Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameRachel/Margaret Moore 40736,40744,40741
Birthca 1780
FatherJohn Moore (ca1760-)
Pg 59, 1821 Jul 3 Marr Bond Adam Stephenson & Margaret Moore. Surety Benj. Tallman. John Moore consents for dau. Wit: John Hull Sr & Benjamin Tallman Min. Ret Jul 12 By Otho Wade1659 (John Hull Sr & Benjamin Tallman- Relationship?)
Birthabt 1780, Rockingham County, VA40743
Land Purchase6 May 1812, Pendleton County, VA40725
Memofrom father, James Stephenson Sr 86 ac on the Allegany Mountains at head of fork extending to north fork of Cartmill Creek, near Barnetts Run. Consideration: $100
FatherJames Stephenson (~1746->1813)
MotherRachel Davis (ca1750-)
1820VAPendPg72.pdf Adam Stephenson 2M 26-45, 2F 16-26, 1F 45+ (Folder: Heritage Quest, VA/WV) same family? 1820VAPendletonNoTwp7236840

1850VAHigh(18of92)19564 Dwg 118 Fam 118 Adam Stephenson 66 M & Elizabeth 51 F, Allen 25 M, John 24 M, Jannetta 20 F, Judy? 18 F, Mahala 16 F, Amos 14 M, Caroline 12 F, James 26 M

Pg 391-4 Tithables in 1822, for portion of Highland then part of Pendleton: Stephenson, Adam 19086 (Same one?)

Pg 82, 1835 Jul 3 Marr Bond: Mustoe Hamilton & Sally A. Wiley. Surety Samuel McGuffin. Sally consents for herself. Wit: Adam Stephenson & Samuel McGuffin. Alexander Wiley certifies Sally is of Age.1659 (Him? What Relationship?)

Pg 57 Will Book 3 pg 279-280:22061 8 Dec 1813. Division made by the executors of John (sic) Stephenson: William Stephenson s/o Adam; James Stephenson s/o Adam; Ann Wadle, d/o Adam Stephenson; Saly Heir (sic), d/o Adam Stephenson (His children?)
Marriage12 Jul 1821, Bath County, VA40744,40745,40741
Marr MemoMarriage Bond 3 Jul 1821; By Min. Otho Wade
ChildrenMahala (ca1825-)
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