Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Memo/1593; abt 1600?
Baptism12 Feb 1592, Cathedral Church, Manchester, Lancaster, England150159,150175,150162,150165,150169,150155,150173,150174
Residenceca 1615, London, England150176,150177
Residenceca 1619, Denton, Lancashire, England150178
Residence1637, Plymouth Colony, MA150179,150180
Memoremained in Boston until religious disputes caused him to remove to Plymouth, where he fared still worse, being fined, imprisoned & finally expelled from the colony in the winter of 1637/8 for preaching heresy
Residence1637, Plymouth Colony, MA150181,150182,150183,150184
MemoHe hired part of a house of Ralph Smith with whom he soon had a difference on religious topics
Residenceabt 1637, Boston, Suffolk County, MA150167,150178
Residenceca 1638, Aquidneck, RI150185
MemoNow Newport, RI; with a few followers but was publicly whipped for calling the magistrates “just asses” & for other contemptuous acts
Residenceabt 1641, Providence County, RI150186,150187,150188
Memo1640? Took refuge with Roger Williams
Residence1641, Pawtucket, Providence County, RI150188
Residenceca 1642, Portsmouth, RI150182
Residencebef 12 Sep 1643, Warwick, RI150189,150190,150188
Memo1653? He with others of Warwick, was notified to appear at General Court at Boston, to hear complaint of two Indian Sachems Pomham & Socconocco, as to “some unjust injurious dealing toward them by yourselves”
Residenceca 1645, England150191,150192
MemoWent to England to obtain redress and having procured from the Earl of Warwick a letter of safe conduct to the MA magistrates
Residence7 Dec 1646, New England150140
Residenceaft 10 May 1648, Warwick, Kent County, RI150193,150194
Memoreturned to his colony & renamed it Warwick in honor of the earl
Deathaft 27 Nov 1677, Warwick, Kent County, RI150195,150196,150197,150198,150199,150168,150200,150201,150202,150203,150204,150205
MemoBet 27 Nov-10 Dec 1677; Providence, Providence County, RI?
BurialNov 1677, Governor Samuel Gorton Lot, Cemetery, Warwick, Kent County, RI150148,150203
MemoGorton Avenue across from Armstrong Avenue
Land Sold27 Nov 1677, Warwick, Kent County, RI150206
MemoDeeded to his son John all lands west of Warwick, the other 2/3 being betwixt sons Samuel and Benjamin
OccupationGovernor of RI 1651-52; Clothier in England; 1651-52 President of Providence and Warwick; Assistant 1649; Commissioner 1651, 1656-63; Deputy to RI Assembly 1664-66, 1670 and named a Patentee in the Royal Charter of RI 1663150207,150208,150209,150137,150148,150210,150211,150212,150213,150177,150214
FatherThomas Gorton (<1553-<1611)
MotherAnne (ca1552-<1623)
Misc. Notes
Vol 8 Image269of1357 Pg 251 Samuel Gorton, founder of the Gortonites. He fixed himself for a while at Aquidneck (now Newport), but became so odious for insulting the clergy and magistracy that he was sentenced to be publicly whipped (see account of an eye-witness in “An Answer to ye many Slanders & Falsehoods contained in a Book called Simplicities defense,” & c, printed for the first time by Charles Deane in vol iv. of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register)17290

Pg 304 Samuel Gorton - 1646 This year he published while abroad, a book entitled “Simplicity’s Defense Against Seven Headed Policy,” in which he details the wrongs put upon the settlers of Warwick….65192
US and International Marriage Records 1560-190019862 (Another Marriage?)
Samuel Gorton b: 1592 En, Marr: Elizabeth

Pg 249 Samuel Gorton Marr: bef 11 Jan 1629/30 Mary Maplett bapt: 12 Mar 1608/9 parish of St Lawrence Jewry, London, a legatee in the will of. Her brother, John Maplett of Bath, co Somerset, Eng, “Doctor of Physick,” dtd 13 Apr 1670 d/o John Maplett of London, haberdasher & his second wife Mary __. For the ancestry and family connections of Mary Maplett, wife of Samuel Gorton, see Register, Vol 70, pp 115-11869247 (another wife?)

Pg 99 London; Emigrant: Gorton, Samuel; English Parish Name: St Botolph Aldgate; Ship: (Blank); New England Town: Boston, MA; Ref: Genealogy68191 (Him?)

Providence, RI: Index to Probate, 1646-189964549 (No Samuel Gorton with appropriate dates)
Pg 249 Among the volunteers for the Pequot War from Plymouth were “Mr Goarton” (i.e. Samuel Gorton) and “Thomas Goarton” (Orr’s Pequot War, p. xiv)69247
Birthbef 12 Mar 1608, St Lawrence Jewry, London, England150228,150129,150219,150229,150220,150224,150230,150231
Baptism12 Mar 1608, St Lawrence Jewry, London, England150228,150219,150220,150229,150224,150230,150232
Memo/1609 & St Mary Magdalene Milk Strion
Residence7 Dec 1646, New England150140
Deathaft 1677150233
Alias/AKAElizabeth; Maplet150217,150219,150234,150235
FatherJohn Mayplett (1581-<1629)
MotherMary (1576->1646)
Misc. Notes
Vol 70 (1916) Pg 115 The Ancestry of Mary Maplett, wife of Samuel Gorton of New England. The wills of Mary Mayplett of London, widow, and Dr. John Maplett of Bath, co Somerset, were discovered in England by the late Henry FitzGilbert Waters, Esq, and abstracts of them were published in the Register in 1890 and 1892. They proved that the wife of Samuel Gorton, whose controversies with the authorities of the Plymouth Colony and the MA Bay Colony have been often described, was not Elizabeth (—), as Austin and others had often described but Mary (Maplett)21341
Providence, RI: Index to Probate, 1646-189964549 (No Elizabeth Gorton)
Marriage20 May 1628, St Mary Magdalene Old Fish Street, London, London, England150236,150130,150129,150221,150139,150150,150226,150237
Marr MemoBef 11 Jan 1629/1630 St Lawrence Jewry, London, England?; RI?
ChildrenSamuel (1630-1724)
 John (ca1632-1714)
 Mary (1637->1688)
 Benjamin (ca1636-1699)
 Sarah (ca1640-)
 Elizabeth (ca1642->1704)
 Ann (1644-1750)
 Susanna (ca1647-1734)
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