Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birthca 1574, England52486
DeathMar 1640, England52487
BurialMar 1640, Islip Chapel, Westminster Abbey, Westminster, City of Westminster, Greater London, England52480,52488
FatherThomas Fanshaw (1533-1601)
MotherJoane Smythe (ca1555-1622)
Alice Fanshawe, Female, bapt: 24 Dec 1581 Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate, London, London, England; Father: Thomas Fanshawe; FHL Film # 8452341056. (Her? Many years younger than her husband?)
Birthca 1549, Stanton, Cambridgeshire, England52476,52477,52478
MemoWFT Est 1517-1560
Residenceca 1555, City Hall, Barking, Essex, England52479
Residenceca 1556, Kirby, Northamptonshire, England52479
Death MemoWFT Est 1557-1641; aft 1557? aft 1560?
BurialIslip Chapel, Westminster Abbey, England52480
FatherJohn Hatton (>1479-)
MotherJane Shute (ca1480-)
Misc. Notes

Pg 55-56 They (Hatton’s) had greater prestige a collateral descendants of Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Chancellor of England & Chancellor of Oxford University in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Christopher was the Queen’s spokesman over a period of 20 years, first in the House of Commons and then in the House of Lords. Letters of colonial MD show that Thomas Hatton and his niece Mary Hatton Wade were considered direct descendants of Lord Chancellor Christopher Hatton. This is NOT correct. They were descendants of a 2nd Sir Christopher Hatton, who was the cousin, godson & eventual chief heir of the lord chancellor. The Lord Chancellor never married. Queen Elizabeth was quite prone to jealousy (Lord Chancellor Hatton, however, had illegitimate offspring, a situation which the queen seems to have taken for granted!) ... The 2nd s/o Sir Christopher Hatton who inherited the Lord Chancellor’s estates.52481

v1 p389 1. Sir Christopher Hatton, of Kirby, in Northamptonshire, Knt. made knight of the bath at the coronation of King James I, from whom was descended the Lord Viscount Hatton42791

Vol 6 Image1070of1337 Pg 105 Alice Fanshawe, was wife of Sir Christopher Hatton, a relative of the chancellor17290
Christopher John Hatton b: abt 1525 Stanton, Cambridgeshire, England Marr Jane Shute b: abt 1545 Long Stanton, Cambridge, England dau of Robert Shute b: 1535 Holdrington, England d: 1590 England & Thomasine Burgoyne b: abt 1537 Hertfordshire, England & additional generations3715 (Other sources have Jane Shute as wife of his father John Hatton? Either Christopher and his father John’s generation are combined together or there should be an extra John between John b: aft 1479 and Christopher b: aft 1517, making him abt 38 when Christopher was born)
Marr MemoWFT Est 1541-1598
ChildrenRobert John (ca1586->1641)
 Jane (ca1588-)
 Francis (ca1590-1642)
 Christopher (1605-1670)
 Thomas (<1615-1618)
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