Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameSquire Hugh McGlaughlin 22037,22038,22039,22041,21523,22043,22044,22045,22042,22046,22047
Birth24 Feb 1801, VA22041,22048,22049
Census1850, Pocahontas County, VA22050
Memo47th District
Census1860, Pocahontas County, VA22046
MemoGreen Bank
Death19 May 1870, Marlinton, Pocahontas County, WV22041
Burial19 May 1870, Marlinton, Pocahontas County, WV22041
MemoMcLaughlin Cemetery
1860VAPocaGreenBank754 Dwg 559 Fam 51522053 (Relationship?)
Hugh McLaughlin, 62 M, Farmer, $8500 Real Est, $1500 Personal, b: VA
Elizabeth McLaughlin, 55 F, b: VA
Margt M. Dilly, 23 F, Domestic, b: VA
Hugh Z. McLaughlin, 17 M, Farm Hand, b: VA
Musto Corbit, 17 M, Do (Farm Hand), b: VA

1860VAPocaHunterville747 (Dwg between Hugh McLaughlin 59 & W. J. McLaughlin 33)22053 (could this be a dau of Hugh 59? son of Hugh?)
Dwg 515 Fam 463 Joseph Dilly 35 M, Farmer, $300 Personal, b: VA
Mary A., 28 F, b: VA
Wm F., 11 M b: VA
E., 10 F, b: VA
Sherman, 7 M, b: VA
Woods, 5 M, b: VA
Geo M., 1 M, b: VA
Dwg 516 Fam 464 W.J. McLaughlin, 33 M, Farmer, $5000 Real Est, $3975 Personal, b: VA (his son by 1st wife?)
Susan McLaughlin, 25 F, b: VA
Nancy J., 9 F, b: VA
Sarah E., 4 F, b: VA
Mitchel D, 2 M, b: VA
James Akers, 21 M, Laborer, b: VA

Abstracts of the Wills & Inventories of Bath County VA 1791-18422256 (Him?)
Pg 107 p. 368 Estate of Mathias Benson, Alexander and William Benson, exec. August 1821; Notes: Hugh McGlaughlin
Birth1811, Bath County, VA22037,22038,22035,22040
Memoabt 1809?
Census1830, Bath County, VA22035
Deathbef Jan 184422040
FatherJohn W. Gwin (1787-1872)
MotherMargaret Bradshaw (1785-1838)
Marriage20 Dec 1825, Bath County, VA22037,22038,22039,21527,22041,21523,22042
Marr Memoby Harvey Sawyers
ChildrenE. C. (1835-)
 John C. (1839-)
 George H. (1842-)
Census1820, Bath County, VA34656,34597
Census1830, Bath County, VA34657
Census1840, Bath County, VA34658,34659
Census1850, Pocahontas County, VA34648
Memo47th District
Census1860, Pocahontas County, VA34647
MemoGreen Bank
Death8 Jul 188534595
FatherAdam Lightner (1765-<1843)
MotherSusannah Harper (1777-1868)
Pg 98, 1844 Jan 23 Marr Bond Hugh McGloughlin & Elizabeth Gum. Surety, Adam Lightner. Elizabeth consents for herself. Witnesses. A. L. Gum & A. Lightner1609 (Her? 2nd Marriage? Adam Lightner - her father? A. L. Gum - her son?)
Marriage1 Feb 1844, Bath County, VA22043,22044,22045
ChildrenAndrew M. (1844-)
 Harper (1846-)
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