Birth7 Oct 1855, Providence, Providence County, RI54964,54965,54966,54967,3938,54968,54979,54980,54981,54982,54983,54984,54985,54986,54987,54988,3947,54989
Birth Memo30 Oct?
Census1860, Providence County, RI54968
Census Memo3rd Ward Providence City
Census1 Jun 1865, Providence, Providence County, RI54990
Census Memo7 Coles Street, 29th District, 3rd Ward
Census1880, Fall River, Bristol County, MA54964
Census MemoRock Street
Residence1889, Fall River, Bristol County, MA54948
Reside Memohouse 20 Pearl
Residence1890, Fall River, Bristol County, MA54991
Reside Memohouse 1 Hope
Residence5 Jun 1902, Fall River, Bristol County, MA54992,54978
Reside Memo12 Marble, Married William Brayshaw
Residence1904, Fall River, Bristol County, MA54993
Census1905, Pawtucket, Providence County, RI54994
Census Memo40 Merrick
Residencebef 1914, Pawtucket, Providence County, RI54960
Residenceabt 1914, Springfield, Hampden County, MA54960
Census1920, Plymouth County, MA54965,54967
Census MemoAbington, ED 23, Belmont Street
Census1930, Plymouth County, MA54966
Census MemoAbington, District 4, Belmont Street
Residence1930, Plymouth County, MA54995
Reside MemoAbington City Directory Pg 138
Deathbef 1940
Death Memonot found in the 1940 Census Massachusetts; not living with her daughter
OccupationDidn't Work? Housekeeper54996,54997,54998,54999
FatherBenjamin John Rogers (1810-1884)
MotherCaroline Tompkins Hurley (1825-1866)
Misc. Notes
Letter from Charles A. Dunmore55001 -my adopted mother's name was Caroline Stuart Dunmore and Grandmother's was Angelina M. Brayshaw. I seem to remember that Grandmother had been married twice. Her first husband was named Rogers. (Through research, Rogers was her maiden name)

Charles Dunmore Questionnaire:3974
He did not have a good relationship with Caroline Dunmore and Angeline Brayshaw

Caroline's Mother's name was Angeline Brayshaw. Believe that she was married twice and first married name was Rogers.55002 (Actually her Maiden Name)

ED 180, Fam 60, Female, 2 in family, Brayshaw, Angeline M., Resid: 40 Merrick, Pawt, Prov Co, Ward 5, Voting Distr 3, Wife, Color: White, age 50, Marr, b: 30 Oct 1855 Prov, Mother of 3 ch; No. ch living 1 Jun 1905: 1; Native Born, Yes Read/Write55003 (had 3 children, only one living 1 Jun 1905)
my adopted mother's name was Caroline Stuart Dunmore and Grandmother's was Angelina M. Brayshaw.55001 (it was believed that Angeline was Married to a Stuart)

Canston and Vicinity, Rhode Island City Directories, 1916-1957 Database (Ancestry Plus, Anne Arundel Co Public Library, 13 Jan 2005) Angeline Rogers, Cranston, 1924, Rhode Island, House Directory Pg 283 Path 2.48 (Same Angeline Rogers Dunmore Brayshaw?)

MA Vital Records54640 (Could one of these be her father?)
Brayshaw, (Male), Weymouth, 1895, Vol 455, Pg 562, Death
Brayshaw, Jacob, Boston, 1877, Vol 294, Pg 111, Death

Name: Rogers, Angeline; Town: Fall River, Year: 1901, Vol 516, Pg 216, Type: Death54640 (Her? She was in 1920 & 1930 census with her daughter Caroline)

1910RIProvPawtucket139D22A/272/155of184HQ 40 Merrick Dwg 209 Fam 442 Brayshaw, William, Head, M W 54, Marr1, 9 yrs, b: NY Father b: Engl Mother b: Engl, Cigar Maker, Cigar Factory, Worker, Yes Out of Work, 2 wks, Yes Read/Write (same Dwg as Foster,Robert)55004 (He Married 9 years but no wife is listed with him, where is Angeline?)

Not listed with her father 1870RIProvNoProvImage3of212 Dwg 10 Fam 16 Rogers, William, 4 M W, b: RI (Enum w/Qulnn, Charlotte, 56 & others)55005

1900MABristol - I looked through all of ED 123 and ED 131 for Hope Street; also through all of ED 134 for Marble Street and found nothing for her.
Birth1837, Newport, Newport County, RI54927,3935,3936,3937,3938,54928,54929,54936,54937,54938,54939,54940,54941,3947,54942,54943
Birth MemoNY?
Census1850, Newport County, RI54929
Census1860, Newport County, RI54928
Census MemoNewport
Residence1863, Newport County, RI54938
Reside Memo95 Spring Street
Census1 Jun 1865, Newport, Newport County, RI54944,54942
Census Memo91 Spring Street, 1st District, 4th Ward
Residence15 May 1876, Fall River, Bristol County, MA54945
Reside Memo31 Franklin, where their child was still born
Census1880, Fall River, Bristol County, MA54927
Census MemoRock Street
Residence1884, Fall River, Bristol County, MA54946
Reside MemoCourt Square, house rear 16 Rock
ResidenceFall River, Bristol County, MA54947
Reside Memo1889 - aft death? Perhaps already in book when published?
Death11 Jun 1888, Fall River, Bristol County, MA54948,54949,54950,54951,54935
Death Memo50 yrs, Pneumonia
OccupationWorks Stable; Mariner, Hostler54927,54928,54952,54953,54954,54955,54938,54942,54956
FatherThomas Dunmore (1812-1886)
MotherLaura A. Thomas (1810-1893)
1865 RI Census54957 Image 247 Pg 238 Newport 1st D, 4th Ward Str#91 Spring St, Dwg 1239W Fam 1632 Charles A. Dunmore, Mariner, Formerly in Navy

US Civil War Draft Registration Records738
RI 1st vol 1of3 Image 150of287 Newport County, 95 Spring, Dunmore, Charles, age 26, White, Seaman, Single, b: RI
Dorchester, MA Vital Records1825-1850 (Marriages)(File:GenData, Dunmore, Dorchester,MAMarr)
Dunmore, Archibald & Betsey Jewell, Oct 5, 1828
Dunmore, Charles & Clarissa Fobes, Aug 24, 1848
Dunmore, Hannah & Francis Skinner, Int. May 25, 1833
Dunmore, Lucy & M. D. Plumer of Milton, Dec. 19, 1847

Boston Directory 1860:
Dunmore, Archibald, 221 Federal, house 75 Curve
Dunmore, Archibald, watchman, house 50 Curve
Dunmore, Elisha L., clerk, 24 Bromfield, boards 6 Lindall place
(File: Genealogy Data, Heritage Quest, Entered Reunion, Dunmore/Boston 1860)

1900NYSchnectady5WdSchndy172 408 Summit Ave Dwg 256 Fam 357 Dunmore, Charles, brother in l, W M May 1874, 26 Marr, 2 yrs, B: NY, Father B: NY, Mother B: NY, Driver Groceries, 0 wks unemployed, Yes Read/Write/English & Gertrude, sister in l, W F Oct 1878, 21 Marr, 2 yrs, 1 child, 0 living, B: NY, Father B: NY, Mother B: NY, Yes Read/Write/English (Enumerated with Young, Edward 30 & Edna 31)54958 (Could this be him? If so, wife Gertrude? B: NY?)

1880 Middleburgh, Schoharie, NY Census Fam History Liby Film 1254931 Pg 212D (File:GenData,Dunmore,Dunmore 12/17/2003)(from Family Search)
William Dunmore 34 b: Eng
Emma Dunmore 28 b: NY
Laura Dunmore 10 b: NY
Lotta Dunmore 8 b: NY
Charles Dunmore 6 b: NY (Related?)

1900PASusquehannaRushTwp187 Dwg 189 Fam 197 (Heritage Quest) (Same Charles?)
Dunmore, Charles W. b: Jun 1873 26 Single b:PA, Father b: PA, Mother b: NJ Farmer,
Henry, Father, b: Sep 1834, 63, Marr 38 yrs b: PA, Father b: NY, Mother b: PA
Emma C., Mother, b: Nov 1844, 55, Marr 38 yrs, 6 children, 3 living, b: NJ, Father b: NJ, Mother b:NJ
Jessie N., Sister, F, b: 1867, 32, Single b: PA, Father b: PA, Mother b: NJ
Tooke, Russel L., Grandson, b: Aug 1898, 6 yrs, Single b: CO, Father b: TX, Mother b: PA

1870RIProvidence2WdProvidence Heritage Quest (HQ)- I looked through the entire 2nd Ward and did not find Charles Dunmore.
ChildrenUNNAMED (1876-1876)
 Caroline Stuart (1879-)
Birth27 Mar 1855, Statesville, NY55426,55427,55428,55429,55430,55425,55431
Birth MemoAug 1855?
Census1870, Putnam, Windham County, CT55425
Census1900, Fall River, Bristol County, MA55432
Census Memo177 No. Main
Residence5 Jun 1902, Fall River, Bristol County, MA55433,55434
Reside Memo94 Wade
Residence1906, Pawtucket, Providence County, RI55435
Reside Memohouse 40 Merrick
Residence1907, Pawtucket, Providence County, RI55436
Reside Memohouse 40 Merrick
Census1910, Pawtucket, Providence County, RI55426
Census Memo40 Merrick
Residence23 Feb 1912, Pawtucket, Providence County, RI55437,55438
Reside Memo40 Merrick W? Pawtucket Road
Death23 Feb 1912, Taunton County, MA55439,55440
Death Memochronic nephritis, contributory: Organic brain disease at Taunton State Hospital
Burial25 Feb 1912, Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, Bristol County, MA55441,55442
OccupationMachinist, cigar maker55443,55444,55445,55446,55447,55448
FatherJohn A. Brayshaw (1826-)
MotherMary Thorpe (1833-)
Marriage5 Jun 1902, Fall River, Bristol County, MA54969,55449,55450,55423,54978
Marr Memoby A. Humphries, Clergyman
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