Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth1801, Pendleton County, VA35963
Birth1799, Pendleton County, VA30595,35934,30596,35950,35951
Memobet 1794-1800? bet 1794-1804?
Census1810, Pendleton County, VA30595
Census1820, Pendleton County, VA30596
Land Purchase4 Nov 1832, Pendleton County, VA30602,30603
Memo100 acres Pendleton Co, on Waters of Back Creek, Grantee(s) Gum, John E & Isaac, Land Ofc Grants No. 81, 1832-1833, p 336 (Reel 147), W side of Back Mountain
Land Purchase14 Apr 1837, Pendleton County, VA30605,30606
Memo167 acres, on Back Creek, below the state road adjoining their former land
Death14 Feb 1843, Pendleton County, VA35952,35953
FatherIsaac Gum (~1750-<1830)
MotherJane Ervine (~1760->1833)
Pg 290 C-3 of Isaac. - 3. Isaac - m. 1. Jane Ervine, 1796, 2. Elizabeth Peck, 182818743 (His father married Jane Ervine?)

1830VAPend49(19of68) Gum, Isaac 1M <5, 1M 5-10, 1M 30-40, 1F 20-3031555
1840VAPend127(21of77)28556 Gum, Isaac 1M <5, 1M 5-10, 1M 10-15, 1M 15-20, 1M 40-50, 1F 10-15, 1F 30-40

Pg 33 Gum, Isaac & Shenaberry, Charlotte; Marr Date: Feb 21, 1822; Min: Otho Wade, pg 1634189 (Perhaps a 1st marriage since son, Andrew Washington b: 1822?)
Marriage8 Jul 1828, Pendleton County, VA35933,33385,33391,35937,35940,35964,35961,35962,35948
Marr MemoMin. N. Pendleton
ChildrenCharlotte Jane (ca1830-)
 Isaac (1832-)
 Jacob P. (1833-1916)
 Harvey Jackson (~1836-)
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