NameFrances 30226,30227
Birthca 1649
Birth Memoabt 1645? bef 1682 DE? bef 1661 British Isles? 1622-1666 DE? abt 1660 Ireland? abt 1650 Sussex Co DE?
Undefinedabt Oct 1678, Somerset County, MD34306,34307,34308
Undefined Memoassessed a tobacco tax of 300 pounds to help MD defray the cost of fighting the Nanticoke Indians on the Eastern Shore of MD; Somersett County MD claimed some of what is now Sussex Co DE
Undefined12 Sep 1682, Sussex County, DE34309,34310,34311,34312
Undefined MemoJury Duty, Act of Trespass William Kenning/Kennedy vs Robert Brady/Beady
Undefined12 Sep 1682, Sussex County, DE34313
Undefined MemoWm Beaverly Plt. Wm Davids deft. Plt declare that the deft did in the night time sease upon his person & bind him with Cords. Jury find for plt & gave him 12 pence damiag (sic) & cost of suit. Roger Gum Jurey men
Undefined15 Sep 1682, Sussex County, DE34314,34315,34316,34317
Undefined MemoJury Duty, 1 pg 105 Herman Wiltbank vs the Estate of Wm Beverly
Land Purchase15 Feb 1683, Sussex County, DE34318,34319,34320,34321,34322
Purchase MemoPetitioned for a front lot, he had received a back lot in the town now called Lewes on 9 Sep 1683, "SomeRecds of Sussex Co" by Turner, Rev. CHV, p.111 & Sussex Co. Deed Records on microfilm, Washington,DC BkA-1,p23
Undefined11 Sep 1683, Sussex County, DE34323
Undefined MemoHermanus Willtbanck Plant, Richard Gill Deft. (Fm last Court. At this Court) We the Jury doe find for the Deft. Ye Jurys Names: Roger Gum
Land Purchase12 Mar 1684, Sussex County, DE34324,34325,34300,34326,34327,34328,34329
Purchase Memo1681, 500 ac land grant from William Penn in PA Territories W. Side of Delaware Bay; 500 acres land, called Twiner, near Long Loved Branch on the Manor of Worminghurst from William Penn
Undefined10 Jun 1684, Sussex County, DE34330,34331
Undefined Memowitness to a case John Oaky, plaintif against Charles Bright defendant for horse bought of the defendant
Undefined10 Sep 1684, Sussex County, DE34332
Undefined MemoAbell Porter Plt, Henry Bowman deft. Plt declares that his servant Henry Williams A Cooper being run away & taken up in these parts the deft did engage & promise to be security. Deft now refusing. Ye Jurys Names: Roger Gum
Land Sold10 Mar 1685, Sussex County, DE34333,34334,34335,34327,34336
Land Sold Memo500 acres to John Fisher, Sussex Co. Deed Records on microfilm, Washington, D.C. Bk A-1, p41
Land Purchase8 Feb 1686, Sussex County, DE34337,34338,34339,34340,34341,29913,29972
Purchase Memo“Hatfield Wood”, 100 ac from Thomas Moulson
Land Purchase15 Jun 1686, Sussex County, DE34342
Purchase MemoJohn Okey & Mary his wife to Philip Russell, 300 ac. For use of John Vines & Wm Emmitt by Roger Gums & Richard Laws. “White Horse”
Land Purchase15 Jul 1686, Sussex County, DE34343
Purchase MemoJohn Okey & Mary his wife acknowledge sale 300 ac. next to Roger Gums & Richard Laws. “White Horse” patented 27th 8 mo 1684 by Phillip Russel for use of John Vines & Wm Smith
Undefined3 May 1687, Sussex County, DE34344,34345,34346
Undefined MemoJury Duty in the case of Abell Porter vs Henry Bowman
Death2 Jun 1696, Sussex County, DE34291,34347,34292,34293,34294,34295,30226,34296,34299,34348
Death Memo1664-1748? 1686?
Burialabt 2 Jun 1696
Will Filedaft 2 Jun 1696, Sussex County, DE34349,34350,34351
Will Filed MemoWilliam Clark, administrator of Roger Gum petitioned the court
Will Filed7 Feb 1698, Sussex County, DE34347,29921,34352,34353
Will Filed MemoWilliam Clark, administrator of Roger Gum; acknowledged sale of 200 ac in Broadkill Neck to William Smith
FatherRoger Gum (~1620-)
Misc. Notes
Land Records of Sussex Co DE 1763-176930089 Pg 104 Roger Gum by his will gave the land to his son John Gum, which said John Gum dying intestate the lands became the right of his several children, the present John being one.

Leaves from the Gum Tree21240
Pg 13 Nearby neighbors of Roger Gum according to a later description of his land were William Clark and Norton Claypool.
Pg 14 Many years later Jacob 4 Gum, a great-grandson of Roger, tried to sort out the land which Roger had owned which the administrator had sold, and which his son, John 2 Gum had repurchased. Jacob had the deed re-recorded and wrote some explanation. In these papers he says that Roger had died with some debts outstanding that forced the sale of the land, but that his son had bought it back etc. This seems to confirm the idea that John was the only child of Roger since no others are mentioned.

Pg 406 Sussex Co DE Deeds Liber K Pg 274: Roger Gum, willed the said land (land in Broadkiln hundred) to the said John Gum (his grandson), who died intestate, whereby the said land passed to his children, of whom one was the said John Gum.34354
Research - Index for the book "Some Records of Sussex County Delaware" Compiled by C. H. B. Turner, Lewes, Delaware, Philadelphia, Allen, Lane & Scott 1909, Graciously provided by Barbara Johnson <>. Listed on34355

Pg 79 (ImminPA1727-76pg89of511) Sep 25, 1732. Palatines imported in the ship Loyal Judith, of London, Robert Turpin, Master, from Rotterdam, last of Cowes - Col. Rec III 456: Christian Gum34356 (Related?)

No Gum’s listed in 1671 Census of the Delaware by Peter Stebbins Craig, Genealogical Society of PA, Philadelphia, PA, 1999 (Google Book Search 3 Feb 2008)

Land Records of Sussex DE 1769-1782, Deed Book L # 11 and M # 12, (929.WRI) Viewed at Rehoboth Beach Public Library, Rehoboth, DE 18 Jun 2009: Pg 199 # 400 Confiscated Land. Sacker Wyatt and John Hopkins are in possession of land granted by patent to Roger Gum as 500 ac of which 102 ac was deeded to John Hopkins.
ChildrenJohn (~1677-~1724)
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