NameIsabella Johnson 38686,24828,38704,38689,38690,38691,38692
Birthbef 176538705,38704,38689
Birth Memoabout 1774?
Tax List1796, Bath County, VA38706
Tax List Memo7 Horses
Census1810, Bath County, VA38705
Census1820, Pendleton County, VA38704
Misc. Notes
d/o Bartholomew Johnson&Isabelle Buchanan & other children:26046
Jesse, William, Stuart Jr, Nellie, Sallie, Rachel, &1 other dau
Birth1765, VA38693,38694,38688,38689
Tax List1792, Bath County, VA38695
Tax List Memo2nd District, 2 Titheables, 6 Horses
Tax List21 May 1793, Bath County, VA38696
Tax List Memo2nd District, 1 Titheable, 3 Horses
Tax List17 Apr 1794, Bath County, VA38697
Tax List Memo2nd District, 1 Titheable, 4 Horses
Tax List5 Aug 1795, Bath County, VA38698
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 3 Horses
Tax List1796, Bath County, VA38699
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 6 Horses
Tax List2 Jun 1797, Bath County, VA38700
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 5 Horses
Undefined8 May 1802, Bath County, VA24688
Undefined MemoSubmitted Inventory for John Gum, along with W. Dinwiddie & Stuart Slaven
Undefined12 Apr 1803, Bath County, VA30191
Undefined MemoDeed of B. & S. John Slaven Sr to Thomas Ruckman, proved by John Gum, Patrick Robey & Stuart Slaven, & Ordered Recorded
Undefined26 Jan 1805, Bath County, VA24690,38701
Undefined MemoWitnessed Will of Abraham Gum along with Henry Slaven & Otho Wade
Undefined28 Mar 1806, Bath County, VA38702
Undefined MemoBuyer at Sale of Estate of Abraham Gum
Census1810, Bath County, VA38693
Undefined15 Oct 1814, Pendleton County, VA24699
Undefined MemoSigned the Appraisal of James Stephenson’s (Will) land
Undefined10 Jan 1818, Bath County, VA30199
Undefined MemoWill of John Gum Wit: Stuart Slavin, S. Woods, Ezekiel Townsend; Probated Apr 1827 court; Exec: son Roger
Census1820, Pendleton County, VA38694
UndefinedAug 1821, Bath County, VA30202
Undefined MemoInventory of John Berry
Undefinedabt 19 Sep 1823, Pendleton County, VA38703
Undefined MemoAppraisal of McBride Gum. Notes: Stuart Slaven
Undefined10 Apr 1827, Bath County, VA30213,30200
Undefined MemoBond: $200 Roger Gum & Stuart Slaven for Roger Gum to be Executor for John Gum
Land Purchase2 Mar 1832, Bath County, VA33814
Purchase Memo10 ac from Roger & Matilda Gum
Death19 Jul 183338686,38689
Death Memo1832?
FatherJohn Slaven (1723-<1803)
MotherElizabeth Stuart (1726-1795)
Pg 110 At the June session of the county court, the justices took the oath of allegiance to the Confiderate States. They also appointed the following committees of safety in compliance with the Governor’s proclamation of the preceding April: Monterey: Stewart C. Slaven17475 (same Stuart Slaven?)
1840VABath18(36OF42)Top2408 Stuart Slaven 2M 10-15, 1M 20-30, 1F <5, 1F 15-20, 1F 20-30 (Same family?)

1810 Bath Co VA Pg 4 Stuart Slaven 1M <10, 2M 10-16, 1M 26-45, 3F <10, 1F 10-16, 1F 16-26, 1F 45+1890 (Did not input all, only parents and 1F 16-26)

Pg 391-4 Tithables in 1822, for portion of Highland then part of Pendleton: Slaven, Stewart (3 tithables)17475 (Same person?)

1820VAPendletonNoTwp7234719 Stuart Slavens 1M <10, 1M 16-18, 2M 16-26, 1M 26-45, 1M 45+, 2F <10, 1F 10-16, 2F 16-26, 1F 45+, 4 Agriculture (Children not in Reunion)

Pg 43 p. 344 Will of Abraham Gum dtd 20 Jan 1805: Wit: Henry & Stuart Slaven & Otho Wade2101 (Who is Henry Slaven? Brother?)

Abstracts of the Wills & Inventories of Bath County VA 1791-18422101 (Him?)
Pg 107 p. 368 Estate of Mathias Benson, Alexander and William Benson, exec. August 1821; Notes: Stuart Slavin
ChildrenMatilda (1793-1855)
 Reuben (1795-1878)
 Elizabeth (1801-1857)
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