Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth1630, Providence County, RI75720,75721
Residenceca 1648, Providence County, RI75722
FatherQuinton Pray (1595-1667)
MotherJoan Valliance (ca1595-)
Passengers to America13383 (Him?)
First Settlers of RI Image483of567 Pg 471 Richard Pray
Birthca 1630
Divorce1 May 1667121494,121495,121496
Div MemoBill of Divorce bef 6 Nov 1672
ChildrenMary (ca1649-)
 John (ca1658-1730)
 Ephraim (ca1660-1727)
 William (ca1662-)
Land Purchase16 Oct 1662, Providence County, RI75700
Memobought of William & Elizabeth White of Boston, for £20, a house & lot of 25 ac in Providence, the money being paid by his wife Elizabeth Hearnden
Land Sold20 Oct 1688, Providence County, RI75711
MemoRichard Pray & wife Elizabeth, late wife to Benjamin Hearnden, dec’d, deeded to her son Isaac Hearnden, the homestead farm, orchard, given to her by her late husband
Land Purchase10 Feb 1689, Providence County, RI75712
MemoFrom son, Isaac Hearnden & his wife Sarah, deeded to his Mother Elizabeth Pray, homestall, house ..., having lawful power to dispose of same by deed of gift from Mother
Land Sold13 Dec 1701, Providence County, RI75713
Memofor £55 sold to Joseph Whipple my dwelling house & 10 ac, part of it land that formerly belonged to my father William White (who is dec’d but was of Providence)
Deathaft 170175714
FatherBenjamin White (ca1595->1673)
MotherElizabeth (ca1595-)
Providence, RI: Index to Probate, 1646-189958904 (No Elizabeth Hearnden or Pray)
Marriagebef 20 Oct 1688, Providence County, RI75689,75690,75725,75726,75727,75695
Marr Memo1688?
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