NameRachel Davis 38501,20296,20418,38502,38503,38516
Birthca 1750
BurialHightown, Highland County, VA38517
Burial MemoLightner farm
Birthabt 1746, Augusta County, VA38505
Tax List21 Jul 1791, Bath County, VA38506
Tax List Memo1st District, 1 Titheable, No Slaves, 7 Horses, 1 Studs
Tax List1792, Bath County, VA38507
Tax List Memo2nd District, 2 Titheables, 3 Horses
Tax List20 May 1793, Bath County, VA38508
Tax List Memo2nd District, 1 Titheable, 8 Horses
Tax List11 Jun 1794, Bath County, VA38509
Tax List Memo2nd District, 1 Titheable, 8 Horses
Tax List1796, Bath County, VA38510
Tax List Memo2 Titheables, 11 Horses
Tax List26 Jun 1797, Bath County, VA38511
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 3 Horses
Tax List23 Aug 1798, Bath County, VA38512
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 2 Horses
Land Sold6 May 1812, Pendleton County, VA38513
Land Sold Memo86 ac to Adam Stephenson on the Allegany Mountains, at the head of the fork extending to the north fork of Cartmill Creek, near Barnetts Run, including the big wallow hole. Consideration: $100
Will Filed8 May 1813, Pendleton County, VA27520
Will Filed MemoWill dated
Deathaft 8 May 1813, Pendleton County, VA38501,38514
Burialaft 8 May 1813, Hightown, Highland County, VA38515
Burial MemoLightner Farm
FatherDavid Stephenson (ca1720-)
Misc. Notes
Pg 56 Will Book 3 pg 259-262:20332,20442 8 May 1813 Will of James Stephenson. Weak in body. Wife Rachel Stephenson: 3 good cows, bay mare she commonly rides, and a third of the sheep. Sons Adam and James to keep the increase of her stock till they are ready for sale, and she to have the money. Also, household furnishings and one-third of profit from sale of my land during her life. Son John Stephenson., dau Esther, son Adam, Jane, Margaret, James, Rebeckah, Cyntha: $40 each above their equal share, plus whatever is coming from estate of my brother John. Son John: $45 above the other, if he repays the borrowed money. Children at home to be made equal in property to those already married, and then share and share alike. Sons Adam and James: ₤200 each from the sale of my land. All living property to be appraised; Adam and James to have what they wish at the appraised value, the rest to be sold. Lands to be valued by Otho Wade, Stuart Slaven, and Valentine Bird. If Adam and James wish to buy it, at the appraised value, these men are to make the division. Adam and James may pay the other heirs the appraised value in 10 or 12 years (longer if necessary), paying first to those most in need. If the sons treat their mother and the children at home with duty and respect, Slaven and Bird may make the proper deduction accordingly from the price of the land. If the sons do not wish to take the land, it is to be sold on the best terms availble, but only after my wife’s death or with her consent. Executors: wife, sons John and Adam. Signed: James Stephenson. Witnesses: Stuart Slaven, Valentine Bird, John Gall, Jesse Johnson. Proved by witnesses.

Pg 58 Will Book 3 pg 291-294:20332 11 Jun 1814. Appraisal of James Stephenson. No total. Signed: Jacob Gall Sr, Isaac Gum Sr., Jacob Bird Sr, Valentine Bird
pg 294: 15 Oct 1814 Appraisal of the value of James Stephenson’s land, agreeable to his last will and testament. Value: ₤950. Signed: Otho Wade, Stuart Slaven, Valentine Bird.
1791BathCoVATax Stephenson, James1 - 7 Slaves above 1221242 (Same James?)

Bath 1793, 2nd District, Ln270 6/18/1793 Stephenson,JamesJr:1 Titheable, No Slaves, 2 Horse, No Studs2484(next line, Son?)
Bath 1794, 2nd District, Ln 273 6/11/1794 Stephenson, James Jr.: 1 Titheables, No Slaves, 2 Horses, No Studs
Bath 1797, Ln 501 6/27/1797 Stephenson, James Jr.: 1 Titheable, No Slaves, 2 Horses, No Studs
Bath 1798, Ln 464 8/22/1798 Stevenson, Robert: 1 Titheable, No Slaves, 1 Horses, No Studs
Bath 1798, Ln 495 8/22/1798 Stephenson, Alexander: 1 Titheable, No Slaves, 1 Horses, No Studs
Bath 1798, Ln 507 8/23/1798 Stevenson, John: 1 Titheable, No Slaves, 2 Horses, No Studs
Bath 1799, Ln 491 8/27/1799 Stephenson, John: 1 Titheable, No Slaves, 4 Horses, No Studs

12. JAMES3 STEPHENSON & Rachel Davis children:20442 (others not identified by other sources?)
Aaron Stephenson b: abt 1772 Rockingham Co VA
Sarah Stephenson b: abt 1773 Rockingham Co VA marr: abt 1795 Robert Crawford b: abt 1770
Elizabeth Stephenson b: 13 Feb 1776 Rockingham Co VA d: 28 Feb 1829 Beverly WV Marr: Andrew Crawford b: 9 Jan 1775 Bath Co VA d: 29 Dec 1856 Beverly WV
US Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-17837876 (Him?)
James Stephenson; Rank - Induction: Maj; Roll Box 111; Roll State: VA
James Stephenson; Rank - Induction: Pay Master; Roll Box 111; Roll State: VA
Marriageabt 176838503
ChildrenJohn (1776->1842)
 Adam C. (~1780-)
 Rachel (>1780-<1844)
 Mary "Polly" (1785->1870)
 Esther (~1785-)
 Jane (~1790-)
 James (~1792->1821)
 Margaret (~1792-)
 Cyntha (~1798-)
 Rebecca (~1800-)
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