Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birthbef 1783, Bath County, VA3160,3161,3162,3163
Memoabt 1780 Ireland?
Census1810, Bath County, VA3157
Anst File#AFN:15RX-PLX3155,2397,3052
FatherSamuel Corbett Sr. (~1754->1841)
MotherMary (<1765-)
There is an Eliza Corbet, w/2M & 6F total & Saml Corbet 5M & 4F, 1840VABath9(18 of42)?

Highland County, VA Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows,
Corbett, Jennie, Widow (Could this be her as a widow? her husband Peter Cleek married again, and Corbett maiden name?)
Corbett, M H, Soldier
(File: Genealogy Data, VA/WV, Highland Co VA, Highland VA Pensions)

Pg 19 1799, Aug 31 Marr Bond: Peter Cleek & Jenny Corbit. Surety: William Crawford. Samuel Corbett consents for dau Jenny & certifies that Jenny is of age to make her own choice. Wit: William Corbet1609,3164 (What relationship William Crawford if any? William Corbet? brother perhaps? There is a William Crawford, father-in-law of Peter Cleek’s brother, Michael)
Memoabt 1786 Bath Co, VA? abt 1790?
Tax List13 Jun 1798, Bath County, VA3113,3114
Memo1 Titheables, No Slaves, 1 Horses, No Studs
Tax List13 Jun 1799, Bath County, VA3115
Memo1 Titheables, No Slaves, 3 Horses, No Studs
Tax List1800, Bath County, VA3116
Memo1 Titheables, No Slaves, 4 Horses, No Studs
Tax List1801, Bath County, VA3117
Memo1 Titheable, No Slaves, 2 Horses, No Studs
Land Purchase14 Jun 1804, Bath County, VA3118
Memo50 ac on the north side of Wilsons Mountain, on the east of Jacksons River adjoining his own land, Land Ofc Grant #53, 1804, p 119 (Reel 119), Land Ofc Treas Warrant #2987 issued Oct 1800
Census1810, Bath County, VA3119
Land Purchase13 Jul 1813, Kanawha County, VA3120,2243,2034,3121
Memoland from his father 400 ac divided with his brother, George
Land Purchase10 Mar 1819, Bath County, VA3122
MemoDeed of Trust executed by Samuel Corbet Sr as executor or(sic) William Corbitt’s land in Augusta & Bath County to Ludwill Richards & with the beneficiaries of Samuel Corbett Jr & Peter Cleech (sic)
Census1820, Bath County, VA3123,3124
Residenceaft 1820, Mill Creek, Jackson County, VA3125,3126,3127
MemoMigrated West, bef 1831?
Census1830, Mason County, VA3128
Land Purchaseca 1833, Jackson County, VA3129
Memobought land along Mill Creek River, Town of Ripley, with son-in-law, Lewis Acree
Census1840, Jackson County, VA3130,3131
Land Purchase30 Dec 1842, Jackson County, VA3132
Memo85 ac on waters of middle fork of Pocatallico, Land Ofc Grants No. 93, 1842, p 675 (Reel 159), Warrant 14358
Land Purchase30 Dec 1842, Jackson County, VA3133
Memo150 acres on Laurel Run, a branch of the middle fork of Pocatalico, Land Ofc Grants No. 93, 1842, p 676 (Reel 159),Warrant 14420
Census1850, Jackson County, VA3097,3099
Death14 Nov 1856, Ripley, Jackson County, WV3134,3135,3136,3137,3138,3139,3106,3140,3141,3142,3143,3144,3112
MemoOct 1857? 77 yrs; Consumption
Burialaft 14 Nov 1856, Ripley, Jackson County, WV3134,3135,3145,3146,3147,3148,3149
MemoMt Calvary Cemetery
Anst File#AFN:15RX-VPF, S7S9-NG3134,3151,2397,3135
FatherJacob Cleek (1725-1813)
MotherChristina Croddy (1740-1840)
Misc. Notes
Peter & Elizabeth migrated West188

First School House in Ripley (1833) was a log house on Cleek land.2249
1850 District 27 (8of145) Dwg 56 Fam 583152 Peter Click, 21 M, Farmer, B: VA; Elizabeth Click, 16 F, B: VA; Adam Click, 8 M, B:VA (Assume grandchildren? Parents would have been in 50's when having these children, Could be George Washington Cleek's children?)

Also, I presume to be Peter Cleek's children: Frank Cleek3153 (another son?)

Pg AC22: Peter Cleek Marr1: Jenny Corbett (3 children) Marr2: Elizabeth McGuffin (5 children?)2249

WV Wills & Probate Records 1724-19853154
No Peter Cleek in the Index, nor in the Jackson Will Books Vol 2-3, 1848-1916
Marriage31 Aug 1799, Bath County, VA3165,3166,3052,3167,3156,3168,3073,3078,3169
Marr MemoMarr Bond 31 Aug 1799; 26 Jul 1799? 25 May 1815 aft children born?
ChildrenJames Hickman (1801-1879)
 Mary Virginia (1802-1843)
 Nancy G. (>1804-1908)
 Jane (1804-)
 George Washington (1811-1890)
 John (1813-)
 Barbara (>1815-)
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