Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Memobet 1755-1774
Tax List1 Oct 1798, St Mary’s County, MD29681
MemoFederal Direct Tax List, Upper New Town Hundred, Dwelling owned by Thomas Attaway Reeder
Census1800, St Mary’s County, MD29673,29675
Census1810, St Mary’s County, MD29682,29683
Census1820, St Mary’s County, MD29684,29685,29686
MemoBlue Stone Farm in today’s 7th District, Avenue, MD
Census1830, St Mary’s County, MD8644
Memocensus burned and unavailable
Occupationoverseer of Ann Egaton, a wealthy woman with many slaves that were hired out29687
Misc. Notes
Richard’s (Goodwin) 7th great grandson, Edward Kennett lives here (Blue Stone farm, 7th district, Avenue, St Mary’s Co MD) today (1997)237

William Kilty et. al., (eds) The Laws of Maryland from the End of the Year 1799; Vol 192, Pg 1858-185929688
Chapter LVIII. Passed 7 Jan 1817. An Act for the relief of Richard Gooding’s two Children, Sarah Gooding and James Gooding, of St Mary’s County. Lib TH No. 5 fol. 191.
Levy authorized for their support. Be It Enacted, by the General Assembly of MD, That the it shall and may be lawful for the levy court of Saint Mary’s county, to assess and levy annually on the assessable property of said county, so long as they may deem necessary, such sum as to them may appear reasonable, not exceeding thirty dollars each, for the support and maintenance of Sarah Gooding and James Gooding, the afflicted children of Richard Gooding, and that the same be collected annually, by the collector of St Mary’s county, and by him paid to Richard Gooding, then and in that case the sum thus levied shall be paid over to such person as the judges of the orphans court of said county shall direct.
Pgs 83-92 St Mary’s Co MD Militia 1794: Richard Goodwin & Samuel Goodwin24139 (Him?)

Index of the Rolls of Honor (Ancestor’s Index) in the Lineage Books of the DAR (Vol 41-80) Vol II26460 (Him?)
Goodwin, Richard: Vol 44, pg 12, 13

Index of the Rolls of Honor (Ancestor’s Index) in the Lineage Books of the National Society of the DAR Vol IV26462 (Him?)
Goodwin, Richard: Vol 137, pg 270
Marriages & Deaths St Mary’s County MD339
Deaths: Goodwin, Ann 83 d: 25 Jun 1872 at residence of son Beacon 7/4/1872 (Could this be his wife? = b: 1789 -she b: much earlier?, marr: 1795? only 6 yrs old?)

IGI Individual Record:3647 (Him? 2nd marriage? Nancy Ann Woodward still having children?)
Richard Goodwin Marr: 5 Feb 1800 AnneArundel,MD Sarah Rawlings Source:Batch #M533511; SourceCall #0013148 IT 2

1790 St Mary’s Co MD Census Pg 108 Ln 8 Goodwin, Mathew 2M 16+, 3M <16, 6F (Could this be him? If so, 9 children already?) (File: 1790 St Mary’s MD Census)
1790MDStM630 Goodwin, Mathew 2M 16+, 3M <16, 6F25588 (Him?)
Mathew Goodwin is the only Goodwin in St Mary’s County, MD in 1790; there are ten others in Baltimore, Hartford, Frederick and Washington Co MD

1800MDStMNotStatedImage17of27 Richard Gooden 1M 16-26, 4F <10, 2F 16-2629689 (Who is 2nd Female 16-26?)
1800MDStM Image18of29 Richard Gooden (sic) 1M 26-45, 4F <10, 2F 16-2625589 (Who is 2nd Female 16-26?)

General Index of Wills of St Mary’s Co MD 1633-190025356 (His Ancestor?)
Pg 51 Jan 7, 1672 Goodwin, George Liber FC #1 Folio 10

Alienations and Transfers St Mary’s Co10327 (Him?)
Pg 74 Goodwin, Richard; To B. & Ja. Walker (Chattle); Aug 2, 1808; Folio 140

Goodwin, George, St Mary’s Co, 7th Jan 1672; 22 Jan 167215112,29690 (An Ancestor?)
Henry Exon, ex. and sole legatee.
Test: Thos. Caffard, Winifrede Horne. 1. 518.
MD Calendar of Wills: Volume 1

MD Register of Wills11693 (His Ancestor?)
Pg 53 (55 of 130) Jan 7, 1672 Goodwin, George; Liber PC #1, Will, Pg. 10

MD Register of Wills Books, 1629-1999, St Mary’s, General Index 1658-1967 Vol 118581
Image 109: 7 Jany 1672 Goodwin, George, Liber PC #1, Will, pg 10 (His Ancestor?) (Him? grandson of ?)
Abstracts of Wills by Carson Gibb abstracted from PREROGATIVE COURT (Wills) MSA S538 Liber 26 1748-1749
Liber 26, folio 131; 11 Feb. 1748/9
WAMSLEY, JOHN, Anne Arundel Co. 
        To son John Wamsley, the land he lives on. 
        To grdson Richard Goodwin,2 negro chldn., Jacob & Ned, & the land I live on, Gray Increase & Blands Quarter, on the d. of my wife, Abegirl. 
        To my wife [not named], for life, the use of my p. e., & on her d. to be equ. div. among 4 chldn; John Wamsley, Jane Smith, Elinor Brand & Mary Wamsley Jane Smith part to be her own & not to be at the disposal of her husband, Nathan Smith. 
        Extrx: wife Abegirl. 
        Witn: Tho. Gough, Jno. Stevens, Thomas Johnson. Sworn to 4 March 1748 by Gough , 9 March 1748 by Stevens, & 17 March 1748 by Johnson.

MD Births29691 (Him? daughter? Baltimore not St Mary’s Co?)
Ellen Goodwin b: 2 Oct 1817 bapt: 20 Jan 1818 St Paul Protestant Episcopal Ch, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD d/o Richard Goodwin & Nancy, Batch C0293-1; Sys Orig MD-ODM, Film 13696

Yesterday in Old St Mary’s County29692
Pg 254 Johnny Goodwin: Large Store built on Water, Near Bushwood Wharf first known as Port Wicomico;
Pg 293 Long road around by Busy Corner and Sacred Heart Church - Little Store short distance up road Mr. George Goodwin - Sold Cigarettes

US & Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index 1500s-1900s835 (Ancestor?)
Catherine Goodwin; Arrival: 1770 MD; Source: 1229.10 Coldham, Peter Wilson. The Kings Passengers to MD and VA. Westminster, MD: Family Line Publications, 1997. 450p. Pg 216
Henry Goodwin b: abt 1745; Arrival: 1775 MD age 30; Source: 1219.7 Coldham, Peter Wilson. The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1751-1776. A comprehensive listing compiled from English public records of those who took ship to the Americas for political, religious, and economic reasons; of those who were deported for vagrancy, roguery, or non-conformity; and of those who were sold to labour in the new colonies. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1993. 349p. Pg 255
Henry Goodwin b: abt 1745; Arrival: 1775 MD age 30; Source: 1220.25 Coldham, Peter Wilson. Emigrants from England to the American Colonies 1773-1776. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical PUblishing Co, Inc, 1988. 182p. Pg 104
Henry Goodwin b: abt 1745; Arrival: 1775 MD age 30; Source: 2128 Fothergill, Gerald. Emigrants from England 1773-1776. Boston: New England Historical Genealogical Society, 1913. 206p. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore 1965. Repr. 1987. Pg 138
Henry Goodwin b: abt 1745; Arrival: 1775 MD age 30; Source: 9151 Tepper, Michael, editor. Passengers to America: A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Baltimore: Genealogical PUblishing Co, 1977. 554p. Reprinted with new introduction and indexes, 1978. Repr. 1980. Pg 361
John Goodwin; Arrival: 1770 MD; Source: 2797.35 Grubb, Farley. Runaway Servants, Convicts, and Apprentices Advertised in the PA Gazette, 1728-1796. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, 1992. 187p. Pg 65
Lyde Goodwin; Arrival: 1750 MD; Source: 318.99.90 Barnes, Robert W. Baltimore County Families 1659-1759. Baltimore: Clearfield Co, 1996. Pg 264
Michael Goodwin; Arrival: 1744 MD; Source: 1243 Coldham, Peter Wilson. Settlers of MD 1679-1783. Consolidated Edition. Baltimore: Genealogical PUblishing Co, Inc. 2002. Pg 259
William Goodwin; Arrival: 1736 MD; Source: 1223 Coldham, Peter Wilson, compiler and editor. English Convicts in Colonial America. Vol 2: London 1656-1775. New Orleans: Polyanthos, 1976. 193p. Pg 61
William Goodwin; Arrival: 1736 MD; Source: 1229.10 Coldham, Peter Wilson. The Kings Passengers to MD & VA (same as above) Pg 69
William Goodwin; Arrival: 1736 MD; Source: 3700 Kaminkow, Marion, and Jack Kaminkow, editors. Original Lists of Emigrants in Bondage from London to the American Colonies, 1719-1744. Baltimore: Magna Carta Book Co, 1967. 2nd pr. 1981. 211 p. (Available from Tuttle, Rutland, VT) Pg 66
William Goodwin; Arrival: 1761 MD; Source: 1243 Coldham, Peter Wilson. Settlers of MD 1679-1783. (same as above) Pg 259

Marriages and Births Queen Anne’s Parish, Prince George’s County, MD24144
John Goodwin Marr: Tabitha ??? had the following children:
Elizabeth Goodwin b: 28 Feb 1758
Ann Goodwin b: 3 Sep ??
Sarah Goodwin b: No date given (aft 1750?)
Edward Goodwin Marr: 30 Jun 1735 Sarah Beach, Min Jacob Henderson had the following children:
John Goodwin b: 9 Aug 1735
Sarah Goodwin b: 8 Nov 1737
Elizabeth Goodwin b: 14 Sep 1739
Gabriel Goodwin (Twin) b: 10 Mar 1743
Margret (sic) Goodwin (Twin) b: 10 Mar 1743
Mary Goodwin b: 19 Feb 174?

England, Select Births & Christenings 1538-1975868 (Him?)
Richard Goodwin, Male, b: 3 May 1758; bapt: 14 May 1758 Lying IN Hospital Endell Street, Holborn, London, England; Father: Thomas Goodwin; Mother: Johanna
Richard Goodwin, Male, b: 1764; bapt: 1764 St James, Westminister, Middlesex, England; Father: Richard Goodwin; Mother: Mary
Richard Goodwin, Male, b: 8 Mar 1765; bapt: 9 Mar 1765 St Michaels, Stone, Stafford, England; Father: Joseph Goodwin; Mother: Ellin; FHL 1278870 Ref Item 5
Richard Goodwin, Male, b: 12 Sep 1771; bapt: 2 Oct 1771 Saint Luke Old Street, Finsbury, London, England; Father: Richard Goodwin; Mother: Catherine
Richard Goodwin, Male, b: 11 Nov 1773; bapt: 10 Dec 1773 St Michaels, Stone, Stafford, England; Father: William Goodwin; Mother: Sarah

1798 Federal Direct Tax9324 (His mother?)
Pg 433 Baltimore County
No. of Particular List: 1726
Names of Possessors or Occupants: Owner
Names of Reputed Owners: Rachael Goodwin
In What Hundred in the Assessment district situated: (blank)
Dwelling Houses & Out Houses of a value not exceeding $100: # Houses: (blank); Value: (blank)
Quantities of
Lands, Lots, & c. exemplified from valuation, Ac: (blank); Perches: (blank); S. Feet: (blank)
Lands, Lots, & c. subject to and included in the Valuation, Ac: 206; Perches: 40; S. Feet: (blank)
Valuations as determined by the Principal Assessor, including Dwelling Houses & c. not exceeding $100 in value: $722.00
Rate per centum of 14 added prescribed by the Commission: (blank)
Valuations as revised & equalized by the Commissioners: $823.08
Whole Valuation of Lands belonging to or possessed by one person: $823.08

MD Oaths of Fidelity Volume 16305 (Him? Anne Arundel County? Other Godwin/Goodwin’s in Queen Anne County - Related?)
Pg 4 Anne Arundel County: Richard Goodwin
Pg 49 Queen Anne County: John Godwin (sic), Nathan Godwin (sic), Thomas Godwin (sic) Thomas Godwin (sic), William Godwin (sic), Allen Goodwin
Memobef 1784; bet 1755-1774?
Census1800, St Mary’s County, MD29696,29697
Census1810, St Mary’s County, MD29700,29701
Census1820, St Mary’s County, MD29702,29703
Memo4 District
Census1830, St Mary’s County, MD8644
Memocensus burned and unavailable
FatherJohn Woodward (ca1740-)
MotherUNNAMED (ca1740-)
Marriageaft 8 Aug 1795, St Mary’s County, MD29667,29668,29704,29669,29705,29706,29707,29672,29674,29676
Marr MemoMarriage license 8 Aug 1795
ChildrenCharles (>1794-)
 UNNAMED (>1794-)
 UNNAMED (>1794-)
 UNNAMED (>1794-)
 Matilda (1800->1861)
 UNNAMED (>1800-)
 UNNAMED (>1804-)
 UNNAMED (>1804-)
 Sarah (1809-)
 James (>1810-)
 William H. (1813-)
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