Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameJulia Ann Lucy Russell 8693,9842,9843,9844,9828,9845,9829,9830,9846,9847,4838,9835,9836,9837
Birth24 Dec 1860, St Mary’s County, MD9842,9843,9844,9828,9845,9830,9848,9847,9835,9836
Census1880, St Mary’s County, MD9842,9843,9844,9847
Memo4th District
Deathbef 19009820,9849,9836
FatherWilliam Henry Russell (1833-1878)
MotherAnn Maria Cullison (1830-1904)
Not listed with the family 1870MDStMMilestown4D60/614 Dwg 393 Fam 393259

Quade, Julia (Russell) Not listed in the 1900 MD Census Soundex (Microfilm Prince George's County Library, Hyattsville, MD 14 Mar 2000)

Julia Russell or Quade Not listed in 1920 MD Census Soundex (Lots of Quade/Quaids in St Mary's County, deceased?)

Not listed as a child of WmHRussell9850
BirthSep 1846, St Mary’s County, MD9820,9838,9821,9822,9823,9824,9825,9826,9827,9828,9829,9830,9831,9832,9839,9834,9835,9836
Memo1843? Dec 1845? Dec 1846?
Census7 Oct 1850, St Mary’s County, MD9822
MemoEnumeration District 4
Census11 Aug 1860, St Mary’s County, MD9821,9824
Memo4th Enumeration District Chaptico
Census1870, St Mary’s County, MD9825
Memo4th Enumeration District Chaptico
Census1880, St Mary’s County, MD9838,9823,9834,9826
Memo4th Enumeration District Chaptico
Census1900, St Mary’s County, MD9832
Memo4th Enumeration District
Census20 Apr 1910, St Mary’s County, MD9820,9827,9831
MemoEnumeration District 4
Death17 Apr 1913, St Mary’s County, MD9828,9830,9840,9835
OccupationLaborer Home Farm, Farmer9823,9824,9825,9826,9827,9831,9834,9835
Alias/AKAManuel, Jesse9841,9830,9831,9835
FatherJames Henry Quade (1806-<1870)
MotherCecelia A. Copsey (1816-1900)
Marriage16 Dec 1877, St Mary’s County, MD9841,9826,9829,9835,9836
ChildrenMargaret Ann Cecelia Elizabeth (1879-1960)
 William Thomas (1883-1913)
 Andrew Johnson (1888-1955)
 James Ernest (1890-1960)
 Joseph Isaac (1892->1923)
 John Hilary (1893-1978)
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