Birthabt 1766, Nash County, NC87984,87985,87986,87987,87980,87981,87982
Birth Memobet 1760-1770? bef 1765?
Census1790, Nash County, NC87988,87983
Census1800, Nash County, NC87989
Census1810, Knox County, KY87990,87982
Census1820, Whitley County, KY87991,87981
Census1830, Whitley County, KY87992,87980
Death1839, Whitley County, KY87993,87994,87995
Death Memobef 1840?
Burial Memopresumed buried in Jellico Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Whitley County, KY in unmarked graves
FatherRev. Stephen Batchelor (1702-1806)
MotherMary Manning (ca1703-1768)
p.9 Barsheba Batchelor daughter of Rev. Stephen Batchelor and his second wife Margaret78216 (Mother Margaret or Mary?)
Birth1760, Norfolk County, VA87961,87962,87963,87964,87957,87958,87959,87960
Birth Memo1762?
Undefined22 Jan 1788, Nash County, NC87965
Undefined Memowitnessed purchase of two tracts of land by Robert Creekmur from William Batchelor
Residenceca 1790, Nash County, NC87966
Census1790, Nash County, NC87967,87960
Census1800, Nash County, NC87968
Census1810, Knox County, KY87969,87959
Residenceca 1810, Whitley County, KY87966
Census1820, Whitley County, KY87970,87958
Census1830, Whitley County, KY87971,87957
Death1830, Whitley County, KY87972,87973,87974,87975
Death Memo70 years; 1839?
Burial Memopresumed buried in Jellico Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Whitley County, KY in unmarked graves
FatherDavid Creekmore (~1728-1786)
MotherFrances Ballentine (1730-)
Creekmore Family78216
p.9 Ballentine (Creekmore) family is found in the 1790 census of Nash Co., NC as 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16 and 2 females, one being his wife (who is the Male <16)
Ballentine Creekmore is listed in Nash Co., NC in 1800 as 26-45,1 female 26-45 his wife, 2 females 10-16, 1 male and 2 females under 10 (who is the 2nd female 10-16? who is the 2nd female <10? two males are missing Charles Gray and David Lemon? is it possible the 2 females are mislabeled?)
In 1820 Whitley Co., KY, Ballentine and wife are over 45, 1 male 26-45, 1 male and 1 female under 10. (who are the male and female <10? perhaps grandchildren)
In 1830 Ballentine is listed in the census for the last time, he and wife 60-70 and 1 male 20-30. (who is the Male 20-30? all the sons that age are married)

1820KYWhitleyNotStatedImage10of18 Balentine Creekmore 1M <10, 1M 26-45, 1M 45+, 1F <10, 1F 45+11364 (Who is Male <10? Who is Female <10? Perhaps Grandchildren?)

1830KYWhitleyNotStatedImage13of48 Ballentine Creekmore 1M 15-20, 1M 60-70, 1F 60-7078423 (Who is Male 15-20? Grandson?)
Marr Memoca 1788? abt 1790? bef 1798 - children b: before this?
ChildrenUNNAMED (ca1784-ca1800)
 UNNAMED (ca1784-<1810)
 Judith (1790->1870)
 Ballantine Ransom (1791-1856)
 Charles Gray (>1794-1868)
 Courtney (~1797-1880)
 David Lemon (1799-1882)
 Horatio Gates (1802-1878)
 Frances (1804-1864)
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