Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameIsabel Ingoldsthorpe 134698,134677,134678,134699,134700,134701,99088
Birthca 1435
FatherSir Edmund Ingoldsthorpe (ca1420-)
MotherJoane Tiptoft (ca1421-)
Birthabt 1430, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England134687,134688,134689
Death14 Apr 1471, Barnet134690,134691,134692,134693,134694,134695,134696
Memoslain in battle of Barnet on Easter Sunday; Hertfordshire, England?
Burialaft 14 Apr 1471, Bisham Priory, Bisham, Windsor and Maidenhead Royal Borough, Berkshire, England134690,134692,134697
Memohis body was exposed three days in St Paul’s Cathedral, London before burial
FatherRichard Neville (1400-1460)
MotherAlice Montague (1405-<1462)
Misc. Notes
Pg 183 Chap 2, 19. John Neville, Lord Montagu 1461 (30); K.G. 1462 (31); defeated the Lancastrians at Hedgeley Moor and Hexham 1464 (33), for which he was created Earl of Northumberland and awarded the Percy estates which had been confiscated after Henry Percy (Percy 21) was killed at the battle of Towton 3-29-1461; but, when the son, Henry Percy, swore an oath of fealty he ws restored to the Earldom of Northumberland and its estates 1470, Neville being created Marquis of Montagu as compensation. As this title carried no estates Neville complained that Edward IV “hade many fayre wordys and no lordeschyppys,” and that the king “made him Markes of Montagu, and yaff a pyes neste to mayntene his astate with.” “He thereupon threw in his lot with his brother Richard and forced Edward to leave the country.” But, when Edward returned, the Nevilles were defeated and slain at the battle of Barnet on Easter Sunday 4-14-1471; their bodies “were taken to London and exposed for 3 days on the pavement of St Paul's, so that all could see that they were dead … then given to their brother, George Neville, Archbishop of York, for burial.”17386

Vol 14 Image299of1384 Pg 282 John Neville, marquis of Montagu 1470, created Baron Montagu 1461, and Earl of Northumberland 1464-7017387
Vol 22 Image945of1511 Pg 937 John de Neville, Marquis of Montagu and Earl of Northumberland

Pg 114 John Nevil, Marquis of Montacute85027

Vol 1 Image244of318 John, Marquess of Montacute, K.G.17388
Vol 2 Image118 John, Marquess of Montacute, K.G.
Vol 2 Image128 John Neville, Marquess of Montacute, K.G.
Vol 2 Image 132 John Nevill, Marquess of Montacute, K.G.
Marriage25 Apr 1456134676,134677,134678
Marr Memo1457?
ChildrenLucy (ca1457-)
Birthca 1435
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