal Estate by Deed of George T. May, Trustee to Arthur B. Suit; 101 ac near Silver Hill
Land Purchaseabt 1903, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD781
Memoowned corner where the Census Bureau is and Horace Crosier owned the opposite corner.
Land Purchase7 Apr 1904, Prince George’s County, MD782
Memofrom George T. May, Trustee of DC: Deed Samuel T. Suit, dec’d, his Father .. land conveyed by Edward & Rahcael (sic) A. Joy to STSuit; due to indebtedness to Charles K Bingham, trust at death of C. K. Bingham; 15.25 ac also hotel in Bladensburg formerly owned by John Smith Suit
Land Purchaseabt 3 Aug 1907, Anacostia, Washington, DC783
MemoReal Estate Transfer from Griswold Addition to Anacostia-The National Capital Bank of Washington DC lots 258, 259 for $10
Census1910, Prince George’s County, MD784,785
MemoDistrict 6 Suitland Road
Residence19 Aug 1919, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD744,786
MemoSpaulding’s District
Death19 Aug 1919, Oxon Hill, Prince George’s County, MD787,788,789,790,791,728,792,793,794,795,796,673,797,744,745,682,798,799,800,694,628,67,801,699,700,701,702,703,704,705,716,717,718
MemoWashington DC? age 57; 54 years
Burial22 Aug 1919, St Barnabas Episcopal Church Cemetery, Oxon Hill, Prince George’s County, MD802,803,744,798,682
OccupationSheriff of Prince George's County, MD (Constable) 1899 (19 yrs); Deputy Sheriff 1900; store & bar & bowling alley about 1900; rooster fights; cap police (1888); watchman; Clerk of Election 6th District Sep 1900 republican; member of Pinkeron’s Detectives805,806,807,808,809,810,811,812,813,814,815,816,817,744,818,819,682,798,820,821,766,765,822,823,824,825,826,827,828,767,759,768
EducationGeorgetown College 1876 Class: 3d Grammar754,829
FatherSamuel Taylor Suit (1832-1888)
MotherAurelia Bingham Wilmarth (1841-1917)
Misc. Notes
Suitland History 1976:830
Merchant in Suitland (Storekeeper in the 1900s) He had a store, a bar and a bowling alley in one building about 1900. Located on the corner where he lived between the present water tower and the road. It faced Silver Hill Road. He raised game chickens and had rooster fights in the back. Arthur was the sheriff and had a jail near his house.

The Wood Ibis in VA and MD. On July 20, 1896, an adult Tantalus loculator was killed by Mr. Rudolph Thiele in his barnyard at Silver Hill, MD near the District of Columbia line. There were two; the other, an immature bird, flew away about half a mile and was killed soon afterwards on the same day by Mr. Arthur Suit of Suitland. Both were mounted for the above named gentlemen, and I saw the fresh skins.831

Atlantic Reporter832 Similar wording of same proceeding833
MD Court of Appeals: Vol 55 Part 1 Pg 382: (97 MD 539) 30 Jun 1903: Suit et ux. v. Suit
“This appeal is from a decree of the lower court declaring that the estate of S. Taylor Suit is entitled in equity to the property in dispute, and restraining Arthur B. Suit from setting up any further claim thereto. The questions involved arise in the following manner: Arthur B. suit filed a bill of complaint charging that he is entitled to a one-third undivided interest in certain land, particularly described in the bill (and which will be referred to hereafter for convenience as the “Brown dower land”), and that the defendants named in the bill are entitled to the other two-thirds. The prayer of the bill is for a sale for the purpose of division. After proper proceedings, a decree for the sale of the property was passed. The trustee named therein made and reported a sale of part of the land, and an audit was made, wherein one-third of the proceeds of sale were assigned to Arthur Bingham Suit. The trustee thereupon reported to the court that Rosa P. Suit claimed the amount which had been allowed by the audit to Arthur B. Suit, that only a small part of the land had been sold, and that by reason of Rosa suit’s (sic) claim the trustee cannot make sale of the residue, and prayed that Arthur B. Suit and Rosa P. Suit, as widow & trustee of her children (whose names are unknown to the petitioner) may be required to answer, etc. Both of these parties answered this petition, & asked the court to determine to whom the proceeds of the sale of the one undivided third interest of the Brown land legally & equitably belonged. Testimony was taken by both parties, & on the 28th day of August 1902, the court decreed that “the estate of S. Taylor Suit was entitled to the property & the proceeds of any sale thereof.” From this decree Arthur Bingham Suit has appealed. ....
... transactions occurring subsequently between S. T. Suit & his son, Arthur. S. T. Suit was indebted to one Charles K. Bingham in a large amount. His claims were placed in (George T.) May’s hands, as trustee, with power to sue for the same or arrange ‘in some mode that would secure them, & to hold the proceeds’ for the benefit of Arthur Bingham Suit after Bingham’s death, as per letter (Jacksonville, FL Nov 30, 1875 from C.K.Bingham) ....
In view of what we have said, it follows that we are of the opinion that the proof shows that the title & interest to the property in dispute is in Arthur B. Suit. The decree must, therefore, be reversed, & the cause remanded for further proceedings in conformity with the views herein expressed.
Decree reversed, & cause remanded for further proceedings.“

SuitA PG JWB5 0360834 24 Jun 1885 Deed WmB & Annie H. Bowie; George T. May, Trustee for Arthur B. Suit; to S. Taylor Suit for $6379.72 Suitland, Spaldings District. By agreement dated May 28th, 1877, duly recorded in Liber HB 12 folio 358, the said William B. Bowie obligated himself to convey to the said George T. May, Trustee for Arthur B. Suit, for the sum of $12,579.20, provided the same was paid to him within four year from 28 May 1877 and although the said sum was not paid as stipulated and the agreement forfeited, George T. May, Trustee for Arthur B. Suit, and Arthur B. Suit unite in this deed to convey to Samuel Taylor Suit, any rights they may have in the premises, except a tract of land containing 41 1/6 ac clear of the road conveyed by Wm Bowie & wife and George T. May, Trustee, to Arthur B. Suit by deed of even date with these presents and a tract of land containing 52.83 ac conveyed to Horace Crosier by deed of even date with these presents....

Suit Career was Meteoric835
Col Suit - added considerably to his fortune and he further added to his social standing by marrying Aurelia Wilmarth, d/o the president of the Home Life Ins.Co of NY, by whom he had 1 son.

22 Aug 1919 Image 945 Funeral of Arthur B. Suit; Special to the Washington Post:836
Upper Marlboro, Aug 21. - Funeral services for Arthur B. Suit, sheriff of Prince Georges county from 1911-1913, who died Tuesday near Suitland, Spaldings district, aged 54, took place this afternoon from his late residence. Mr. Suit was found unconscious in his automobile in Washington Monday night. He was a potent factor in the destinies of the Democratic party in Spaldings district.
Washington Post 20 Aug 1919 Image 1521:
Deaths Reported.
Arthur B. Suit, 57 yrs, Emergency Hosp.
Thought Arthur had Tuburculosis (TB) because he coughed a lot.837
1900 MD Census PG Co. (Microfilm Pr Geo Co Library, Hyattsville, MD 14 Mar 2000)838,8391900MDPGSpldgD20A/149 Dwg 363 Fam 367840 Listed with Suit, Arthur B. is Suit, Samuel S., Brother, Male, B:Month Not Reported 1873, 26 yrs Single B: MD Father B: MD, Mother B: MD, Bar Tender, Yes Read/Write (If by Aurelia Mother B: would be MA not MD, never heard of this brother before? Under Aurenia B. Mother lists her as having 2 children, 2 living? Would have been born 1 year before separation in 1875?) (There is a Samuel S. Suit who is the s/o Grafton Suit, whom was a bartender, listed elsewhere in Reunion)

Could not find a Grave for Him in St Barnabas Episcopal Church Cemetery

Arthur B. Suit, Male, Marr: DC, Film 002079251841 (no indication of to whom or what date?)

Death of Mr Grafton Suit842 (kin to late Col S Taylor Suit and Mr, Arthur B Suit - How?)
Marriage21 Mar 1889, First Presbyterian, Washington, DC5034,679,678,680,686
Marr MemoLicense 21 Mar 1889; by Byron Sanderland
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