Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameG. F. John Thompson 9975,9651,9649,9976,9716,9977,9670,9978
Birth10 Mar 18639649,9716,9979,9980
Death9 Aug 18949981,9716,9982
Memobef 9 May 1898
Burialaft 9 Aug 1894, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Bushwood, St Mary’s County, MD9698
MemoSame Stone John F. Hill & Julia A. Goode Thompson
FatherHenry Thompson (ca1840-)
MotherEmily Wright (ca1840-)
Memo1875? 1876? May 1877? 1878? probably Charles County, MD
Census1880, Charles County, MD9726
MemoEnumeration District 4
CensusJun 1900, St Mary’s County, MD9725,9706,9713
MemoEnumeration District 4 Chaptico
Census11 May 1910, St Mary’s County, MD9724,9709,9710
MemoEnumeration District 4 Maddox to Bushwood Wharf
Census3 Feb 1920, St Mary’s County, MD9723,9707,9712
MemoEnumeration District 7 or Milestown District
Census1930, St Mary’s County, MD9708,9711
MemoEnumeration District 7 Bay, District 11
Census1940, Milestown, St Mary’s County, MD9735
Memo7th Enumeration District, Dynard 19-13
Death20 Mar 1962, St Mary’s County, MD9736,9716,9731,9733,9737
Memo86 yrs, Abell, MD
Burial22 Mar 1962, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Bushwood, St Mary’s County, MD9649,9651,9738,9716,9739,9740,9741
Memosame stone with G. F. Thompson & John F. Hill; 20 Mar?
OccupationFarmer, Gen Farm9711
EducationHighest Grade - 4th9742
FatherJames Henry Goode (1845-1929)
Misc. Notes
Pg 12 Picture taken bet 1948-59: Julia Annette Goode Thompson Hill262
Pg 11 (Julia Annette Goode & John Franklin Hill) had two children die young.
If Daughter of James Henry Goode and Julia Rebecca Scott Copsey, born 12 years before her next sibling? Also would have been by James Henry Goode's first wife Elizabeth E. Turner?

Marriages and Deaths St Mary’s County, MD364 (Her Mother Julia R. Scott or Elizabeth E. Turner?)
Pg 157 Julia Annette Thompson d/James H. Good & Julia R. Scott (1)(2)(26)
MarriageSacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Bushwood, St Mary’s County, MD9649,9983
Marr Memo8 Jan 1895 - after death of G. F. Thompson?
ChildrenF. Edgar (1894-1959)
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