Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameCicely Neville 133186,133179
Birthca 1422
Death28 Jul 1450133187
FatherRichard Neville (1400-1460)
MotherAlice Montague (1405-<1462)
Birth22 Mar 1424133180,133181,133182
Death11 Jun 1446133183,133181,133184,133185
FatherRichard De Beauchamp (1381-1439)
MotherIsabel Despencer (1400-1439)
Misc. Notes
Pg 282 Henry De Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, suc. his father as Earl of Warwick in 1439. On 5 Apr 1445 he was cr. Duke of Warwick54947

Vol 14 Image299of1384 Pg 282 Henry Beauchamp, duke of Warwick17387
Vol 22 Image86of1511 Pg 78 Henry Beauchamp, Duke of Warwick, succeeded his father, Richard, earl of Warwick 1439; created duke 1444
Pg 13 Not mentioned as a child of Richard Beauchamp by Isabel le Despenser17384
Birthca 1427
MemoBeheaded because he had been an adherent of Edward
FatherSir John Tiptoft (ca1400-1443)
MotherJoyce Cherleton (1405-1446)
Misc. Notes
Pg 123 John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester.17384

Vol 06 Image124of1337 Pg 107 Joice d/o John, Lord Tiptoft & sister of well-known Earl of Worcester17387
Vol 14 Image299of1384 Pg 282 John Tiptoft, earl of Worcester

Image148of1428 Pedigree of Sutton: John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester84918
Image731of1428 Pg 639 John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester, who was made Lieutenant of Ireland in 1370 and had Edmund Dudley, Esq, for his deputy, for which service Edmund was recompensed with the Stewardship of the manor of Aberbury

Image11of148 Pg 8 John Tiploft, Earl of Worcester81794

Pg 232 John de Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester17389
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