Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
Cleek, Dunmore, Gum, Hill, Stephenson, Suit Family - Person Sheet
NameBarbara Jeanne Stephenson 847,7302,7303,7304,933,7305,7306,7307,7308,910,915,7309,7310,7311
Birth14 May 1911, Coronado, San Diego County, CA7312,4127,7313,7314,7315,7316,905,7317,7307,7308,910,7318,915,7319,7320,7321
Census1920, San Diego County, CA7307
MemoCoronado, 620 1st Street
Graduation1928, Coronado High School, CA7322
Residence1928, Brockton, Plymouth County, MA7323
Census1930, San Diego County, CA7308
MemoCoronado, 614 1st Street
Residence16 Jun 1930, Coronado, San Diego County, CA7324,904
Residence16 Sep 1934, San Diego, San Diego County, CA7317,7325
Memo4205 Swift St
Residence17 Apr 1935, Brockton, Plymouth County, MA7326,7327
Memobirth of their son, Bruce
Residence2 Jun 1935, San Diego, San Diego County, CA7328
Residence1 Jun 1937, San Diego, San Diego County, CA7329
ResidenceSep 1938, Springfield, Hampden County, MA7330
Census1940, San Diego County, CA7331
Memo4205 Swift Avenue
Residence25 Jan 1942, San Diego, San Diego County, CA7332
Memo1714 Pacific Beach Dr, Pacific Beach (our first home of our own) Moved from 4205 Swift Av (East San Diego)
Residence3 Jul 1949, Dallas, Dallas County, TX7333
Memo8123 Chadbourne, Dallas, TX
Residence1 Oct 1949, Garland, TX7334,7335,7336,7337,7306,7338,7339
Memo1140 Rock Creek Dr, Garland, TX
Residence5 Jan 1965, Menominee County, MI7340,7341
MemoRiverside Blvd
Residencebef 1974, 10753 Royal Springs Lane, Dallas, Dallas County, TX7342,7343
Death25 Dec 1974, Dallas, Dallas County, TX7344,7303,7314,7345,7346,7347
Memoage 63, metastic carcenoma of lung 4 months & emphysema, Presbyterian Hospital
Burial27 Dec 1974, Dallas, Dallas County, TX7348,7349,7350
MemoCremated per her husband, Charles Dunmore, ashes scattered over Pacific Ocean off Point Loma, San Diego, CA
OccupationManager of the LaJolla Business Office of telephone company, Housewife (1935)7351,7352,7353
EducationHighest Grade: High School 4 yrs7354
Soc. Sec. #551-03-43497355,7356
HobbiesCaptain of the girls' basketball team & of the softball team. On AT&T girls' rowing team in San Diego Bay. Strong Swimmer7357
MotherVeda Baillie (1877-1945)
Misc. Notes
She has (1962) a "Four Generations Book" which she has compiled, full of pictures, letters, notes on family doings, even old valentines, in chronological order7358

Four Generation Book Pg 29 Newspaper Art Cross Country Wedding Trip890
She is an outstanding athelete, being a swimmer, oarswoman and basketball player.
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