Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth1413, Raby, Durham, England99361,99377,99378,99379
Death18 Oct 1476, Warwickshire, England99361,99380,99381,99382,99383,99384,99385,99386,99387,99388,99389,99390,99391,99392
Burialaft 18 Oct 1476, Priory Church of St Mary Abergavenny, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales99393,99394,99395
FatherSir Ralph Neville (1364-1425)
MotherJoan Beaufort (1374-1440)
Misc. Notes
Pg 15 Edward Neville, of Bergavenny15595

Pg 37 Line 47, 8. Sir Edward de Neville, K.G., Lord Burgavenny15596

Vol 14 Image265of1384 Pg 24815598 Edward Neville, first Baron of Bergavenny or Abergavenny. Summoned to parliament as baron of Bergavenny in Sep 1450, but it was not until the time of his grandson that the castle and lordship were definitely acquired by the holder of the title (Swallow, De Nova Villa, p 229-30; Historic Peerage p 16; Int post mortem iv 406)
Vol 14 Image296of1384 Pg 279 Edward Neville, first baron Bergavenny
Vol 22 Image944of1511 Pg 936 Neville, Edward, first Baron of Bergavenny or Abergavenny (the form finally adopted 1730); obtained possession of his father-in-law’s lands, 1436, but did not definitely acquire the castle and lordship of Bergavenny till 1450; served in Normandy, 1449, and followed the heads of his family in the civil strife; sat regularly in the privy council and served in the north, 1462; commissioner of array for Kent (xl. 248)
Vol 22 Image944of1511 Pg 936 Edward Neville, Baron of Bergavenny or Abergavenny (the form finally adopted 11730

Vol 2 Image122 Ralph, 1st Earl of Westmoreland15599

Pg 407 Sir Edward Neville, Baron Bergavenny94406

Pg 220 Sir Edward de Neville, Lord of Abergavenny, K.G.15600

Pg 218 Sir Edward Neville, K.G. Lord of Abergavenny15971
Pg 239 Edward de Neville, K.G. Lord Abergavenny
Pg 307 Sir Edward de Neville, Lord Abergavenny, K.G.
Pg 320 Sir Edward de Neville, K.G.
Pg 20 Edward Neville 11th & youngest s/o Ralph Neville, being ninth son by his second wife, Joan Beaufort15595 (Youngest son?)
Birth16 Sep 1415, Hanley Castle, Worcester, England99285,99286,99287,99288,99289,99290,99291,99292,99293
Memo1426? 16 Dec 1415? Newry, Down, Ireland?
Death18 Jun 1448, Warwickshire, England99294,99295,99296,99297,99298,99299,99300,99301
Memoage 22
Burialaft 18 Jun 1448, White Friars, Coventry, Metropolitan Borough of Coventry, West Midlands, England99295,99302,99303
MemoCarmelites, Coventry, England
FatherRichard De Beauchamp Jr (<1397-1421)
MotherIsabel Despencer (1400-1439)
Misc. Notes
Vol 14 Image266of1384 Pg 249 Abergavenny (Edward Neville) by his first wife, Elizabeth Beauchamp, he had two sons and three daughters15598

Vol 2 Image122 Lady Elizabeth Beauchamp15599

Elizabeth, Baroness of Bergavenny Beauchamp; FHL 25919625281

Pg 220 Elizabeth de Beauchamp, Baroness Abergavenny, only daughter and heiress15600

Pg 307 Elizabeth de Beauchamp, Baroness Abergavenny15971
Pg 13 Children of Richard Beauchamp by Elizabeth Berkeley: Elizabeth Beauchamp, marr: George Neville (see Latimer7)15595 (Mother Elizabeth Berkeley not Isabel Despencer?)

Vol 2 Image217of360 Isabel le Despencer=Richard Beauchamp, Lord Abergavenny & Earl of Worcester had: Lady Elizabeth Beauchamp dau & sole heir=Sir Edward Neville, 4th surviving son of Ralph by Joan, his 2nd wife of John of Gaunt15599. (This source indicates that she is the daughter of Richard Beauchamp the son of William Beauchamp and not the son of Thomas Beauchamp?)

Sir George De Neville; Spouse: Elizabeth Wake77677 (Elizabeth Wake not Elizabeth De Beauchamp?)
Marriage18 Oct 142499396,99397,99272,93937
Marr Memo18 Jun 1448? - 2 sons born before this?
ChildrenRichard (ca1425-<1476)
 George (1435-1492)
Birth1414, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Borough, Norfolk, England99402,99403
Residenceca 1448, Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk, England99404
Deathaft 29 Jun 1478, Durham, Durham Unitary Authority, County Durham, England99405,99406,99407,99408
FatherSir Robert Howard III (1385-)
MotherLady Margaret Mowbray (1392-1459)
Marriage15 Oct 144899409,80493,99410,99411,99376
Marr Memo1488? 5 Oct 1448?
ChildrenMargaret (1450-1506)
 Ralph (ca1452-1484)
 Edward (ca1454-)
 Anne (ca1456-)
 Catherine (1459-)
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