NameSusanna 64474,64487
Birthca 171564488
Undefined9 Mar 1761, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA64489
Undefined Memonamed Administratrix for husband, Jacob Seibert - 250 ac land
Jacob Seibert b: 1716 Sankt Wendel, Germany d: Berks, PA Spouse: Susanna Klopp (Timeline from Ancestry family tree - not accessible) (Her Surname?)
Birthca 1715
Deathbef 2 Dec 1740, Philadelphia County, PA106975
Birthbef 2 Mar 1716, Sotern, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany33437,64424,64475,64476
Birth MemoEitzweiler?
Baptism2 Mar 1716, Wolfersweiler, Saar, Germany64424,64454,64455,64467,64477
Residenceaft 25 Oct 1738, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA39797,64478,33458
Reside Memonow Berks County, a few miles south of his brother Wendel
Land PurchaseMar 1739, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA64458
Purchase Memoreceived a grant of land in nearby Bethel Township
Undefined3 Jan 1741, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA64479
Undefined MemoAdministrator of brother Wendel’s estate, Christian Lauer on bond
Residence1754, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA64460,64480
Tax List1754, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA64465,64481
Tax List Memonow Berks County
Tax List1757, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA64465,64481
Tax List Memonow Berks County
Tax List1759, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA64465,64481
Tax List Memopaid L18 now Marion Township, Berks County
Deathbef 9 Mar 1761, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA64482,64460,64467,39582,64483
Death Memoowned 250 ac farm worth L1125, also an estate of L604, now Berks County
Will Filed9 Mar 1761, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA64466
Will Filed MemoLetters of Administration Susanna Seibert - Land 250 a L1125; other L604
ReligionReformed Church at Wolfersweiler, Trinity Tulpehocken Reformed and Christ Luthern (Stouchburg), Trinity Church 174864424,64461,64462,64463
FatherJohann Jacob Seibert (1678-1726)
Misc. Notes
Pg 27 Other possible children of Jacob (Seibert) Henry, Peter, Elizabeth33531
Jacob Seibert/Seybert Arrived w/mother (Catherine Kuntzer) on Ship Davy in PA 25 Oct 173864441 (Mother not listed with him on Ship Davy33530)

Pg 25 Tulpehocken, Seiberts: John Jacob Seibert and Mary Elizabeth Theiss were marr Telpehocken Feb 26, 1739 by John Casper Stoever, a noted Luthern minister. In 1754 Jacob Seibert was in Tulpehochken, where he d:1761. He Marr2:@1748 Susanna, widow of Adam Schultz (Schitz-Scheetz).33531 (Same 1st wife as Johann Jacob Seybert, grandson of Hans, son of Christopher? Is this same Jacob Seibert? This one died in 1761 Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA? Children are similar but not the same?)

Grandson of Hans Nickel Seibert, son of Jacob; OR grandson of Hans, son of Christopher? Who is father of Johann Jacob Seibert and Johann Wendel Seibert or are there two families with similar children?33531

A Genealogist’s Postscript by Raymond Martin Bell64486 (Same Jacob Seibert/Seybert? No Henry, Catherine wrong dates?)
Pg 1 Marriage date of Jacob Seibert & widow Susanna Schutz (Pg 29) is Jun 7, 1741. This makes Mary Elizabeth Theiss the mother of Nicholas only. On pg 41 9. Henry Seibert d: 1804 Berkeley Co. No record of heirs. 11. Catherine Seibert b: 24 Sep 1764 d: 16 Jun 1826 marr Apr 19, 1786 Michael Walborn; 1811 to Miles Twp, Centre Co PA (formerly Northumberland Co).

Pg 15212490 List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Glascow, Walter Sterling, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sep 9, 1738
Johan Jacob Seibert (Him?)
Pg 154 The Oath of Allegiance “The original list is herewith given. Men’s names:” (either of these him?)
Johan Jacob Sybert, Age 28
Johan Jacob Seibert, Age 20

US and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s788 (His mother Anna Katharina Kuntzer, his wife Maria Elisabeth Theis?)
Anna Katharina Kuntzer Seibert; Arrival:1738 PA; Primary Immig: Johann Jakob Seibert; Family Members: Wife Maria Elisabeth-Theis; Mother Anna Katharina Kuntzer; Bro Johann Wendel; Source: 9981 Zimmer, Klaus Amerikaauswanderer aus der Reformierten Pfamei Wolfersweiler vor 1750. In Mittellungen zur Wanderungsgeschichte der Pfaelzer, Jahrgang 31, vol 10:1 (1982) pp. 39-45. Pg 43
Marriage7 Jun 1741, Tulpehocken, Lancaster County, PA64474,64490
Marr Memoby J. Caspar Stoever, a Luthern Minister
ChildrenNicholas (1741-1791)
 Christian (1743-1813)
 Godfrey (<1746-1826)
 John Jacob (1748-1810)
 Francis (1751-1811)
 William (1754-ca1780)
 Catharine (1757-1792)
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