Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth1430, Bodenham, Herefordshire Unitary Authority, Herefordshire, England124008
Death25 Jun 1486, Bodenham, Herefordshire Unitary Authority, Herefordshire, England124009
Burialaft 25 Jun 1486, Tintern Abbey, Tintern, Monmouthshire, Wales124010
FatherSir Walter Devereux (ca1400-)
Misc. Notes
Vol 9 Image688of1356 Pg 671 Sir William Herbert & Anne Devereux had: six daughters15598
Birth1423, Monmouthshire, Wales124001
Will Filed27 Jul 1469124002
MemoWill was made
Death28 Jul 1469, Northamptonshire, England124003,124004
Memo27 Jul 1469? Beheaded with his brother, Richard
Burialaft 28 Jul 1469, Tintern Abbey, Tintern, Monmouthshire, Wales124005,124006
Memo27 Jul 1469?
FatherSir William Thomas Herbert (1401-1446)
MotherGladys Gam (1385-1454)
Misc. Notes
Vol 9 Image686of1356 Pg 66915598 Sir William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, who fought in France under Henry V and was made a knight-banneret in 1415. Pg 670 He was knighted by Henry VI in 1449 and in 1450 was on active service in France under Duke of Somerset. On Edward IV’s accession Herbert was made a privy councillor (10 Mar 1461). On 4 Nov, he was created Baron Herbert, and received in consideration of his services the castle, town and lordship of Pembroke, with numerous manors an castles on the Welsh marches. On 29 Apr 1462 he appeared in the House of Lords and was made knight of the Garter. Shortly afterwards he joined Edward IV in an expedition to north of England, where the Lancastrians still held out. He advanced to the dignity of Earl of Pembroke (8 Sep 1468) after the attainder of Jasper Tudor…
Image 859 Vol 15 William Herbert, 1st earl of Pembroke of the 2nd creation
Vol 15 Image871of1368 Pg 854 William Herbert, first earl of Pembroke of the second creation

Vol 2 Image 131 Maud Herbert d/o Earl of Pembroke15599
Vol 2 Image 133 Maud d/o Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke

Pg 168 William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke15600
Vol 22 Image618of1511 Pig 61015598
1. William Herbert, third Earl of Pembroke of the second creation (1580-1630), eldest s/o Henry Herbert, second earl of the second creation educated by Samuel Daniel, of New College, Oxford; succeeded as earl, 1601; disgraced for an intrigue with Mary Fitton .... (Henry Herbert his son? William Herbert his grandson?)
2. Sir William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke of the 2nd creation (1501?-1570), grandson of William Herbert, earl of Pembroke of the first creation (d: 1469); Marr: Catherine Parr; granted property in Wales 1546; one of Henry VIII’s executors .... (Birth and death dates do not align with father of Maud Herbert whom Marr: Henry Percy? Wife not Catherine Parr? would this William Herbert be his grandfather?)
3. Sir William Herbert (d: 1593), Irish ‘undertaker’ and author; of St Julians, Monmouthshire; sole legitimate heir-male of William, first earl of Pembroke (d: 1469); knighted, 1578 ... (xxvi. 223) (William Herbert his Father and William Herbert his Grandfather?)
Vol 22 Image1032of1511 Pg 1024 Pembroke, Earls of (See Arnule, fl 1090-1110;
1. Marshal, Anselm, six Earl d: 1245; Aymer de Valence d: 1324; Hastings, Laurence, first Earl of Hastings line 1318?-1348; Hastings, John second Earl 1347-1375; Tudor, Jasper 1431?-1495; Herbert, Sir William first Earl of Herbert line of the first creation d: 1469; Herbert, William, second Earl 1460-1491; Herbert, Sir William first Earl of the Herbert line of the second creation 1501?-1570; Herbert, Henry second Earl 1534?-1601; Herbert, William third Earl 1580-1630; Herbert, Philip fourth Earl 1584-1650 (supports my theory above of William as his father and William as his grandfather)
ChildrenWalter (ca1448-)
 George (ca1450-)
 Matilda Maud (1448-1485)
 Philip (ca1455-)
 Katherine (ca1457-)
 William (1460-1491)
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