NameHamon Legh 72233,72234
Birthca 1200
ResidenceHigh Legh, Cheshire, England72233,72234
Reside MemoWestHall
Misc. Notes
the Warren line includes segments from the book: "Kin of Mellcene Thurman Smith"46948
It is incontrovertibly clear from Domesday Book that the Saxon lords of High Legh were ejected at the Conquest, and that a new lord was then introduced, Gilbert Venables, Lord of Kinderton, from whose grants, or from those of his descendants, all subsequent proprietors must have derived their possession. In or about the time of Henry II (1154-1189) the Manor of High Legh had been granted out in moieties to two families, who assumed the local name, the earliest known ancestor of which are Hamon de Legh, Progenitor of the West-Hall family, and Edward de Legh, progenitor of the East-Hall family. Both of these were as nearly contemporaries as possible, as can be gathered by marriages and dates of their immediate descendants, and both were most probably original grantees from the Venables family. There is not, however, anything which can induce a belief in Hamon and Edward being common stock. The origin of Hamon de Legh is referred to the Venables family by strong probabilities. Dr. Williamson, historian, who quotes a deed in his possession, for Hamon being original grantee, expressly states him to be descended from Gilbert Venables. Of the Moiety of West-Hall, later one moiety was given by Thomas Legh to his half brother, Ralph Hawarden. (See Generation No. 5. Agnes de Legh)
ChildrenWilliam (ca1220-)
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