Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth1638, Providence, Providence County, RI60262,60263,60264,60265,60266,60267,60268,60269,60270,60271
Memo1658? perhaps 1634?
Land Purchase19 Feb 1665, Providence County, RI60272
MemoHad lot 9 in a division of lands
Residenceca 1672, Providence County, RI60273
MemoLands north of the Inman Purchase, near Loquassuck, near Benjamin Hearnden, his father-in-law
Tax List1 Jul 1679, Providence County, RI60274
MemoTaxed 2s 6d
Residenceca 1680, Gloucester, Providence County, RI60275
Residence1685, Westquadomset, RI60276,60277,60278
MemoHis house was near “The Neck” near Providence, RI
Tax List1 Sep 1687, Providence County, RI60279
MemoTaxed 3s
Land Sold10 Dec 1706, Providence County, RI60076
MemoDeeded to 2 eldest sons Judah & Jabesh, 50 ac in the neck, only wife Alice to have maintenance & if grantor decease before 5 years then 3 youngest sons to have for the 5 years
Land Sold18 Feb 1710, Providence County, RI60280
MemoDeeded to son Daniel Brown, a 40 foot lot, a little north of Great Bridge from the town over to Weybosset
Death29 Sep 1710, Providence, Providence County, RI60281,60282,60283,60284,60285,60286,60287,60288,60289,60290,60291,60246,60292,60293,60294,60295,60296
MemoTemporarily at Newport, Newport County, RI when he died? Gloucester, Providence County, RI? or 27 Sep?
Burialaft 29 Sep 1710, Newport, Newport County, RI60297
Will Filedca Oct 1710, Providence, Providence County, RI60298,60299
MemoAdministration of his estate granted to his widow, Alice
Will Filed10 Nov 1710, Providence, Providence County, RI60300,60301
MemoAlice Brown, widow, exhibited his inventory
Anst File#AFN:8H57-ZR60302
FatherChaddus Brown (1600-~1663)
MotherElizabeth Sharparowe (1604-<1672)
Misc. Notes
Providence, RI: Index to Probate, 1646-189959948
Pg 3307 Daniel Brown/Browne, Providence, Providence, RI; Record Type: Probate Record; Case # A111; Case Type: administration
Vol 62 Pg 196 Daniel Browne - Unproved (as son of Chad Browne). William B. Browne’s article in 1926, a careful work, makes this comment: “There appears no definite statement relating to son Daniel, but he was always been considered by all authorities a son of Chad Browne, and the use of the name ‘Chad’ among his descendants seems to substantiate the fact” (NEHGR 80:76). One fact seems to detract from his statement: The initial use of the name “Chad” among Daniel’s descendants is Daniel’s great-grandson Chad4 Browne (1729-1814) (Othniel3, Hosanna2, Daniel1). This Chad, of the Gloucester RI branch, was born 66 years after the first Chad’s death. It is possible that this younger man was named after Chad4 Browne (1705-1760) (Obadiah3, John2, Chad1), who moved to Gloucester probably a year or two prior to the birth of the 1729 Chad. Curiously, these are the only descendants in W.B. Browne’s five generation study of the family who bear the given name Chad, other than the purported son Chad. Browne himself is part of the Gloucester branch descended from Daniel5 (Eleazer4, William3, Jabez2, Daniel1) (letter dated 1927 from W. B. Browne to Clarence I. Brown, “Clarence I. Brown material” at R. I. Historical Society).43826
Birth1651, Providence, Providence County, RI60309,60310,60311,60312,60313,60246,60314,60315,60316
Memo1652? 1655?
Death1718, Gloucester, Providence County, RI60317,60318,60313,60246,60319,60320,60321
Memobet 1718-1728?
Anst File#AFN:83Q6-ZK60322
FatherBenjamin Hearnden (<1618->1687)
MotherElizabeth White (1625->1701)
Providence, RI: Index to Probate, 1646-189959948 (No Alice Brown with appropriate dates)
Marriage25 Dec 1669, Providence, Providence County, RI60323,60229,60055,60324,60239,60241,60243,60305,60245,60246,60306,60251,60325,60254,60256,60326,60307
Marr Memoby Thomas Olney, Jr., Asst.; Newport County, RI?
ChildrenJudah (1671-1733)
 Jabez (1675-1724)
 Ann (1676-)
 Daniel (1677-<1745)
 Sarah (1677-)
 Hallelujah (1680-)
 Hosanna (1685-1769)
 Jonathan (1687-)
 Jeremiah (1690-1758)
 Alice (1691-)
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