NameMary Sutton 70384,70387,70388,70389,70390,70391
Birthbef 10 Aug 162570416,70417
Baptism10 Aug 1625, Great Saxham, Suffolk, England70417
Death4 Nov 1703, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA70418,70416,70419
Death Memo/1704
FatherJohn Sutton (ca1595-1672)
MotherJulian Adcocke (<1598-<1678)
Birth Memoabt 1621?
Land Purchasebef 1645, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA70396,70397
Land Purchase18 Feb 1646, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA70398,70399
Purchase Memolots were drawn for the new meadow
Land Purchase22 Jun 1658, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA70400,70401
Purchase Memolots were drawn for the meadows that lie on the north side of the town
Land Purchase26 May 1668, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA70402,70403
Purchase Memolots wee drawn for the meadow lands in the North Urchase
Residence7 Feb 1689, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA70404,70405
Reside MemoInhabitant
Will Filed30 Jun 1693, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA70406
Will Filed Memodtd
Death21 Jan 1698, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA70407,70408,70409,70410,70411,70412,70388,70394,70413
Death Memo1697?
Misc. Notes
Rehoboth, MA Early Settlers: the records contain the following list of names with the register of their lands; who became settlers somewhere in the territory of the towns into which Rehoboth was afterwards divided: John Fitch56281

Rehoboth, MA Early Settlers: Names "of the inhabitants and proprietors of the Towne of Rehoboth having Rights and Titles to the Measuages, Tenements and Lands contained in the quit-claim deed of William BRADFORD to the town of Rehoboth, which hath been reade and allowed in a full Towne Meeting, February the 7th, 1689:" John FFitch(sic)56281

Sgt John Fitch70414
Colonial Soldiers and Officers in New England 1620-177558965 (Him?)
Vol: MA Officers & Soldiers in the Seventeenth-Century Conflicts
Pg 89 Fitch, John; Date of Accounting, Probable Residence: 1/25/1675-6; Conflict, Company, Commanding Officer: Lancaster
Fitch, John; Date of Accounting, Probable Residence: 8/24/1676 Gloucester; Conflict, Company, Commanding Officer: (Blank)
Fitch, John; Date of Accounting, Probable Residence: 8/24/1676; Conflict, Company, Commanding Officer: Poole

Vol 167 Pg10of348 Sergeant John Fitch17247
MA Town & Vital Records - Deaths55840 (Related?)
Pg 823 1 54 Fitch, John d: slain 26 Mar 1676
Pg 823 1 54 Fitch, Jeremiah bur: 15 Oct 1676

Vol 9 Pg 317 Rehoboth, Fitch, Jeremiah, bur: 15 Oct 167630282 (His father?)

James Fitch b: abt 1605 d: bef 16 Feb 1645/6, Immigration: 1635 on the Defence; Marr: bef 1635 Abigail __ b: abt 1611: Associations: John Fitch, who sailed to New England on the same ship with James Fitch, was presumable a relative, perhaps a younger brother, a nephew or a cousin. (If the ages in the passenger list are correct, John would not have been a son of James)57015 Pg 53257510 (Related?)

Image 183 Pg 169 (I did not get previous page with ship name) 1635: James Fitch, 30, Boston, & Mrs. Abigail Fitch, 24, John Fitch 1461258 (Him?)

US & Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index 1500s-1900s788 (John or James, his father? Abigal his mother?)
John Fitch b: abt 1621; Arrival: 1635 Boston MA; age 14; Primary Immigrant: John Fitch; Source: 263 Banks, Charles Edward. The Planters of the Commonwealth; a Study of the Emigrants & Emigration in Colonial Times Pg 169 & 177
John Fitch b: abt 1621; Arrival: 1635 MA; age 14; Fam Members: Wife Abigail 24; Relative John 14; Primary Immigrant: James Fitch; Source:6799.25 Pope, Charles Henry. The Pioneers of MA,A DescriptiveList, Drawn fm Recds of the Colonists,Towns&Churches Pg168

Ancestry of Seth LeMoyne Warner70415 (Ancestor?)
Pg 14-15 3168-9 George Fitch, s/o (6336) Roger & (6337) Margery (Humphrey) Fitch, b: 13 Sep 1539 Bocking, co Essex, d: there 12 May 1605. Marr: 13 Sep 1574 Little Canfield, co Essex (3169) Joan Thurgood, b: bef 1555 Elsenham, co Essex d: Edwardstone, Essex. Children of George and Joan (Thurgood) Fitch, b: Braintree, Bocking, co Essex:
i. Zachary Fitch, b: abt 1577 d: Jan 1632, aged 55
ii. George Fitch b: abt 1584 d: 10 Nov 1614 Great Durrow, Essex, aged 30
iii. Frances Fitch b: 1586 Marr: James Stracey
iv. Joseph Fitch b: 1587
v. Arthur Fitch b: 1589
1584 vi. Thomas Fitch
vii. Dau, name unknown, b: abt 1592 Marr: John Malden

Vol II C-F Pg532-533 James Fitch57383 (Related?)
Migration: 1635 on the Defence
First Residence: Boston
Occ: Tailor (in England) (Hotten 101)
Church Membership: On 27 Dec 1635 James Fitch tailor & Abigall his wife were admitted to Boston Church (BChR 20)
Estate: On 8 Jan 1637/8 James Fitch & Richard Fitch received 16 ac at Muddy River as their great allotment (BTR 1:24). On 27 Apr 1659 John Parker of Boston, … mariner & Elizabeth his wife sold to Joshua Scottow of Boston, merchant, the 16 ac originally belonging to Richard Fitch and James Fitch late of Boston and given and bequeathed by the last will & testament of the said Richard Fitch unto Elizabeth Fitch now the wife of the said John Parker (SLR 3:345-46)
Birth: abt 1605 (aged 30 in 1635 (Hotten 101)
Death: by 16 Feb 1645/6 (when his brother Richard wrote his will (NEHGR 16:367)
Marr: by 1635 Abigail __, b: abt 161 (aged 24 in 1635 (Hotten 101)
i. Elizabeth bp 15 May 1636 Boston (BChR 280); Marr: by 27 Apr 1659 John Parker (SLR 3:345-46)
Associations: On 12 Feb 1645/6 Richard Fitch of Boston bequeathed to Elizabeth Fitch, only d/o my brother James Fitch, deceased and to my brother & sister Leveritt (NEGHR 16:367, citing the original NEHGS). Thomas Leverett Marr: Anne Fitch on 29 Oct 1610 Boston, Lincolnshire (GMB 2:1175-78)
John Fitch, who sailed to New England on the same ship with James Fitch, was presumably a relative, perhaps a younger brother, a nephew or a cousin. (If the ages in the passenger list are correct, John would not have been a son of James.)
Comments: On 10 Jul 1635 James Fitch, Tailor, aged 30 years, and “uxor (sic) Abigall Fitch, aged 24, were enrolled at London for passage to New England on the Defence (Hotten 101).
Given their connection with Thomas Leverett, the Fitch brothers probably derived from Boston, Lincolnshire, or vicinity.
John Fitch - On 18 Jul 1635 “Jo(hn) Fitch aged 14, was enrolled at London for passage to New England on the Defence (Hotten 107). … not found in any other New England record.

Vol 167 Pg13of348 At London18 Jul 1635, JohnFitch, age14, was registered for passage to NewEngland on the Defense; a fellow passenger was 30yr old JamesFitch, probable relative, who settled in Boston (S:TheGreatMigration:Immig toNE1634-1635 VII C-F 532-33)17247

V1 Pg550of674 Fitch, John (-1676) & Ann (__) Hillier (-1673), w John 9 Dec 1656, ?16 Jul 1656; Windsor CT (Windsor CT 2:391; Ludington-Saltus 133?; Miner Anc 100; AG 17:27)57501 (Related?)
Marriageabt 1646, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA70384,70388,70389
Marr Memobef 1651; 1645-46? or Hingham?
ChildrenMary (1649->1716)
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