Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth1435, Lathom, Lancashire, England78020,78039,78040,78041,78042,78043
Death29 Jul 1504, Lathom, Lancashire, England78020,78044,78045,78046,78047,78041,78042,78048,78049,78050
Memo28 Jul 1504? 5 Jul 1509?
Burialaft 29 Jul 1504, Burscough Priory, Lancaster, England78051,78052,78053
FatherSir Thomas Stanley (1406-1458)
MotherJoan Goushill (1401-1460)
Misc. Notes
Thomas Stanley (1st E. Derby) Acceded: 27 Oct 148552697

Pg 146 9 Thomas Stanley, Knt, K.G., Lord Stanley, Sovereign Lord of the Isle of Man, P.C., Constable of England14763
He was Earl of Derby 27 Oct 1485

Pg 109 Line 161, Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby14764

Pg 205 Chap 2, 20. Thomas de Stanley, Lord Stanley; Chief Justice of Chester; Privy Councilor and Steward of the Household to Edward IV and Richard III 1471-85 (age ca 36-50); one of only 35 peers present at the Coronation of Richard III 7-6-1483 (age ca 48); K.G. 1483; Constable of England for life 12-16-1483 (age ca 48) with a fee of £100 a year granted by Richard III, whose cause he skillfully betrayed at Bosworth Field 8-22-1485 (age ca 50), where he is said to have set Richard's crown on the head of the victorious Henry VII; created Earl of Derby 10-27-1485 (age ca 50)14765

Pg 50377046 Sir Thomas Stanley, 2nd baron, summoned to parliament, from 30 Jul 1460 to 9 Dec 1483. This nobleman, who was steward of the household to King Edward IV, stood faithful to the interests of his son, Edward V, and incurred, in consequence, the jealousy of the Protector Gloucester, from the moment that daring parsonage contemplated seizing upon the government. Lord Stanley was at the council, when Lord Hastings was arrested by order of the Protector, and then very narrowly escaped with his life, having received a violent blow on the head from a halbert. He was afterwards committed to prison, when the Protector threw off the mask, and usurped the crown as Richard III, but was released, lest his son, George, Lord Strange, should stir up the people to revolt. To ensure his support, the new monarch loaded his lordship with honors; constituting him lord steward of the household, constable of England for life, investing him with the Garter, & c; but his having married for his 2nd wife Margaret Tudor, Countess of Richmond, and mother of Richard’s rival, Henry, Earl of Richmond, made him still an object of distrust to Richard. So soon, therefore, as Richard was apprised of the Earl of Richmond’s arrival in Britanny, and his projects regarding the English scepter, Lord Stanley was commanded to discharge all his servants, and strictly prohibited holding any communication with his stepson. Subsequently he obtained permission to retire into the country, but was obliged to leave his son and heir, George, Lord Strange, as hostage. This young nobleman, Richard afterwards threatened to put to death, should his father appear in arms on the part of Richmond, but the menace failed in keeping Lord Stanley from the field, who distinguished himself as one of the most active commanders at Bosworth, and when victory at length declared for Lancaster, had the high honor of crowning upon the field of battle, his son-in-law and chief, and proclaiming him King of England, under the title of Henry VII. His lordship was soon afterwards created Earl of Derby, and sworn of the privy council.
He d: in 1504, and from that period the Barony of Stanley merged in the Earldom of Derby, until the decease of Ferdinando Stanley, 5th Earl of Derby, and 6th Baron Stanley, 16 Apr 1594, when it fell into abeyance, together with the Barony of Strange, of Knokyn, amongst that nobleman’s three daus. & co-heirs, viz.
Anne Marr1: Grey Bruges, Lord Chandos, & Marr2: Mervin, Earl of Castlehaven
Frances Marr: Sir John Egerton, afterwards Earl of Bridgewater. Of this marriage the co-heirs are the Earl of Jersey & the Duke of Sutherland
Elizabeth Marr: Henry, Earl of Huntingdon: the co-heirs of whom are the Earl of Loudon, and his aunts, the daus of the 2nd Marquess of Hastings.

Image79 Pg79 Beaufort, Margaret, Lord Stanley (aftwards Earl of Derby)14766
Image1224 Pg 1234 Thomas Stanley, first earl of Derby
Image1226 Pg 1236 Thomas Stanley, First earl of Derby
Image48 Vol 2 Pg48 Lord Stanley, Edward’s trusted minister, afterwards Earl of Derby
Image 962 Vol 18 Pg962 Stanley, Thomas, first Earl of Derby
Image 963 Vol 18 Pg963 Thomas Stanley, who succeeded as second Baron Stanley
Image 964 Vol 18 Pg964 Thomas Stanley, Richard appointed him (16 Dec 1483) constable of England in (Henry Stafford, Duke of) Buckingham’s place

Pg 174: 11. This Sir William Stanley of Tatton (in right of Joan his wife, d/o Sir Geoffrey Massey) was s/o Sir Wm Stanley of Holt Castle in Denbighshire, who was Lord Chamberlain to King Henry VII, and bro to Thomas Stanley, first Earl of Derby77058

Image274 Pg274 Thomas lord Stanley, who was created earl of Derby, 27 Oct 148578054

C1450/104 Sir Thomas Stanley, Profession: cr. E. of Derby 27 Oct 145572063
Death Memobet 1464-1473
BurialSt Jame’s Garlickhithe, London, England78061,78062
FatherRichard Neville (1400-1460)
MotherAlice Montague (1405-<1462)
Misc. Notes
Thomas Stanley & Eleanor Neville children:52697
1. George STANLEY (B. Strange of Knockin) b: abt 1460 d: 5 Dec 1497/4 Dec 1503 Derby House, St Paul’s Wharf,
London, England Marr: bef 26 Feb 1481/82 Joan Strange (10° B. Strange of Knockin) children: John, Thomas (2°
Earl of Derby), James of Crosshall (Esq Marshall of Ireland), Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, Eleanor
2. John STANLEY (b. ABT 1460)
3. Thomas STANLEY (b. ABT 1462)
4. William STANLEY (b. ABT 1462)
5. Edward STANLEY (1° B. Mounteagle)
6. Richard STANLEY (b. ABT 1464)
7. Jane STANLEY (b. ABT 1465)
8. Catherine STANLEY (b. ABT 1467)
9. Anne STANLEY (b. ABT 1469)
10. James STANLEY (Bishop of Ely) b: abt 1471 d: 22 Mar 1514/5 Manchester Associated w/Margaret (m2: Sir
Urian Brereton) Child: John Stanley of Honford (Sir)
11. Margaret STANLEY b: abt 1473 Marr: Peter Gerard 21 Aug 1481 Child: Thomas Gerard b: abt 1488?
12. Alice STANLEY (b. ABT 1475)
13. Agnes STANLEY (b. ABT 1477)

Pg 146 9 Thomas Stanley & Alianore Neville had 6 sons and 4 daughters14763

Image 965 Vol 18 Pg965 Thomas Stanley & Eleanor Neville had six sons, several of whom died young and four daughters.14766
Marriageaft 10 May 145778020,78056,78059
Marr Memoca 1450
ChildrenGeorge (ca1458-1497)
 Edward (1460-1523)
 Thomas (ca1462-)
 Richard (ca1464-)
 James (1465-1515)
 Margaret (ca1467-)
 William (ca1469-)
 Jane (ca1470-)
 Catherine (ca1472-)
 Anne (ca1474-)
Birth31 May 1443, Bletshoe, Bedfordshire, England78076,78077,78078,78079,78080,78081,78082
MemoApr 1441?
Death29 Jun 1509, Westminster, Middlesex, London, England78083,78084,78085,78079,78086,78087,78088
Memo67th year; 29 Jul?
Burialaft 29 Jun 1509, Westminster Abbey, London, England78084,78089,78090
FatherJohn Beaufort (1404-1444)
MotherMargaret Beauchamp (1410-)
Misc. Notes
Margaret Beaufort (C. Richmond/C. Derby)52697

Pg 146 (Thomas Stanley) widow (Margaret Beaufort), who had founded Christ's and St John's Colleges, Cambridge,14763

Pg 48 Countess Margaret Beaufort45300

Pg 503 Margaret, Countess of Richmond, mother of King Henry VII77046
Image79 Pg79 Beaufort, Margaret, Countess of Richmond and Derby
Image1226 Pg 1236 Margaret Beaufort, countess of Richmond

Image48 Vol 2 Pg48 Beaufort, Margaret, Countess of Richmond and Derby. St John’s College is Lady Margaret’s greatest monument and possesses the best memorials of her life.14766
Image 964 Vol 18 Pg964 Margaret Beaufort, countess of Richmond

Image274 Pg274 Beaufort, Margaret, the foundress of Christ’s and St John’s colleges in Cambridge78054
Image277 Pg277 Beaufort, Margaret’s will is printed at length in the “Collection of Royal and Noble Wills” 1780, 4to, p.376 (Biog. Brit-Bp Fisher’s Sermon published by Baker. - Park’s edition of Walpole’s Royal and Noble Authors)
Margaret Plantagenet (Father John)49850 (Surname?)

Vol 18 Image856 Pg856 Stafford, Henry s/o Humphrey Stafford; his mother was Margaret d/o Edmund Beaufort14766 (her father Edmund or John Beaufort?)
Marr Memo/1483; 1 Nov 1455? aft 1475?
Separationbef 150478093
No Children
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