Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameHawise Fitzwarren 102788,102789,102790,102791
Birthabt 1167102792
FatherHamelin Plantagenet (1130-1202)
MotherIsabel de Warren (1137-1199)
Pg 485 Hawise dau & co-heiress of his half gt uncle, William, Earl of Gloucester, whom he divorced on the grounds of consanguinity55474 (Her father Hamelin or William? Hamelin is John, King of England’s Half Uncle, not Half Great Uncle!)
Death19 Oct 1216, Newark Castle, Newark, England102831,102832,102833,102834,102835,102836,102837,102828,102838,102839
Memoin the midst of campaigning; 17 Oct?
Burialaft 19 Oct 1216, Worcester Cathedral, Worcestershire, England102840
Alias/AKAJohn, Lackland102841,102842,102843,102844,102812
FatherHenry II Plantagenet (1133-1189)
MotherEleanor of Aquitaine (~1122-1204)
Misc. Notes
King of England. Signed the Magna Carta - 121549850

Pg 690 Pedigree: John, Count of Mortain, King John49846

Complete Peerage of England14762
Pg 4 John Plantagenet, Earl of Gloucester, is often considered to have been Earl of Cornwall and sometimes Earl of Lancaster. He was deprived of his honours in 1194? but restored in 1195. He ascended the throne, as King John 6 Apr 1199, when all his honours merged in the Crown.
Pg 46 John, King of England

Pg 20 (30 of 135) Hameline Plantagenet was present at the coronation of King John in May 119955473

Pg 279 16 John of England Marr1: 29 Aug 1189 Marlebridge Isabel of Gloucester youngest d/o William Fitz Robert by Hawaise d/o Robert de Beaumont. Henry had arranged the marriage before his death, but it was delayed because Baldwin, Archbishop of Canterbury, had forbidden it on account of consanguinity (they were both great-grandchildren of King Henry I). On appeal to Rome the papal legate in England annulled the Archbishop's interdict. John became Earl of Gloucester jure uxoris. Richard, who was childless, acknowledged that his successor as King of England was his and John's nephew, Arthur s/o their deceased brother Geoffrey. On the death of Richard in 1199 John took the Throne and was crowned King of England on Ascension Day 27 May 1199.14763

Pg 61 Line 88, King John (161-12) of England14764
Pg 102 Line 148, King John (161-12), of England
Pg 108 Line 161, 12. John, Lackland, who signed the Magna Charta in 1215, King of England 1199-1216

Pg 31 Line 26, 26. John (1-26), King of England, 1199-121622055

Pg 128, 28. John, King of England 1199-121614765

Pg 54 John, Lackand, King of England 1199-121649847
Pg 68 John, King of England

Pg 3 Royal Descent fm Cerdic, Pedigree A: 24. John Plantagenet (King John of England)49848
Pg 138 Taillefer: King John of England

Vol 2 Image 126 John, King of England14767

Pg 173 John I, King of England77865

Pg 485 John, King of England, crowned 27 May 119955474
Pg 178 Line 218 Richard Fitz Roy nat s/o King John by a d/o the Earl of Warenne (perh a d/o Hemelin Plantagenet)22055 (wife?)
Div MemoOn grounds of consanguinity
ChildrenRichard (Illegitimate) (~1186-1270)
 Joan (ca1180-)
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