NameJoan Briggs 119374,119398
Birth1635, Taunton, Bristol County, MA119399
Residence24 Jul 1665, Taunton, New Plymouth Colony, MA119374,119384
Land Purchase24 Jul 1665, Portsmouth, RI119384
Purchase Memohouse and land from Peter Tallman, her future husband
Death1685, Portsmouth, Newport County, RI119400
Birth20 Feb 1623, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany119378,119379
Baptism20 Feb 1623, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany119380
Residence1647, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany119381
Residenceabt 1649, Barbados119381,112459,119382
Residence11 Nov 1650, Newport County, RI119383
Reside Memohe gave power of attorney to a Mr. John Elton, his step father
Residencebef 24 Jul 1665, Portsmouth, RI119376,119384
Land Sold24 Jul 1665, Portsmouth, RI119384
Land Sold Memogave house and land to Joan Briggs, bought of Capt Richard Morris
Land Sold24 Jul 1665, Portsmouth, RI119385
Land Sold Memogave Joan Briggs, land bought of Daniel Woodcocks adjoining land bought of Capt Richard Morris
Residence13 Mar 1702, Portsmouth, RI119386
Reside MemoDeclaration made to Joseph Sheffield
Death1708, Portsmouth, Newport County, RI119387
Will Filed8 May 1709, Portsmouth, RI119389
Will Filed MemoEstate Settled
FatherPeter Taleman (1589-)
MotherMaria Von Peene (~1601-)
V85(1931) Pg 71-7217247 (who is his Father Henry or Peter?)
The Tallman entries found in the Hamburg records by Dr. (Henry) Presch (Jr. of Hamburg, Germany commissioned to make researches the Hamburg records for the parentage & ancestry of Peter Tallman of RI), combined with the declaration of Peter Tallman of 13 Mar 1702/3 and other New England records, make it possible to construct with considerable certainty, the following brief pedigree, according to which Peter Tallman of Barbados and Rhode Island was probably a son of Henry Tallman of Hamburg, who appears to have come to Hamburg from the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein.
1. __ Talemann, apparently of the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein b: abt 1558
2.i. Peter b: probably in Schleswig-Holstein abt 1582
ii. Susanna b: abt 1584 Marr: bed 18 May 1608, when she was a widow, Jacob Melchior Jacobsen. She was a godmother at the baptism of Anna, d/o her brother Peter Tallman, in the Church of St Nicholas, Hamburg 18 May 1608
3.iii. Henry b: probably in Schleswig-Holstein, abt 1586
iv. Anna (perhaps a sister of Peter, No. 2) b: probably abt 1588. She was a godmother at the baptism of Peter’s dau Anna 18 May 1608; but it is, however, possible that this Anna was a sister-in-law of Peter, i.e. his brother’s wife.
2. Peter Tallman, of Hamburg, b: probably Schleswig-Holstein, abt 1582, presumably settled in Hamburg in the opening yrs of the 17th century, for he was living in the parish of St Nicholas in 1608, when his daughter Anna was baptized. The name of his wife is unknown.
i. Anna, bapt: Church of St Nicholas, Hamburg 18 May 1608
4.ii. Peter b: abt 1615
Probably other children
3. Henry Tallman, of Hamburg b: probably Schleswig-Holstein, abt 1586, was living in the Parish of St Nicholas, Hamburg, as late as 24 Mar 1619 & probably live for several years aft that date. He probably Marr: Anna ___, who may have been the Anna Talemanns who was a godmother at the baptism of Anna, d/o Peter Tallman on 18 May 1608. He was residing in the Parish of St Nicholas, Hamburg, on 20 Sep 1616, when his dau Anna Maria was baptized there. He evidently became a burgher of Hamburg, if the Peter Telemann who was admitted a burgher in 1646 was his son.
i. Anna Maria, bapt: Church of St Nicholas, Hamburg 20 Sep 1616
ii. Elisabeth bapt: Church of St Nicholas, Hamburg 24 Mar 1619
5. iii. Peter (probably s/o Henry), b: abt 1623, the emigrant to Barbados & New England
4. Peter Tallman (Peter), of Hamburg, b: abt 1615 d: prob betw 3 Jul 1663-9 Oct 1663. The name of his wife is unknown.
i. Susanna b: abt 1645. The annuity which her father had obtained for her on 23 Jan 1656/7 she sold, by her guardian, on 9 Oct 1663.
ii. John Adolphus (perhaps s/o Peter, No. 4) admitted as a burgher of Hamburg in 1660
5. Peter Tallman (Henry), of Hamburg, Barbados, & New England b: probably Hamburg, abt 1623, d: 1708. He Marr1: 2 Jan 1649 (?1648/9) Parish of Christ Church, Barbados, Ann Hill, whom he divorced in New England in 1665 d/o Philip & Ann Hill of the Parish of Christ Church, Barbados; Marr2: (Marriage settlement dtd 24 Jul 1665) Joan Briggs of Taunton, then in the Plymouth Colony; and Marr3: abt 1686 Esther ___.
Marriageaft 24 Jul 1665, Portsmouth, Newport County, RI119374,119401
ChildrenJonathan (1666-1762)
 Mercy Ruth (1666-)
 James (1668-1724)
 UNNAMED (1670-)
 John (1672-)
 Ruth (1674-)
 Nathaniel (1680-)
 Benjamin (1684-1759)
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