Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameSusannah Talbert 14890,14887,14888,14889
Birthca 176314887
Death23 Sep 182914887
FatherWilliam Talbert (1715-<1781)
MotherSarah Soper (ca1725-)
PG JBB3 0271661 Indenture 18 Dec 1843 Samuel S. & Matilda Suit of PG to Dennis D. Ferrall of PG for $150 for Lot in Bladensburg from Susannah Talbert at the time of her death (Same Susannah Talbert - Maiden name not married name?)

Burch, Thomas Marr: Susanna Talburt, Prince George’s Co Marr: 1780 Jul 26; Ref: Prince George’s Co Marr Record 1777-1797, p. 1311749 (Her? First Marriage?)

p.103 Marr Lic: Upper Marlborough, Prince George’s Co MD: Burch, Thomas, & Talburt, Susanna; 26 Jul 178014891 (Her? 1st Marr?)

p.29 Burch, Thomas Marr: 27 Jul 1780 Susanna Talburt 2 PG-714892 (Her?)
Death27 Sep 182214887
1810MDPGNoTwp36-37/228878 J. Grimes 2M <10, 2M 10-16, 1M 26-45, 2F <10, 2F 26-45 (Relationship?)
1810MDPG12/16 J.T.Grimes 2M 10-16, 1M 16-26, 1M 45+, 1F 10-16 (Him and family? Where is wife? Where is son <10?)

1800MDPG2008377 John Grimes 1M <10, 1M 10-16, 1M 26-45, 1F <10, 1F 10-16, 1F 26-45 (Relationship?)
John T. Grimes 3M <10, 1M 10-16, 1M 45+, 1F <10, 1F 10-16, 1F 45+ (Relationship? He is only 37?)

1790MDPG2878375 Grimes, John Sr. 2M 16+, 2M <16, 5F, (Relationship?)
Grimes, John Jr. 1M 16+, 2M <16, 2F, 1 Slave
1790MDPG288 Grimes John 1M 16+, 1M <16, 2F, 4 slaves (Relationship?)
Grimes, Miss 1M <16, 3F, 4 slaves (Relationship?)
Marriage21 Mar 1793, St John’s Parish, Prince George’s County, MD14887,14893,14894,14895,14889
Marr Memo1795? Marriage License 8 Jan 1793
ChildrenThomas (1794-1864)
 Tobias Talbert (1796-1826)
 Cinderella (ca1797-)
 Henry Valentine (1809-1855)
 Jeremiah Alfred (1813-1867)
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