Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birthabt 174932541,32780
Memoabt 1765?
Deathbef 178032541,32806
Memo1749? Bath Co, VA? abt 1765? abt 1758 or 1754 Augusta County, VA?
Census1810, Bath County, VA32797,32798
Census1820, Bath County, VA32795
Census1830, Bath County, VA32753,32801
MemoEnumerated with son, Leonard
Anst File#AFN:10SD-X4S32751,27692
FatherJohn Wade (1723-1815)
MotherSophia Howard (1727-1816)
Surname - Wade or Dice?19696,23435,28365
Mary (Wade) Henderson?32805

Pg 343 Wade. C-2* 2. Mary - b. 1749, D. 1838 - m. 1. William Wade, 2. -- Henderson, 3. Leonard Gum19696 (3rd husband Leonard Gum not John E. Gum? Leonard is John E. Gum’s brother?)

Not listed with John Wade & Sophia Howard family3378
Marriageabt 176532807,32777
Marr Memobet 1760-1838?
ChildrenSophia (~1772-1838)
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