Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Memoabt 1746? bef 1761? abt 1760? abt 1764? ca 1765? 1756? 1750-60?
Census1790, Madison County, KY32398
Residenceabt 1790, Madison County, KY32382
Census1800, Madison County, KY32399
Residence1807, Clay County, KY32382,32400,32401
Memoformed from Madison County, KY
Census1810, Clay County, KY32392
Residence2 Jul 1817, KY32402,32403,32404
MemoLeft VA
Census1820, Clay County, KY32393
Census1830, Clay County, KY32394
Death1840, Estill County, KY32380,32382,32383,32384,32385,32386,32405,32406
Memoaft 1830 Clay County, KY?
FatherJohn Gum (1715-<1802)
MotherAlice Fisher (~1718-~1797)
Military Record: Capt Hull's Augusta Co. Militia during Revolutionary War 1777.
/Source: Aug 2000 Karen Roberts Internet e-mail21436
William GUM [Sr.] was a soldier in Capt. Hull's Co., 2nd Battalion, Augusta Co., VA Militia, in 1779, during the Revolutionary War. 30358

John Gum was not on Capt. Peter Hull's list with his brothers Isaac, Jacob, and William at Yorktown in 1777. 21586

"Peter Hull, Capt. 1777, and as such commanded a troop of cavalry in Yorktown. ,\luster roll of his company, 2nd Battalion, Augusta County Militia, 1779, taken from a list written by Lt. Seybert, and given in Morton's History of Highland County, Virginia. Privates: Isaac Gum, Jacob Gum, William Gum.,, 721586 Pg 2014801

"Virginia Militia in the Revolution by McAllister, Sec. 180, pp. 147-148. Isaac Gum, S. 180; Jacob Gum, Sec. 180; William Gum, Sec. 180. John Gum, sec. 4, p. 54. " Sec. 4 gives a. longer version of the Adam Arbogast declaration. ,,\dam Arbogast, Pocahontas Co. , Nov. 6, 1832, born 1760, Indian spy 1776 or 1777. 21586,14801

Sybil Bailey Hutchens request to DAR, Ref #RXPGJZBK, 27844
Isaac Gum b:abt 1750 Augusta Co VA, d: 1830 Pendleton Co VW; War time Time Residence: Highland Co VA; Spouse: Martha Jane (Mary) McBride; Comments: PVT VA, with brothers Jacob Gum & William Gum, served in Capt Peter Hull’s company. 2nd Bn, Augusta Co Militia & was at Yorktown.
Father was John Gum Jr.
Auto Reply from DAR 2 Mar 2005: “Gum, Isaac, b: bef (ante) 1753, Service: VA, Rank Pvt, Death VA p 1796; Patriot Pensioned: No; Widow Pensioned: No; Children Pensioned: No; Heirs Pensioned: No; Spouse: (1) Jane McBride; membership information: http://www.dar/natsociety/prospective.cfm”; Beverly F. Patriot Lookup Volunteer

Pg 2014801 Pg 399 & 52721588 Peter Hull, Capt, 1777 and as such commanded a troop of calvary in Yorktown, Muster roll of his company, 2nd Battalion, Augusta Co Militia 1779, taken from a list written by Lt. Seybert, and given in Morton’s History of Highland Co, VA. Privates: Isaac Gum, Jacob Gum, William Gum. (S: McAllister, VA Militia in the Revolution (1913) Augusta Co) (These would be John 3 Gum’s children)

VA Militia in the Revolutionary War1446
Part II VA Militia Pensioners
Pg 147 Section No. 180 Hull, Peter. - Captain, 1779 and as such commanded a troop of cavalry in Yorktown campaign.
Pg 148 Muster roll of his company Second Battalion Augusta militia, 1779. Taken from the list written by Lt Seybert, and given in Morton’s History of Highland County (VA).
Peter Hull, Captain
Nicholas Seybert, First Lt
Henry Fisher, Second Lt
Jacob Hoover, Ensign
William Gum, Private

Partial List of Early Settlers Revolutionary Soldiers & Graves of Augusta County Soldiers located to date32265
Image47of84 Capt Peter Hull’s Co 1781, Capt Peter Hull 1779 commander of troop of Cavalry at Yorktown Campaign:
Wm Gum
Marriages:11303 (Same William?)
Gum, William; Spouse: --; Marr Date: 1780 Augusta Co VA

Pg 290 4. William - b. before 176117894 (children different than all other sources; Are these Children of McBride Gum & Alice Gum17894,21436 Listed in Reunion but not as children of McBride Gum and Alice Gum)
Pg 292 C-3? of William - James - m. 1. Sarah A. Grogg, 2. Amelia A. Hoover
Pg 292 C-3? of William - Margaret E. - m. 1. James Logan, R'bridge, 2. John Grogg
Pg 292 C-3? of William - McBride - b. 1810, D. 1892 - m. Elsie Gum
Birth30 Sep 177832408
Birthabt 1765, Estill County, KY32380,32383,32384,32415,32412,32413,32414
Census1810, Clay County, KY32412
Census1820, Clay County, KY32413
Census1830, Clay County, KY32414
Image33of46 Stephen Gum 2M 10-15, 1M 40-50, 3F <5, 1F 5-10, 1F 10-15, 1F 15-20, 1F 30-40, 1F 60-70 (Female 60-70)32416 (Could this be his mother?)
Marriageabt 1782, Augusta County, VA32380,32386,32417
Marr MemoEst 1756-1802? Estill County, KY?
ChildrenSarah Elizabeth (1787-1863)
 William (1793-1845)
 Abraham (ca1794-1838)
 Rachel (1794-<1850)
 Elias (1793-1870)
 Eady (ca1796-)
 Stephen (1797-)
 Celia (1804-1881)
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