Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameArthur Bingham Fielder Suit Jr. 6035,6036,6037,6038,6039,6040,6041,6042,6043,6044,1105,6045,6020,6046,6047,69,6048
Birth10 Nov 1896, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD6049,6050,6051,6052,6053,6054,6055,6039,6040,6041,6042,6043,6044,6056,6057,6058,6047,69
Memo11 Nov?
Census28 Jun 1900, Prince George’s County, MD6054,6041,6043
MemoDistrict 6 Spalding
Census1910, Prince George’s County, MD6055,6040
MemoDistrict 6 Suitland Road
Residence5 Jun 1918, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD6044
MemoWWI Registration Card: Residence
Census7 Jan 1920, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD6059,6039,6042
Memo6th Spalding District, Suitland TB Road
Residence1930, Forestville, Prince George’s County, MD6060
Residence1937, Forestville, Prince George’s County, MD6061
Census1940, Forestville, Prince George’s County, MD6062
MemoSpalding District 6
Residence26 Apr 1942, Forestville, Prince George’s County, MD6063
Residence22 Jun 1988, Forestville, Prince George’s County, MD6064
Residenceca 1988, 3111 Newkirk Avenue, District Heights, Prince George’s County, MD6065
Death15 Jun 1988, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD6066,6051,6067,6047,69
Memo1989? Robert E. Wilhelm Funeral Home, 4308 Suitland Road
Burial24 Jun 1988, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD6068,6069
OccupationMachinist, Navy Yard6042,6070,6061
EducationHighest Grade: 7th6071
Soc. Sec. #577-56-45666051
FatherArthur Bingham Suit (1861-1919)
MotherGertrude May Allen (1875-1943)
Misc. Notes
Rode a Motorcycle to close to the Washington Navy Yard and took Mary Suit to College near there702,6072
Member of Eastern Star and Masons6073
Serial No. 55; Registration No. 55 Arthur Fielder Suit, age 21, from Suitland, MD; b: Nov 10, 1896 Suitland MD; Father b: NY; Employer: US Gov, Navy Yard, Wash. DC; Father: Arthur B. Suit, Suitland, MD, White; /s/Arthur Fielder Suit; No. 19-3-17B stamp; Eyes: Blue; Hair: Light; Disabled: No; Certified: J. E. John, Jun 5, 1918 Local Board for Co of PG MD Upper Marlboro1784,979

World War I Draft Registration Cards979
Arthur Fielder Suit; Prince George’s County, MD; b: 10 Nov 1896 MD; FHL Roll 1684365

World War II Draft Registration Cards1787
Arthur Fielder Suit b: 10 Nov 1896 Suitalnd(sic) MD; Residence: MD; Race: White

WW II Draft Registration Card2732
Serial # U 304 Arthur Fielder Suit
Residence: Forestville, P Geo MD
Address: Upper Marlboro, MD
Age 45 yrs
b: 10 Nov 1896 Suitland, MD
Person who will always know your address: Mrs. Marie Suit, Forestville, Upper Marlboro, MD
Employer: Navy Yard, Washington, DC
/s/ Arthur F. Suit
Race: White
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Ruddy
/s/ Maria Simmons
Registrar for Local Board 4 Balto MD
26 Apr 1942
Local Board No. 4
Record No. 83?
26 Mar 1947 (sic)
Lakewood Ave & Fayette St
Baltimore, MD
Birth5 Feb 1911, Prince Frederick, Calvert County, MD6015,6024,6016,6018,6025,6026,6027,6028
Residenceca 1920, Calvert County, MD6019
Census1940, Forestville, Prince George’s County, MD6029
MemoSpalding District 6
Residenceca 1989, 3111 Newkirk Avenue, District Heights, Prince George’s County, MD6030
Residence12 Apr 2006, Forestville, Prince George’s County, MD6017
Death12 Apr 2006, Forestville, Prince George’s County, MD6016,6017,6018,6031,6032
Burial15 Apr 2006, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Suitland, Prince George's County, MD6017,6018
EducationHighest Grade: 7th6033
Soc. Sec. #578-40-08156034,6016
FatherFayette Elwood Fowler (1883-1930)
MotherLydia B. Virginia Stinnett (1888-1961)
Marriage15 Jan 1930, Fairfax, VA6074,6075,6046,6023
Marr MemoFairfax Village
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