Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birthbef 22 Aug 1591, Newton, Dorset, England63540,63541,63542,63543,63544,63545
Baptism22 Aug 1591, Newton, Dorset, England63546,63545
Anst File#AFN:8MJL-2263553
FatherFrank Wheatly (1561-)
MotherMary Fienes (1566->1604)
Bristol County MA Probate File Papers 1686-188059246 (No Dorothy Bliss)

Image92of242 Dorothy Wheatlie d/o John Wheatlie, who was themaster warden of the Company of Mercers, Woollendrapers, Taylors, Innkeepers and Fullers as well as bailiff63525 (Her father John not Frank?)
Birthabt 1588, Little Preston, Northamptonshire, England63463,63464,63465,63466,63467,63468,63469,63470,63471,63472,63473,63474,63475
Memoabt 1590? 1582? 1586? 1584 Preston Parva, Northants, England?
Baptismabt 1588, Preston Parva, Near Daventry, Northampton, England63476
Memoor Preston Capes
Residenceca 1620, Preston Parva, Northamptonshire, England63477
Residenceca 1636, Braintree, Suffolk County, MA63478,63477,63460
Memoaft 1620?
Land Purchase24 Feb 1639, Braintree, Suffolk County, MA63479,63480,63481
Memo/1640; 36 ac, Grant associated with Capt Richard Wright, whom he made one of the overseers of his estate
Land Purchasebef 1643, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA63482,63483,63484
Residence1643, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA63485,63486,63487,63488,63477,63460
Memohome lot of 8 ac in NW end of town. owned 45 ac by time of his death
Land Purchase30 Jun 1644, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA63489
Memo31 (sic) June? lots were drawn for a division of the woodland
Residence1645, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA63490,62935
Memoowns land in the town
Land Purchase9 Jun 1645, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA63491,63492
Memolots drawn for the great plain, beginning on the west side
Land Purchase18 Feb 1646, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA63493,63494,63492
Memolots were drawn for the new meadow
Will Filed7 Oct 164762922,63495,63496,63497,63498,63499,63500,63501
MemoWill Dated
DeathMay 1649, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA63502,63503,63504,63505,63487,63506,63507,63508,63509,63510,63511,57402,63460,63512,63513
Memo1636 bef made freeman? bef 6 Jun 1648? 1635? Hartford, CT?
Burial13 May 1649, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA63512
Will Filed14 Feb 1650, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA63500,63514
MemoWill Inventory. 21 Oct 1647? Before death?
Will Filed8 Jun 1649, Plymouth Colony, MA62922,63512,63501
MemoWill Proved; Plymouth Colony Wills V. 1 Pg 67
OccupationBlacksmith, farmer and surveyor; fence viewer 1646; surveyor of highways 164763515,63516,63517,63518,63519,63520
Anst File#AFN:P27F-P063521
FatherThomas John Blysse (1562-1617)
MotherAgnes or Annes (1571-)
Misc. Notes
Pg 913: On the 9th of 4th Mo (Jun) 1645 lots were drawn for the great plain, beginning on the west side, and be that is first on the west side shall be the last on the east: 30. Thomas Bliss60929

Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA - Early Settlers -Extracted from Our County & Its People A Descriptive & Biographical Record of Bristol County Massachusetts Alanson Borden 1899 Pages 13 - 1960006
          As copied from the Proprietors' Records: About the year 1643, a joint agreement was made by the inhabitants of Sea conk alias Rehoboth, ffor the bringing in of their estates; that soe men's lotments might be taken up according to person and estate, as alsoe for the carrieing on of all publick chardges both for present and future; furthermore the means and interest of what is heare expressed is that by which lands, now granted by the Court of Plymouth to the towne, is to be divided according to person and estate, as is expressed in the following list: 31. Thomas Blyss 153£

A town meeting was held in Rehoboth on the 31st of June, 1644, at which lots were drawn for a division of the woodland between the plain and the town. Fifty-eight shares were drawn as follows: 29. Thomas Bliss60006

Rehoboth, MA Early Settlers: the records contain the following list of names with the register of thier lands; who became settlers somewhere in the territory of the towns into which Rehoboth was afterwards divided: Thomas Bliss60006
Pg 118 Charles A. Hoppin, “The Bliss Book” (1913) gave records of a Bliss family of Northamptonshire, England ... asserted that Thomas of Rehoboth was son of John’s brother William, although no marriage, children or probate had been discovered for William. Several genealogists of standing accept Thomas of Rehoboth as the son of John (Source: Jacobus & Waterman, “Hale, House & Related Families (1952), 476-7 & “The Mayflower Descendant” 8:85-7 pg 48061829

Thomas Bliss, cousin of Thomas62882 (Whose son is Thomas?)

Individual Record Thomas Bliss (AFN:P27F-P0); 3758 (Did he marry all three?)
m: @1620 Devon Co, England Margaret Lawerance (AFN:MGHJ-0C)
m: 18 Oct 1621 St Nicholas, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England Margaret Hulins (Hulinges) (AFN:52KW-9B);
m: 22 Nov 1614 Daventry, Northampton, England Dorothy Wheatley (AFN:8MJL-22)

Northamptonshire, England: Parish and Probate Records63522 (Them?)
Register of Marriages, 1540-1812; Marriages at Attenborough, 1560-1812 Vol 1. Thomas Bucke & Dorothy Wheteley 5 May 1616

Pg 10663523 (Him? Thomas Bliss Marr: former Mrs. Ide? Nicholas Ide step-son not his son-in-law? Other sources say Nichola Ide Jr mar this Thomas Bliss’s dau Martha)
IDE - Nicholas Ide (or Hyde). He died early in the seventeenth century, leaving a son Nicholas (2). The widow of Nicholas (1) afterward married Thomas Bliss, of Belstone, near Okelhampton, Devonshire, England. The latter belonged to a family of substantial farmers and landowners of Belstone, who by their adherence to Puritan views and opposition to the court and clergy, suffered persecution under Charles I, and were reluctantly compelled to emigrate to the New American colonies. Thomas Bliss emigrated to America in 1636, taking with him his stepson, Nicholas Ide, his wife (formerly Mrs. Ide) and two or three children of his own. He joined an uncle at Braintree, near Boston, MA. IN a year or two he moved to Hartford, CT then back again to Braintree in 1640. Religious dissensions arising in the Plymouth Church, Thomas Bliss left the place and settled at Rehoboth, MA, where he shared in a distribution of land, Jun 1644. Here Thomas Bliss, who was said to have been a blacksmith, lived until his death in 1649. IN his will he mentions, besides two sons and daughters, Nicholas Ide as his son-in-law. This is meant of course to be stepson, as his half-sister could not have become his wife.

Pg 57 Gloucestershire: Bliss, Thomas; English Parish Name: Painswick; Ship: (blank); New England Town: (blank); Ref: Chan. Pro.; James 1; B 38/3463524 (Him?)

Pg 3397 Thomas Bliss (-1651) &n 1/wf ___ ___; Hartford (Bos Trans 25 Jul 1915 note 1523; Hale (1952) 479; Stevens-Miller 345; McCormick-Hamilton 143)62006 (Him?)
Pg 3400 Thomas Bliss & Elizabeth (?Birchard); Latter end of Oct 1644; Norwich, CT/Saybrook (Bliss (1881) 34; Williams (16) 65; Booth (1910) 96; New Haven Gen Mag 1422; Coxe Anc (1915) 36; TAG 10:36; Abell 11; Sv 1:202; Dawes-Gates 2:726; Reg 31:326; Avery Anc (1925) 78; Granberry 174, 317; Stevens-Miller 347; Blake-Glidden 5; McCormick-Hamilton 151; Clark-Baker 79; Warner-Harrington 65; Hale (1952) 479) (Related? Another Son Thomas?)

Bristol County MA Probate File Papers 1686-188059246 (No Thomas Bliss)

Image92of242 Thomas Bliss was probably the son of William Bliss63525 (His Father?)
Image94of242 Thomas Bliss Marr: his first wife Margaret in England (another wife?)
Image94of242 Thomas Bliss estate inventoried 14 Feb 1650 which all went to his wife Margaret (wife?)
Based on The Bliss Book by Charles A. Hoppin, 1913
Marriage22 Nov 1614, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England63435,63554,63555,63556,63557,63558,63559,63560,63561,63459,63460,63461
Marr MemoHoly Cross Church by Thomas Mariott, Minister; Braintree/Rehoboth?
ChildrenElizabeth (1615-1676)
 Mary (1617-1690)
 Jane (1618-<1621)
 John (<1620-<1638)
 Nathaniel (1622-1654)
 Martha (<1622-<1676)
 Thomas (<1624-<1628)
 Jonathan Sarjant (1626-1687)
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