Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth1590, Berkshire, England71248,71252
Death1675, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA71248,71253,71254,71178,71185,71183,71255,71256
Bristol County MA Probate File Papers 1686-188063813 (No Elizabeth Bowen)
Birthabt 159671257
Residence1635, Hingham, Plymouth County, MA71258
Will Filed2 Jul 1647, Hingham, Plymouth County, MA71259
MemoWill dated
Deathaft 2 Jul 1647, Hingham, Plymouth County, MA71260,71259,71185,71183
MemoBef Nov 1648
OccupationHingham selectman 30 Feb 1645/671261
Misc. Notes
Vol 5 M-P Image137of779 George Marsh of Hingham, Will dtd 2 Jul 1647:65796
Son, Thomas Marsh
Dau, Elizabeth Turner
Dau, Mary Padge
George Marsh children:
Mary Marsh b: say 1621 Marr: by 1641 John Page
Thomas Marsh b: say 1623 Marr: 20 Mar 1648/9 Hingham, Sarah Beal
Elizabeth Marsh b: say 1627 Marr: by 1647 John Turner
Marriageabt 162171262
ChildrenOnesiphorus (~1630-1713)
Birth1580, Ilston, Glamorgonshire, Wales71198,71199,71200,71201,71202,71203
Memo1594? Swansea, Glams, Wales?
Residencebef 1638, Kettle Hill, Glamorgonshire, Wales71204
Residenceca 1642, Salem, Essex County, MA71205,71206
Residenceca 1642, Boston, Suffolk County, MA71205,71206
Residence1643, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA71207,71208
Land Purchasebef 1645, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA71209,71210
Land Purchase9 Jun 1645, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA71211,71212,71213
Memolots were drawn for the great plain
Land Purchase18 Feb 1646, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA71214,71215
Memolots were drawn for the new meadow
Land Purchase22 Jun 1658, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA71216,71217
Memolots were drawn for the meadows that lie on the north side of the town
Deathbef 4 Feb 1674, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA71218,71219,71220,71221,71222,71223,71178,71184,71183,71185,71186,71224,71225,71226
Memo14 Feb 1674? 1675?
Burial4 Feb 1674, Burial Place Hill, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA71227,71221,71228,71229,71230,71231,71224,71232
Will Filed4 Jun 1675, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA71233,71234,71235
MemoInventory by Richard Bowin Jr; John Read Sr, William Carpenter, John Pecke
FatherSir James Bowen (1550->1629)
Misc. Notes
Pg 912 The following are the names of the first Board of Selectmen, chosen 9th of 10th month (Dec) 1644: Richard Bowen65556

Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA - Early Settlers -Extracted from Our County & Its People A Descriptive & Biographical Record of Bristol County Massachusetts Alanson Borden 1899 Pages 13 - 1964608
          As copied from the Proprietors' Records: About the year 1643, a joint agreement was made by the inhabitants of Sea conk alias Rehoboth, ffor the bringing in of their estates; that soe men's lotments might be taken up according to person and estate, as alsoe for the carrieing on of all publick chardges both for present and future; furthermore the means and interest of what is heare expressed is that by which lands, now granted by the Court of Plymouth to the towne, is to be divided according to person and estate, as is expressed in the following list: 58. Richard Bowen 270£

A town meeting was held in Rehoboth on the 31st of June, 1644, at which lots were drawn for a division of the woodland between the plain and the town. Fifty-eight shares were drawn as follows: 15. Richard Bowin64608

Up to July, 1644, there had been three separate allotments of land made in Seekonk, and on the 5th of that month it was ordered that all who had allotments in either of the three divisions "presently to be laid out by Mr. OLIVER and his partner, Joseph FISHER," and who did not pay of the surveys either at Boston or Dedham by the 28th of the following October, should forfeit their lands so laid out. The nine men chosen on the 9th of December, 1644, to direct public affairs wee the following: A'exander WINCHESTER, Richard WRIGHT, Henry SMITH, Edward SMITH, Walter PALMER, William SMITH, Stephen PAYNE, Richard BOWEN, and Robert MARTIN. On the 10th of the succeeding January, at a meeting of the townsmen, it was agreed that eighteen men should forfeit their lands for not fencing them, "or not removing thier families according to a former order." These men were the following: Ralph SHEPHERD, James BROWNE, Mr. LEONARD, The Governor's lot, Matthew PRATT, Thomas DUNN, John MEGGS, Thomas COOPER, John SUTTON, Mr. PECK, Obadiah HOLMES, James WALKER, Edward GILMAN, Thomas HOLBROOKE, John HOLBROOKE, Mr. BROWNE, Edward PATTESON and Ephraim HUNT. Probably these men conformed to the requirements and retained their lands. At the same meeting all those men having lots on the neck ofland were required to fence so much as the number of his acres cometh to." by the 15th day of the second month, or pay two shillings for every rod not fenced.64608

Rehoboth, MA Early Settlers: the records contain the following list of names with the register of their lands; who became settlers somewhere in the territory of the towns into which Rehoboth was afterwards divided: Richard Bowen64608

Ann Bowen; Arrival: 1642 Weymouth, MA, Primary Immigrant: Richard Bowen; Family Members: Wife Ann, children; Source: 9448 Virkus, Frederick A, editor, Immigrant Ancestors Pg 14 In the years from 1925 to 1942, Frederick A. Virkus edited seven volumes with the title, The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, published in Chicago by the Institute of American Genealogy, published in Chicago by the Institute of American Genealogy. Each volume has a section in the main body of the work.1001
US & Canada Passenger & Immigration Lists Index 1500s-1900s1001 (Him?)
Richard Bowen; Arrival: 1640 New England; Source: 1262 Colket, Meredith B., Jr. Founders of Early American Families: Emigrants from Europe 1607-1657. Cleveland: General Court of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America, 1975. 366p. Pg35
Richard Bowen; Arrival: 1642 Weymouth, MA; Family Members: Wife Ann; children; Source: 9448 Virkus, Frederick A., editor. Immigrant Ancestors: A List of 2500 Immigrants to America before 1750. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1964. 75p. Repr 1986. Pg14
Richard Bowen; Arrival: 1645 MA; Source: 3274 Holmes, Frank R., Compiler. Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700. NY 1923. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore 1964. Pg 28

“Richard Bowen (1594?-1675) of Rehoboth, MA and His Descendants”, Vol 1 - Generations 1-3; Vol 2 - Generation 4; Vol 3 - Generations 5 and 6; by William B. Saxbe Jr.; Hope, RI, RI Genealogical Society (available for sale 25 Jan 2017)

“The Ancestry, Wives, and Children of Richard Bowen of Weymouth and Rehoboth MA” by Richard Bowen, Jr in “The American Genealogist” Oct 2010, p. 263+ gives many arguments why previously published genealogies should not be accepted. William B. Saxbe repeats this in “New Old Information about the Family of Richard Bowen of Rehoboth MA in “The American Genealogist” Jan 2010, pp. 65-7. Also not accepting earlier writings about the Bowens connections to families in Wales was Carl Boyer in “Ancestral Lines” 3rd edition (1998) pp. 103-115. (noted in Family Tree Discussion for Richard Bowen by Kennettoffill1 of 1 Feb 2017; viewed 7 Mar 2017)

Bristol County MA Probate File Papers 1686-188063813 (No Richard Bowen with appropriate dates)

St David’s, Reel 417 Image1608of2015 James Bowen of Llwyngwair, Will dtd 6 (sic) Mar 1629 St Davids, Dyfed, Wales71236. (Richard not mentioned as a son in his father, James Bowen’s will)
MarriageNov 1648, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA71248,71174,71177,71179,71180,71183,71185,71188
Marr MemoWeymouth? Hingham?
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