Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Birth1833, Bath County, VA27062,27063,27064
Census1850, Bath County, VA27060
Memo8th District
Census1870, Warm Springs, Bath County, VA27065
Census1880, Warm Springs, Bath County, VA27066,27067
OccupationLabourer on farm, Farmer27068,27069,27070
FatherJohn Curry (1800-)
MotherJane Malcomb (1803-)
Misc. Notes
Congressional Serial Set 1883-84 Vol VIII5803
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 7th day of Nov 1882. Geo. L. Sively, J.P.
Poll-book of the election held at Hickman’s precinct, in the magisterial district of Warm Springs, in the county of Bath, in the State of VA, the 7th day of November, 1882
Number & Names of Electors: 40. Andrew Curry
1850 VA Census - Curry, Andrew, 18 M, Lab on Farm B: Bath, VA12002

1860VABathBathPO241 Dwg 94 Fam 8322283 Andrew Curry, 24 M, Farmer, $1200 Real Est, $100 Pers, b: VA (Same page as Joseph Curry 54 & Sally 50) (Him?)

1900VABathWarmSpgsD348 Dwg 17 Fam 181975 (Him? dau Mary E. Marr to Lightner in 1900?)
Curry, Andrew, Head, W M 1835, 65 Marr; 30 (crossed out), b: VA Father b: VA Mother b: VA, Farmer, Yes Read/Write, Own, Free, Farm, Farm Sch 16
Curry, E.A., Wife, W F 1837, 63 Marr; 30 (crossed out), 3 ch, 2 living, b: VA Father b: VA Mother b: VA, Yes Read/Write
Curry, Harman, Son, W M 1870, 30, Single; b: VA Father b: VA Mother b: VA, Farm Laborer, Yes Read/Write
Curry, Mary E., Dau, W F 1874, 26, Single, b: VA Father b: VA Mother b: VA, Yes Read/Write
Same Page Dwg 15 Fam 16 (Related?)
Curry, J.M., Head, W M 1830, 70, Marr 44 yrs, b: VA
Curry, Harriet M., Wife, W F 1831, 69 Marr 44 yrs, 10 ch 10 living, b: VA
Curry, Emma F., Dau, W F 1858, 42 Single
Curry, Leita A., Dau, W F 1862, 40 Single
Curry, W. C., Son, W M 1860, 38 Single
Curry, Nancy J., Dau, W F 1862, 38 Single
Curry Cornelia C., Dau, W F 1866, 34 Single
Curry, Mary S., Dau, W F 1868, 32 Single
Curry, Rosa, Dau, W F 1868, 32, Single
Curry, L. F., Son, W M 1870, 30 Single
Curry, A. B., Son, W M 1873, 27, Single
Klinegardner?, M. C., Grand Dau, W F, 1870, 30 Single
Birth27 Oct 1835, Bath County, VA27085,27071,27072,27053,27055,27086,27076,27057,27087,27088,27089,27082,27090
Memo1837? Parent’s marriage 4 Jun 1835! Now Highland County, VA
Census1840, Bath County, VA27085,27091
Census1850, Highland County, VA27072
Census1860, Meadow Dale, Highland County, VA27071,27076
Census1870, Warm Springs, Bath County, VA27075
Census1880, Warm Springs, Bath County, VA27092
Census1900, Warm Springs, Bath County, VA27093
FatherJames Ward William Wade (1814-1897)
MotherSophia Howard Briscoe (1811-1883)
Misc. Notes
had 2 children by Curry27095
Marriage18 Apr 1867, Highland County, VA27096,27061
ChildrenMary E. L. (1868-)
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