Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birthabt 137192907,92908
Memo/1421; 1422?
FatherJohn Cherleton (~1334-1374)
MotherJoan Stafford (ca1337-<1397)
Misc. Notes
Pg 244 Edward Cherleton, Lord Cherleton De Powys15594

Pg 76 Edward Cherleton, 5th Lord Cherleton, feudal lord of Powis, K.G.15595

Pg 108 Line 161, Edward, Lord Cherleton de Powys (30-8)15596

Vol 6 Image124of1337 Pg 107 Edward Charlton, last lord Charlton of Powys (q.v.)15598
Vol 13 Image1060of1376 Pg 1043 Edward Charlton, fifth lord Charlton of Powys

Pg 154 Washington of Sulgrave Manor England: Pedigree: Edward, Lord Chereleton of Powys92878

Vol 2 Image118 Edward Cherlton, Lord Powys15599

Image148of1428 Pedigree of Sutton: Sir Edward Charlton, Lord Powis80592
Image728of1428 Pg 636 Edward Charlton Lord Powys
Image731of1428 Pg 639 Edward Charlton Lord Powys, KG

Pg 232 Sir Edward Cherleton, Lord Cherleton, Lord of Powis, K.G.15600

Pg 280 Sir Edward Cherleton (Cherlton), K.G. 1417, 5th Lord Cherlton of Powis15971
Misc. Notes
Vol 22 Image917of1511 Pg 909 Eleanor Holland, the king’s niece15598

Vol 2 Image118 Lady Alianore Holland, eldest dau and coheir of Thomas, Earl of Kent15599
MarriageJun 1399108969,124909
ChildrenJoyce (1405-1446)
Birth1400, Beverstone, Gloucester, England92884,92885,92886
Memoabt 1401? bef 1422?
Deathbef 8 Dec 1478, England92887,92888,92889,92890,92891,92892
Burialaft 8 Dec 1478, St James Priory, Dudley, England92889,92872
FatherSir John Berkeley (1351-1428)
MotherElizabeth Betteshorne (1353-1420)
Misc. Notes
Pg 123 6 John Sutton & Elizabeth Berkeley had two sons and 3 daus.15595
Image11of148 Pg 8 John De Sutton77556 (see Research Note for her husband)
Marriagebef 140892916
No Children
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