Birthca 1670
Residence1685, Talbot County, MD72905
Reside Memotransfer of an assignment of 1000 ac called Beall’s Camp by Col Ninian Beall’s patent dtd 1689
Land Purchase16 Feb 1704, Prince George’s County, MD46547
Purchase MemoGore, 179 ac + Moddows? 21 ac, from Col Ninian Beall for 3200 lbs tobacco
Land Purchase16 Feb 1704, Prince George’s County, MD46548
Purchase MemoDunkell, from Col Ninian Beall granted from John Scott of Calvert County in 1703 for 340 ac provided to Col Ninean Beall dated 26 Aug 1696 for 7K lbs tobacco
Land Purchase18 Jan 1711, Prince George’s County, MD46571
Purchase Memowater or grist mill called Col Beall’s Mill on Collington Branch, 1/4 ac, to Archibald Edmondston of Prince George’s County, Carpenter, jointly bound unto Samuel Magruder for 80 lbs sterling,
Undefined19 May 1711, Prince George’s County, MD46572
Undefined Memo1 negro woman called Mall aged about 16 years & her issue from Ninian Beall father in law
Land Purchase18 Sep 1711, Prince George’s County, MD46575
Purchase MemoBarron Hall, 300 ac, to him & Thomas Sprigg from Ninian Beall for 18 lbs 18 shillings 5 pence
Undefined30 Dec 1712, Prince George’s County, MD41435
Undefined MemoAppraised the estate of Guy White with John Pottenger
Land Sold6 Apr 1720, Prince George’s County, MD39860
Land Sold Memosold to David Trail a tract of land called David's Industry (adjoining Beall's Meadow) containing 170 ac for 6500 lbs tobacco
FatherThomas Edmondston (ca1650-)
Misc. Notes
Part of Church ministered by Nathaniel Taylor which Ninian Beall gave land to for building a church.46554

Ancestral Records Vol II46638 Pg 468 (Archibald Edmonston) patented extensive tracts of land in Prince George’s County, later divided into Frederick, Montgomery and Washington Counties.


Pg 27 Col Archibald Edmonstone44604

Vol II Pg 468 Ninian Beall was known aft 1700, as “Colonel”46638
Birthca 1678
Deathbef 13 Dec 1745, Prince George’s County, MD72885
Death MemoDecember?
FatherNinian Beall (1625-1717)
MotherRuth Moore (1647-)
10 Mar 1706 Her parents gave negros to her siblings but nothing to her44595

Folio 92 Ninian Beall Will Prob 2/28/1717:46639 Jane Beall was not mentioned in this will

Pg 32 Ninian Beall Will:44602 (Not mentioned in his will?)
ChildrenRuth (ca1699-<1775)
 Archibald (ca1701-1779)
 Mary (ca1703-)
 James (ca1705-1753)
 Jane (ca1705-1750)
 Eleanor (ca1705-)
 Ninian (ca1707-)
 Martha (ca1710-)
 Thomas (ca1712-)
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